‘Kleks Academy’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide

Let’s dive into the magical world of Kleks Academy, the new Netflix movie that’s all about imagination and fantasy coming to life. Imagine a place where fairytales are real and everything you thought only existed in dreams is actually true. Sounds amazing, right? In this enchanting world, there’s Professor Ambrose Kleks, a wise and kind teacher. He’s the heart of Kleks Academy, a school where kids learn all about magic and wonder. Then there’s Prince Matthew, a human who disguised himself as a bird to go into hiding. You’ll also meet all sorts of magical creatures here, like mermaids, dwarfs, unicorns, and anything else your imagination can dream up. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows. There’s another world called Rahdar, home to the Wolfurs, who are on a mission of vengeance against Kleks Academy because of some old grudge. The Wolfur have their own royalty: the Wolfur King, the Wolfur Queen, and the new ruler, Vincent. This conflict adds a thrilling twist to the story. Amidst all this, there are a hundred kids chosen to attend Kleks Academy. Among them is our twelve-year-old lead, Ada, who quickly becomes friends with Albert in the academy. Each character, whether they’re a student, a creature, or part of the wolf family, has a special role to play in this epic adventure. How do all these characters fit into the story? Get ready to explore the cast and character guide of Kleks Academy.


Spoilers Ahead

Prince Matthew 

Played by Sebastian Stankiewicz, Prince Matthew is a fascinating character. He’s a royal figure at the academy, and he’s half-human, half-bird. But guess what? He wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time, Matthew was just a regular human. His life took a wild turn when he had a run-in with the Wolfur King from Rahdar during a nighttime stroll in the forest. It was a dangerous encounter, and Matthew knew that if he didn’t kill the Wolfur King, he would be killed instead. So, to survive, he had to take drastic action and kill the king. However, the vengeful Wolfur King didn’t go down without a fight. He managed to claw Matthew, leaving him bedridden with a fever that no remedy or magic could cure. Things were looking grim for our prince until Doctor Pai Hi Vo, with a magical cap made by Bogd Khan, stepped in to help. This magical cap relieved Matthew’s pain and disguised him as a bird to protect him from the Wolfurs’ vengeance. But the Wolfur didn’t give up easily. They eventually found Matthew and tried to kill him again. Fortunately, Ada, our young hero, came to the rescue. Thanks to Ada’s bravery, the prince was saved from the Wolfur’s wrath and, in the end, was able to turn back into a human.



Ada, played by Antonina Litwiniak, is a 12-year-old girl living in the city. At first, she’s a kid who’s lost her sense of imagination and hope, mainly because her father has been missing for as long as she can remember. She’s always trying to catch his attention, even making a documentary about her life for him. Her mother is also consumed with finding him, leaving Ada feeling overlooked and emotionally distant. When Ada arrives at Kleks Academy, a magical land filled with mermaids and unicorns, she doesn’t share the excitement of the other kids. Her imagination seems to be completely gone. The only person she connects with is Albert, a quiet, mischievous boy who’s just like her. As Ada spends more time at the academy, she realizes she’s there for a bigger purpose: to save the academy from the vengeful Wolfurs. Through her journey, Ada discovers the importance of empathy, something she struggled with at the start. She persuades Vincent, the Wolfur leader, to let go of his desire for revenge and choose forgiveness instead. Ada’s courage and newly developed sense of empathy play a crucial role in saving the academy, restoring Prince Matthew to his human form, and freeing her professor. Ultimately, although Ada doesn’t reunite with her father, she gains something far more valuable—her emotions, imaginative mind and a true understanding of herself.

Doctor Pai Hi Vo

Piotr Fronczewski plays Doctor Pai Hi Vo, a wise and supportive figure in Ada’s life. Living with Ada and her mother, he guides Ada through the mysteries of Kleks Academy. He provides her with crucial clues about the magical world and teaches her how to overcome her fears and develop empathy. His guidance is key to helping Ada become a better person. Through his wisdom and magical remedies, Doctor Pai Hi Vo aids Ada in turning Prince Matthew back into a human, reversing the spell that had transformed him into a bird. His role is essential to Ada’s journey and growth.



Daniel Walasek plays Vincent, the current king of the wolves in Rahdar. There’s a saying in the Wolfurs’ realm: if you’re one of them, you must be cruel and driven by vengeance. As king, Vincent felt the heavy responsibility of being vengeful, but deep down, he was the complete opposite. From childhood, Vincent was kind and afraid of harm, unlike other wolves who naturally hunt and kill. However, the Wolfur queen pressured him his entire life to avenge his grandfather, the former Wolfur king, who was killed by Prince Matthew. Following the queen’s orders, Vincent attacked Kleks Academy and sought to kill Prince Matthew, even though he didn’t want to. After talking to Ada, Vincent realized he was forcing himself into a role that wasn’t true to who he was. He recognized that he was like one of the imaginative kids at Kleks Academy. So, he decided to make the Wolfur queen a captive, and instead of harming anyone, he let all his captives at the academy go free. Vincent even encouraged the young Wolfurs to join Kleks Academy and to embrace kindness and imagination over vengeance.

Professor Ambrose Kleks

Professor Ambrose Kleks, played by Tomasz Kot, is the main professor at Kleks Academy. With the help of Prince Matthew, he selects children from all over the world to join the academy by allowing their imaginations to create their own fairy tales. He teaches the kids about magic, spells, and charms. Professor Kleks played a crucial role in helping Ada find her way to empathy. He shared all the academy’s secrets with her to guide her to realize her full potential. This way, Ada could help save the academy from the Wolfurs. At the end of the story, we discover that Professor Kleks is actually Ada’s uncle—her father’s brother. That’s why Ada called him “Professor Uncle.”


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