‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 8 Episode 11 Recap & Review: Janhvi And Khushi Kapoor Arrive At Karan’s Talk Show

The tenth episode of this season of Koffee with Karan was probably one of the best. Legendary actress Sharmila Tagore and her son Saif Ali Khan, who is probably one of the boldest actors in Hindi cinema, graced the couch last week. The mother-son duo had never been interviewed together before, and Koffee with Karan allowed the world to see what a hilarious family they are. The new episode of the show has Karan bring to the show another sibling duo who has been the talk of Tinseltown since they were born. Daughters of the very famous Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor grace the couch as the audience is ready to watch the sibling revelry and rivalry.


Recap: What Happens In Episode 11?

Karan Johar deems this episode rather special because he gets to host two daughters of his favorite actress ever, Sridevi. As Janhvi and Khushi make their entrance, Karan very early on in the episode is posed and dignified as they begin the conversation about Sridevi and the legacy she has left behind, along with the body of work that would be considered phenomenal. Karan took some time to describe the aura around the female superstar and how, as a young kid, he felt nervous around her on his father’s set. Karan went into detail to speak about how Sridevi could never be replaced, something with which the daughters also agreed. The topic changes to Khushi, who had recently made her debut with Netflix’s drama film, The Archies. Though the movie did not release with good reviews, Karan Johar went ahead and appreciated Khushi for a charming start to her career in Hindi cinema. There was no end to the gushing and happiness Karan felt about Khushi’s debut, along with Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda.

Khushi Kapoor candidly speaks about having to give an audition for the role and having gone through bouts of nervousness and anxiety until Zoya confirmed her role in the film. Khushi was genuinely excited to be working with the coveted Zoya Akhtar, who has delivered some of the most path-breaking movies in Hindi cinema. Karan admits being a big fan of Zoya, and says it is a privilege to be working with a director of her caliber.


The sisters also talk about their relationship and how they tend to never show any emotions to one another. It helps them remain grounded and away from the drama. Khushi was the first to admit that Janhvi is the fragile person in the group, and Khushi embodies the strength that everyone tries to replicate. As the youngest cousin in the family, Khushi seems to have a lot of resilience and is emotionally strong. This was admitted by their mother as well in an old interview when asked about her daughters. 

Karan had to ask about the elephant in the room, which is Sridevi’s sudden passing, which shocked not just the daughters but the nation as well. Sridevi’s passing came as a shock to Janhvi and Khushi, and it was the latter who comforted the family more than the older members of the family. Khushi and Janhvi almost tearfully relive the night they heard of the news and speak about the grief that hit Khushi only a few years later. Karan chimed in and spoke about the pain of losing a parent suddenly, and he could empathize with the grief coming to people most randomly.


Khushi and Janhvi also spoke about being in the limelight since they were young and being subject to trolls in the form of nasty tabloid headlines and gossip columns written about them and their mother in the past, which have moved to social media trolls. It is hard to ignore them, but many celebrities like them have learned to live with the fact that they will be made fun of nonetheless. The topic moved to the dating lives of the two young girls. There are rumors of Khushi Kapoor dating her co-star in The Archies, Vedang Raina. Khushi did not confirm or deny the rumors.

Janhvi, though, dropped many hints regarding her relationship with Shikhar, who runs one of the leading businesses in the city, and there was a mention of her dating the said man in the past as well. Janhvi’s reaction gave away a lot about her dating life. There is a detailed discussion about how this alleged friend has been a big part of the family for a long time. Janhvi only has compliments for Shikhar, and Karan was quick to pick out what his relationship status could be with her.


The conversation jumped to Boney Kapoor, who made his big screen debut in 2023 as Ranbir Kapoor’s father in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. There was a detailed conversation about Boney Kapoor having multiple airport looks, and he takes those photographs very seriously. Janhvi and Khushi speak about the family WhatsApp groups, which are filled with many photographs of his airport looks and which he forwards to friends and acquaintances as well.

Both were asked about their relationship with Arjun and Anshula, which has become a lot better in the last few years, and they are happy to have a support group to fall back on. Janhvi also speaks about not wanting to date any actors, as it comes with a lot of baggage. The actors are very competitive, which puts a lot of emotional conversation on the back foot. She is firm about never wanting to date an actor, as she believes in indulging in the emotional aspect of the relationship instead of pandering to people’s egos. Janhvi’s conversation about her work was animated, and she would not wait to tell Karan about how her acting has only improved over the years, and she is excited to be sharing the screen with Jr. NTR in an upcoming Telugu film. The episode ended with the new game Rat Race, which was followed by Rapid Fire. Both the games were won by Janhvi, who was more than elated.


Review: Yet Another Boring Episode Featuring A Sibling Duo

Many expected the Janhvi and the Khushi episode to be a lot more vivacious and full of laughter. It turns out the eleventh episode of this chat show was reduced to a man asking two young, independent women repeatedly about their dating lives. Aren’t we all done with this being the only question we ask women? Being a woman in this country is like being on a horror show who are constantly bombarded with questions about personal life. This show has millions of viewers and the makers resort to the same techniques just for some TRP.

It is interesting to watch Janhvi Kapoor want to make a statement about herself and allow her to be vulnerable and open. Janhvi Kapoor does come across as an intelligent woman who has clarity on what she wants from life and career. She is finally going the Sara Ali Khan way, where she can make fun of her life in general. Khushi Kapoor turned out to be a lot more rigid, maybe because it was her first time on the show. The most exasperating part of the episode has to be the ‘is she—isn’t she’ dating game that was going on throughout the runtime of the episode. This is why it is always interesting to have a married couple on the show whose responses are sorted. They are genuinely honest about their courtship days and the time they spend as a couple. There are no vague answers. Celebrities who are not keen on talking about their dating life must play the hide-and-seek game, which gets tiresome on a platform such as Koffee with Karan.


I wish Karan Johar had asked more questions about their professional lives and goals as opposed to their personal lives, which are out in the public to witness thanks to the paparazzi practically chronicling them in their daily lives. These women are intelligent and well-spoken. Instead of reducing them to women who they date and how many they have dated, it is essential to speak about their life goals. This episode must be one of the most boring episodes of Koffee with Karan after the Sunny and Bobby Deol episode. It was as if the host did not have much content to converse. This episode was dull, and we hope to see more interesting guests in the rest of the show.

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