‘La Brea’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did The Group Scare Off The Pterodactyls?

In the previous episode of La Brea season 3, we saw Lucas as the newly elected leader of the group. He was concerned about his pregnant girlfriend, Veronica, with whom he wanted to raise their child in this timeline of 10000 BC. Meanwhile, Riley got injured by a T-rex, and Josh decided to take her to a futuristic timeline to have her treated properly. Gavin had visions of him working for a woman named Maya Smith, who was the leader of a military organization. Gavin and Levi decided to find Petra to learn more about his mother, but the people from that military organization kidnapped Petra and Levi. While Josh decided to travel forward in time, Ty wanted to stop him, but he was also transported through the portal and ended up in the timeline of 2021, a few days before the sinkhole opened.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Ty Find Out?

After ending up in 2021, Ty realized that this could be his only chance to save the world from sinkholes opening. He contemplated his actions and tried to think about how to connect with people and explain to them that he had come from a different timeline. In a restaurant, he befriended a waitress, who seemed to be pretty interested in him. However, Ty realized that he needed to move faster to prevent the sinkholes from opening, so he first met with Sam, who had been working as a doctor in a hospital. Initially, Ty found it hard to make him understand the whole situation, so he just left a note for Sam to read. Sam initially didn’t believe Ty, but he still met him at a restaurant and told Ty that he was insane. To prove himself a completely knowledgeable individual who knew what he was saying, Ty talked about Sam’s personal life, such as his wife’s decision to seek divorce or about his daughter Riley. Sam was angry at first, but he began to trust Ty and agreed to listen to him. However, Ty and Sam couldn’t stop this catastrophe alone, so they needed Gavin’s help. In the concluding scene of the episode, we saw Sam and Ty bailing Gavin out of jail. Gavin couldn’t recognize the two of them, so probably in the next episode, Ty and Sam would have to come up with something very personal about Gavin to make him trust them and understand the gravity of the situation.


How Did Gavin And Sam Reconcile?

In the timeline of 10000 BC, Sam became restless about his daughter and set out on his mission to find her. Gavin stood in his way, asking him to reconsider because, in such a dire time, all they needed to do was stick together. Gavin and Sam had an argument that escalated to a brawl between them. The sky people, or the settlers of the community where Gavin and his people were staying, intervened in Gavin and Sam’s fight, which disturbed the peace of their community. Therefore, the leader of the group, Ruth, decided to lock both Gavin and Sam inside a hut. Izzy got mad at her father for not maintaining his composure, so she decided to learn archery to unleash her anger in some way. In her pursuit to learn archery, she had an argument with Ruth’s daughter, who was a brave archer and warrior from the community. However, later, when the village of this community was attacked by the pterodactyls, it was Ruth’s daughter who saved Izzy and Scott’s lives, which made Izzy grateful to her.

Gavin and Sam, locked up inside a hut, discussed the losses of their loved ones and the reason why they wanted to survive. Both of them came to realize their mistakes and reconcile, keeping their egos aside.


How Did The Group Manage To Scare Off The Pterodactyls?

Pterodactyls became a huge concern for the villagers as well as the group of survivors. Lucas wanted to join Ruth’s community to help them in this dangerous situation, but Ruth didn’t allow them to. Ruth had already been frustrated by the brawl between Gavin and Sam, so she didn’t trust the group of survivors. Meanwhile, pterodactyls began to kill the settlers one after another and started nesting near the settlements. Meanwhile, Scott spotted a giant spiral-like symbol on the soil. He initially thought it was an Greek ancient symbol, but he later realized that it was a structure made by those pterodactyls who were nesting and trying to expand their family. Scott came up with an idea to scare off these dangerous man-eating creatures from this area. They collected a giant pterodactyl egg from their nest near the village, and created a similar spiral nest far away from the settlement, at a riverside site. They buried the pterodactyl egg in the midpoint of the spiral so that the pterodactyls could build their nest there, leaving the village. Not only that, but they also created an explosive distraction from a broken rescue plan to scare off the pterodactyls from the place near the settlement. As pterodactyls fled the area, terrified of the explosion, they ended up near the river, where they finally found their nest.

Gavin and his team ultimately triumphed in their mission to save the village from the pterodactyls. Ruth became grateful to Lucas and apologized for her past behavior. As a token of gratitude, Ruth gave Lucas a handmade model of a rocket, which Ruth’s grandfather had made when he was alive. This suggested that in 10000 BC as well, people had some ideas about rockets, as depicted in the series. Gavin managed to make some time for his daughter, Izzy, and gave her a cake with a candle on it. Izzy was surprised to see the cake because it wasn’t even her birthday, so Gavin explained that it was just his way of apologizing to his daughter. Izzy told her father that she had already forgiven him and hoped to set out on their journey together to find Eve, who was stuck somewhere in a different timeline.


In the upcoming episodes of La Brea, we will hope to see Eve’s journey in a different timeline, where she’ll probably be facing some difficulties. We’re also curious to know where Josh and Riley ended up and if they’re able to survive there. There are a lot more queries that need to be answered in the upcoming episodes of La Brea season 3.

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