‘King The Land’ Episode 16 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Sa-Rang Want To Leave Behind?

King The Land wraps up on Netflix, and people are reeling over the cute couple and their little moment. With Gu Won being everybody’s favorite new walking green flag, it’s going to be hard to come up with a character that beat him in the second half of 2023. Fans will definitely be happy with the ending of the show, but there are some things left unanswered because King The Land has shield away from any kind of conflict. Gu Won is the president of the King Hotel and Sa-Rang is an employee. They met while she worked there and fell in love. Everything was peachy until Won’s older half-sister who wants the hotel for herself finds out about them.


Won is actually the son of a woman who too was a member of staff at the hotel when his dad, the Chairman fell in love with her, which is why his sister doesn’t like him. The Chairman’s own father banned Won’s mother from the hotel and her son when she was young, which is why Won was alone all this time and didn’t know anything about his mother. Finally, she was able to show up again and tell him the truth and also tell him to live for himself. With just one episode left, will everything be fixed between Won and his family? How will Sa-Rang fit in all this?  Let’s get straight into the last episode of King The Land to find out. 

Spoilers Ahead


What happens in the episode? 

It turns out that Sa-Rang hasn’t been loving working at the hotel anymore, and her dream is actually to be a hotelier. She wants to start her own thing, and so at the end of episode 15, when she tells Won that she wants to leave, she means work and not him (duh, who would leave that guy?). Won, who has prepared a special proposal event, decides to give her ‘her space’ and cancel the event so she can freely talk about her next plan. She says she wants to start her own place, and so Won realizes she needs time and plans on supporting her the whole way there (this man is unreal). The drone heart outside the window just disappears while Sa-Rang cries about having perfectly supportive loved ones and a scary plan for her future.

On her last day of work, she tells Won’s father and the Chairman of the hotel that she is quitting because she wants to be with Won in full freedom. She admits that if she remained in the hotel, she’d have to follow orders from his father as Chairman, so she would rather step away from that job. The Chairman tells Sa-Rang that he likes her because of this bold spirit of hers. Everyone at work is super sad that Sa-Rang is leaving because she was like family to them, and they really loved working with her. How the tables have turned there, they despised Sa-Rang when she first joined them but realized she’s just as hardworking as them and deserving of the position.


Won’s next plan is to make King Hotel a global sensation and additionally give the best service to his clients in South Korea as well. We see him work aggressively towards his goals, even in the face of skepticism from the board. He also makes his assistant a department manager, finally making him the happiest. In the meantime, Sa-Rang looks up places to buy to convert into her hotel. She looks at many places and ultimately chooses a spot across the ocean. It’s like a little bed and breakfast named Hotel Amor (after her name, Sa-Rang, meaning “love”). Her grandmother gives her money and her blessings to do well in her new venture. Sa-Rang sets up the whole place all by herself, painting the chairs, setting up lighting, and everything else.

Back at the Gu residence, the Chairman tells Ji-Hu that he should stay back in Korea if he wants to now. Ji-Hu declines the offer because he knows his mother will be unhappy if he does so. Won talks to Ji-Hu first, saying if he wants to stay, he should do it for himself. On the other hand, he tells his older sister to stop living a lonely life and hold on to Ji-Hu, so he doesn’t have to live as they did. Then, when he’s about to board his flight, Hwa-Ran stops her son from leaving and finally brings him home for good. Her ambition at the hotel was only to prove herself to her father, but in the end, she became too greedy and ended up losing everything but Ji-Hu. Finally, she sees that she still has a chance to mend that relationship and save Ji-Hu from a future of misery.


Won visits Sa-Rang at Amor on opening night, and she quickly receives a booking. He spends the night, and they revisit the time they spent in the most “luxurious” hotel in Gapado when they hated each other’s guts. Maybe drinking all of that traditional alcohol was what changed their minds about each other at the time. Sa-Rang’s little hotel quickly becomes busy, and Won visits her every day after work, even when he’s just as busy. She makes him promise not to do that anymore and looks for a part-timer. Unfortunately, none of the younglings want to work on weekends, so she has to accept Won’s application to work there.

Does everything go well for Won and his family?

This is the moment Won decides to propose to Sa-Rang, and she says yes. They then ask her grandmother for her blessing. Sa-Rang’s grandmother is overjoyed with tears and is so happy to finally see her precious granddaughter live the life she envisioned for her. At the wedding, Won’s mother is also there, and she meets Hwa-Ran and Ji-Hu. Ji-Hu asks who she is, and when she admits she’s Won’s mom, he calls her grandmother. She asks Ji-Hu if she can hug him, and he agrees immediately. We can see that Hwa-Ran may have finally healed and doesn’t interfere with Ji-Hu and his grandmother. Won’s dad also comes to the wedding, to the shock of Won, and he tells him that his mother was the one who told him that he should let his children live their lives the way they want to. When he takes his seat in the wedding hall, he asks Won’s mother if they should grab a coffee later, finally taking the advice for himself too. At the end of King The Land, Sa-Rang and Won promise to go anywhere with each other.

What happens in the epilogue?

Instead of the bride trying on dresses for the groom to approve, Sa-Rang is the one watching Won try on his suits. They pick the suit that looks best and then break the fourth wall to remind viewers that they don’t have what Gu Won and Sa-Rang have.

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