‘Kohrra’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

Netflix has hit the jackpot with Kohrra, the brand-new crime investigation drama set in rural Punjab. The arresting nature of the narrative, brought to life by some great performances, makes the show a must-watch. Some of the best writing, direction, and cinematography of this year can be seen in the six episodic series by Diggi Sisodia, Gunjit Chopra, and Sudip Sharma. The climax of Kohrra happens to be an emotional roller coaster that leaves the audience with a lump in their throat and a heavy heart.


It was only after Liam’s postmortem report came out that many truths were revealed. Steve, Paul’s father, was in for a shock when he learned that Paul was a gay, and that he and Liam had been in love for many years. Steve is angry because he cannot believe his son is not who he thought he was. Homophobia runs deep in his system, which initially puts him in denial mode. It was his reaction that made Balbir also realize that he needed to be a better father to Nimrat. She has been recovering from her suicide attempt. She had finally made her stance clear on the marriage she was forced into. Nimrat always wanted to study. She never wanted to get married and have kids. Balbir’s change of heart happens because he cannot lose his only daughter and live with regrets, just like Steve has to from here on. He would rather make things right now and move on to seeing his daughter happy.

Balbir also happened to have been forgiven by Indira, Nopi’s widow. As a gesture, she opens the gate for him, symbolizing that he is welcome to her house anytime, and she probably still wants to continue having conversations with him. Veera and Saakar finally break up and make the decision that they will not interfere in each other’s lives from now on. It was the only sensible thing to do considering the toxic relationship shared. Garundi finally gets married to the girl of his choice.


Season two of Kohrra has not yet been announced yet. Through this article, we’ll just be speculating about what the audience would like to see if a second installment is announced. If you ask anyone who has enjoyed Kohrra, they will definitely want a second season. The next season could take the story of Balbir and Garundi forward and take us deep into their personal lives now that they have gone through big changes. Garundi will be adjusting to having his wife and sister-in-law under the same roof. It would be difficult as Rajji would act jealous and might again act on it, but slowly things would cool down. There might be a point when his wife comes to know of their affair, and his wife might get upset about living with his brother and sister-in-law. Amidst these hypothetical revelations, Garundi and his wife might finally decide to move out.

His personal life will surely undergo a change while he and Balbir are investigating another murder case. Hopefully, to project a contrast, the case should not be high-profile. Ideally it would begin as what seems to be an easy, open-and-shut case, one that would become murkier and connect them to people with deep pockets. It would be difficult for Balbir and Garundi, as they would have to choose between keeping their job or remaining in fear of getting dismissed. The crisis will surely help them make a sound decision that will benefit not just the case but the victim as well. Hopefully, the case will shed light on religious fanaticism or the caste division in the state. The viewers want the makers to stay true to the genre just like they did in this season of Kohraa.


Balbir might go through a transformation as well. It would be interesting to watch how accommodating he is to his daughter living a new life on her terms. This is something he will not be used to, but slowly he will have to be okay with the fact that Nimrat and Karan are living together. He will still have some inhibitions and prejudices about certain things in his personal life. We will only get a glimpse of how Steve and his family are slowly moving on from the tragedy. Hopefully, there should be a cameo from one of their families just to connect the story of the second season to the first season. It would be interesting to watch this integration.

Another speculation regarding the second season could be that the story will be set in another state, and the makers will talk about the social parameters, the working nature of the police force, and how the locals, in general, are in that town or city where the crime takes place. Just like Paatal Lok was primarily set in Uttar Pradesh and Kohrra in Punjab, the second season could be set in a place that is untouched by Hindi cinema. The term Kohrra could be used in another context that will allow the audience to broaden their perspective.


Cinema is a window into untouched landscapes, and Kohrra does that quite brilliantly. The topography and social structure of those places play a key role in delivering a compelling narrative. Kohrra was able to do that, and we can only hope the second season will put forward new characters that will help us understand the environment they grew up in. It is essential to discuss topics that are generally hushed up by society and some tone-deaf filmmakers. Hopefully, the second season of Kohrra will give us more honest stories that hits home. We can only wish that the makers of Kohrra would consider renewing the show because the OTT space is filled with so many kinds of stories that tend to get redundant. Kohrra is the clutter breaker, and we know the second season will stand out as well. We are looking forward to hearing some good news about this.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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