‘Killing All My Sisters’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happened To Jenna? 

Killing All My Sisters is a TV drama that revolves around a college sorority house where, in the name of sisterhood, we witness how it literally sucks the life out of young girls. Being a Beta President in this sorority might sound like a big deal, but trust me, it’s anything but glamorous. It’s all about petty jealousy, relationship drama, and the president, Brittany, who’s like a tornado of wrath whenever someone even breathes near her ex, Spencer. And let me tell you, Spencer, total playboy. Yet everyone seems to be falling for his charm left, right, and center! Upon starting college, Emily and Jenna also became affected by all this drama and chaos. Will they survive? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Dana Die? 

It’s the first day of college, and Emily and Jenna arrive eager to soak up the whole “college experience” thing. Eventually, they’re greeted by new faces, including Madison and Brittany from the BKE sorority house. They introduce themselves, suggesting that Emily and Jenna join their sorority to network with prestigious people. Emily’s mother, familiar with the dynamics of sorority houses, isn’t entirely keen on the idea but allows her daughters to explore social life anyway. They head to the Sullivan House to meet the sorority sisters, hoping they might become a part of it. Meanwhile, Dana, another girl, expresses her excitement about joining the sisterhood, believing it’s all about building trust and connections. However, little does she know what’s in store for her. Madison calls Dana to meet Brittany, who confronts her about her involvement with Spencer, Brittany’s ex-boyfriend. Brittany thus forces Dana to drink, and as Dana heads back to her dorm, someone strikes her head with a rock, resulting in her death. How tragic, right? But here’s where it gets twisted: Nobody knows it’s the sorority girls’ wrongdoing. Madison and Brittany start scheming to cover their tracks, planning to blame Dana for drinking and claiming though they tried to stop her. Brittany, as the sorority president, vows to tell the cops they’re all about following the rules and not serving booze to minors. And guess what? Emily and Jenna buy into it, thinking this sorority is all about sisterhood, because they made a mourning ceremony in Dana’s name, saying that they miss their sister very much. But little did they know what awaited them!


Why Did Jenna Decide To Join The Sorority? 

But something strange happened in the meantime. It’s shown that Spencer is trying to befriend Jenna, sweet-talking her to grab her attention. Emily doesn’t like that because she already knows how possessive Brittany can get about Spencer. She knows about their strange breakup, when Brittany wanted Spencer to move in with her, but Spencer broke their relationship off that very day. Brittany didn’t take it well. Then, at a party thrown by the rival group of BKE, the Alpha Kappa Pi, Emily sees something shocking: Spencer making out with none other than Madison, the Vice President of BKE and Brittany’s best friend! This shakes her to the core, and she realizes she needs to pull her best friend out of this mess. All that sisterhood talk doesn’t sit right with Emily. But the sad thing is, even though Emily tries to protect her best friend, Jenna doesn’t seem bothered by Emily’s logical talk about Spencer being bad for her. She’s drawn to spending time with Spencer and making connections through the sorority. As they become more involved with the BKE sorority, Emily starts to see the madness within. They blindfold the girls, make them drink, and even dare them to stand on the brink of the roof to prove their bravery! It’s utter madness! Things escalate when they’re dared to free themselves from the locked dean’s office to prove their worthiness for the sorority. It’s like a twisted test of loyalty. Though they manage to save themselves, Emily realizes this group is toxic for them. She decides not to be a part of it and tries to caution Jenna about Spencer being bad news and the sorority’s harmful influence. But Jenna? Well, she’s got stars in her eyes for Spencer and dreams of sisterhood glory. 

What Happened To Jenna? 

In the meantime, Brittany finds out about Spencer’s interest in Jenna. Jealousy flares up because, as we’ve seen before, nobody gets too close to Spencer without Brittany’s approval. So, she suggests they all go to a farm to celebrate sisterhood, specifically telling Jenna to leave her phone behind. Emily, not wanting to be part of this madness, heads home, while Jenna heads to the farm in the middle of nowhere with Brittany and Madison. When they arrive, Brittany and Madison blindfold Jenna and instruct her to walk with her hands tied, saying it’s all part of the game. Spencer tries to stop them, but Brittany shuts him down. They leave Jenna alone in the dark, causing her to stumble and fall, covered in mud and blood. Instead of helping her, they made a plan to blame everything on Spencer, even planting Jenna’s sweatshirt in his truck to make it seem believable.


During Killing All My Sisters‘ ending, Emily returns to college and finds Jenna missing. Fueled by anger and suspicion, she confronts Spencer, believing him to be responsible. However, when she reaches the college security center, she sees Brittany already there, shifting blame onto Spencer. Emily realizes they were at the farm and rushes there with her friend William, where they find Jenna battered and bruised. Jenna recounts the events of the previous night, revealing that it wasn’t Spencer but the sorority girls who harmed her. They are relieved, but their relief is short-lived as Madison arrives, attacking William from behind. Emily and Jenna manage to overpower her and learn the truth: Madison’s in love with Spencer too! She has been playing this sick game of jealousy, hurting anyone who gets too close to him—just like Dana, Jenna, and another girl named Olivia, who is now in a coma after being attacked by her. It’s a total mess, but Emily takes charge, defeating Madison and handing her over to the authorities. 

The truth about the toxic dynamic within the sorority is finally out in the open. Thus, the sorority house gets closed, and interrogation with Madison and Brittany is started again by the authorities to get at the truth. Emily vows to protect everyone from falling victim to their jealousy-fueled schemes and is willing to protect Jenna at all costs to show her what sisterhood really looks like!


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