‘Label’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Ranga Killed?

The eighth episode of Label almost came to a point where we would know the real identity of Ayya, aka Thiyagarajan. We have yet to find out what he looks like. But in this episode, it became clear that he exists for real and isn’t just a figment of Paramasivan’s imagination, concocted just to save himself in times of crisis. Prabhakaran’s colleague, Ranga, a fellow lawyer, had taken up Veera and Kumar’s case, as Paramasivan wasn’t able to get Prabhakaran to take the case. Ranga seemed to be a man who had been seduced by the label’s power and wanted to leave his life of idealism, which had given him nothing, or so he thought. The plot progressed when Ranga came to meet Prabhakaran and showed signs that he had a change of heart.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Ranga Tell Prabhakaran?

Ranga, who had unapologetically joined Paramasivan, came to meet Prabhakaran after knowing he had filed 167 cases against Ayya Label. It looked as if he had come to warn Prabhakaran to drop the cases, but that wasn’t his intention at all. He told Prabhakaran about Bunk Suresh’s birthday party that was going to happen soon, and there was a chance that the two men he had been looking for in regards to the 20-year-old case would be present there. Ranga’s view on Prabhakaran and his whole movement against the labels was rather questionable. On the one hand, he didn’t want Prabhakaran to throw any platitudes around, but he had come to him now, offering his help. Prabhakaran thought for a moment that Ranga was going to ask him to withdraw all the cases in exchange for his help. After all, the two men were really necessary for Prabhakaran to prove his innocence. But Ranga demanded no such thing. It looked like he had magically reconciled these two things: working for Ayya Label and helping Prabhakaran become a judge.


Why Was Kiruba Attacked?

Kiruba, the young boy who had helped Veera and Kumar by throwing the Molotov into Pathaalam’s house, had now started to tread the righteous path, avoiding Veera and Kumar at all costs. But after they came to meet him on the ground he was training on, he just couldn’t remain indifferent. But a biker gang came, and before anybody could even move, they used a sharp string (Manjha) to cut Kiruba’s neck. Veera and Kumar came to help and took him to the hospital. Kiruba was like Veera’s brother, and he was fuming and wanted revenge. When Kiruba’s mother got to know about his son’s condition, she went to the hospital, and Prabhakaran came later. He, too, wanted to know who was behind the attack. What would somebody gain from killing Kiruba? Veera was asking the same question, and he didn’t have to do a lot of math to understand that perhaps the bikers were Senguttuvan’s men.

Why Did Bunk Suresh Stop Veera And Kumar?

Veera was livid, and seeing Bunk Suresh’s men chilling at their usual hideouts, he started to question their integrity. He had no doubt that Senguttuvan had sent those men, but he couldn’t understand how Bunk Suresh, who had been attacked just a few days ago by Senguttuvan’s men, could sit silently and not order his men to retaliate. Even Kumar wasn’t that interested in what Veera had to say. Veera started to create a scene at the hideout, screaming how he would go alone if he got no men from Bunk Suresh. Bunk Suresh walked in at that instant, and he had some lessons for Veera, who was his most prized asset, but it seemed that he was too riled up by the attack on Kiruba. Bunk Suresh chided Veera in the open but whispered to him a mantra: Never scream at the top of your lungs what you are going to do, as this was a time when Senguttuvan’s spies could have infiltrated Bunk Suresh’s gang as well. If Veera was so adamant about killing Senguttuvan, he should do so in utmost silence, never telling a soul about it. This revealed that Bunk Suresh wasn’t sitting silently but was hatching his own plans to take Senguttuvan out. Bunk Suresh added that perhaps Senguttuvan attacked Kiruba because he was a ‘small’ target, really not worth anything, but he had to attack someone as he was so much on the back foot. Not only Pathaalam, but so many men died while trying to kill Bunk Suresh. In frustration, he must have sent his men to attack Kiruba, and even he wasn’t dead yet.


Why Was Ranga Killed?

Mahita told Prabhakaran about the show she had planned for her network and that she wanted to do a story about Kiruba. He was on his way to becoming a great athlete, but perhaps he will end up dead. Such a fate was tragic, but someone had to put these stories out there for the police to do something. Mahita asked Prabhakaran if he was sure if it was Senguttuvan who sent those bikers, but he had no idea. There were other labels in Vaali Nagar; even his father was a member of Peter Label. It’s a different mystery altogether how he kept that a secret over the years.

Before Mahita could tell Prabhakaran about her plans for the show, he got the news of Ranga’s corpse having been discovered in a remote location. Someone had choked him to death and dumped his body, but not in a manner where it couldn’t be found. Somebody wanted Prabhakaran to discover what happened to him. This happened a day after Bunk Suresh’s birthday party. Ranga had messaged Prabhakaran, telling him about the two men, and two hours later he sent a voice note saying, ‘I saw him.’ He sounded drunk, and Prabhakaran started to think about what he could have been talking about. It was clear that Ranga had seen just one man, the man he had referred to as ‘him’ in his voice message. If he had been talking about the men, those who could prove Prabhakaran’s innocence, Ranga would not have taken two hours to send a voice message, and that too talking about a certain ‘him’. Prabhakaran figured Ranga had seen Ayya at the party, which is why he was killed.


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