‘Kill Me If You Dare’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Were Natalia And Piotr Killed?

Kill Me If You Dare is a brand-new Polish film about a couple who win a lottery, but both are desperate to make their dreams come true. This is a weird film that not only explores a crumbling marriage but also tries to add humor to it. The entire article will take the readers through the roller coaster ride the couple had to go through to get full possession of the money. This Netflix film has a bizarre story and a weird ending.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Were Piotr And Natalia Unhappy?

Piotr and Natalia got engaged when the latter was about to leave town, but she changed her mind. Piotr reached the station on time to find Natalia, and she chose to stay back for him. He proposed marriage to her at the railway station, and she accepted it. A few years later, the couple was unhappy with the financial situation in their household. Piotr and Natalia were working individuals but had not become as successful as they had imagined. Natalia was tired of living off a bare minimum salary. Piotr was working with an insurance company run by his ex-girlfriend, Dagmara. He was struggling financially as well because of his company’s new cost-cutting policies and was unable to live up to Natalia’s expectations. The couple had come to detest each other, which was visible at their anniversary lunch. They bought a lottery ticket on that day, and by evening they were declared the winners of the prize money.


What Plans Did They Have With The Lottery-Winning Money?

Natalia had paid for the lottery ticket, and she wondered if she could claim the entirety of the prize money and put it towards her dream of opening a café and a studio with her friend Agatha. Piotr wanted to buy a house for them and put the rest of the money in savings after all the tax deductibles. Natalia, in excitement, quit her job and shared the exciting news with Agatha.

Piotr was nervous about winning such a large amount and shared the news with his friend Lukasz. Piotr did not trust his wife and encashed the money without her. Natalia was taken aback by his move. Both lie about not having shared this information with anyone and plan to install a safe sold by his neighbor and place the money in it. Bogdan was a businessman who sold lockers and safes to the entire neighborhood.


Did Natalia Suspect An Affair Between Her Husband And Dagmara?

A few days before they won the lottery money, Dagmara and Piotr planned to launch a new insurance policy. The first customer was Piotr, who purchased insurance worth a million in Natalia’s name. Natalia came across these papers, and on the same day she ran into her husband having lunch with Dagmara. Agatha secretly recorded his conversation with Dagmara and assumed Piotr was plotting to kill Natalia to get full possession of the prize money as well as the insurance money. Natalia did not suspect any affair, but she wondered if Agatha was right since he’d drawn up the insurance papers without her consent.

Why Were The Couple Suspecting Each Other?

Natalia began suspecting every move of Piotr since Agatha planted the seed of doubt in her mind. Piotr overheard his wife conversing with Agatha about murdering him, which alerted the man as well. He shared this piece of news with Lukasz. Lukasz was keen on getting rid of Natalia for him and making it look like an accident. The suspicion grew as each day went by, and the couple slowly lost trust in each other. There were many incidents involving Piotr and Natalia, with each wondering at every turn if their partner was out to get them. As Agatha and Lukasz fueled their respective friends, the couple kept losing hope but were not willing to have the talk or consider separation.


Why Do They Take A Vacation?

Piotr was given a vacation coupon by Dagmara to a resort in the mountains, and he decided to take it. The couple headed to the mountain resort, and Agatha and Lukasz decided to follow them. Natalia planned to drive the car up to the resort and almost got into an accident. She wondered if that was part of a ploy to get rid of her. They safely reached the hotel, and both were afraid of each other at this point. As their vacation began, they had their best friends around, aiding and guiding them. While Natalia was initially considering getting rid of Piotr, her husband was skeptical about Lukasz and his plans. He did not want to indulge in any crime, as he feared getting caught. Piotr requested that Lukasz not implement any of his ridiculous plans.

How Did Agatha And Lukasz Meet?

Agatha and Lukasz joined their respective best friends at their vacation spot at the resort, and they ended up running into each other. They began conversing and soon found each other very attractive. They slept with each other, quickly became lovers, and considered each other their soulmates. There was a genuine attraction they felt, and they could not stop hanging out with each other. Both were adamant about helping their friends and wondered if Piotr and Natalia were made for each other. Their conversations take them to the mountains, and their relationship only becomes stronger.


Did The Couple Change Their Mind About The Murder?

Agatha had given her the plan to mess with Piotr’s parachute when he went skydiving. She wanted to help her friend, but Natalia was not sure if she wanted to go ahead with it. Natalia soon realized that killing Piotr was not the right idea at all. Piotr, on the other hand, was also not very keen on going ahead with Lukasz’s plans. Piotr probably wanted to make the marriage work and have a conversation with his wife before deciding on how the money should be handled. As Piotr went skydiving alone, Natalia was worried that Agatha had done any mischief.

The thought of losing her husband to a skydiving accident was too much to bear. This was the push she needed to make her marriage work because, deep down, she loved him. Piotr had a great skydiving experience, and meeting Natalia at the spot made him realize there was some love left in him for her. Piotr and Natalia were finally on the same page and got rid of all their plans. 


Agatha and Lukasz, on the other hand, were high on narcotic drugs and could not believe their friends had a change of mind. They kept conversing with each other about whether Natalia and Piotr were not made for each other. As friends, they felt a little betrayed. The fact that they were high fueled their thoughts about harming the couple. Agatha and Lukasz were in love and wanted validation from their friends.

Were Natalia And Piotr Killed?

Natalia and Piotr moved to a cozy cottage to celebrate their rekindling as a couple and look forward to judicially utilizing the money. The couple finally came to terms with the love they had been sharing for years. Natalia and Piotr understood each other, and they were looking forward to spending a lifetime together. As they were having a quiet time at the cottage, Agatha and Lukasz attacked them under the influence of narcotics. Since they knew about the cash prize, they demanded their share. Agatha and Lukasz believed they were going to help their friends find a way out of the marriage, but they feel cheated now that they are back together.


Agatha and Lukasz went ahead with the attack on Natalia and Piotr but ended up getting severely injured because of their fall from the balcony. Since Agatha and Lukasz were high, they did not have control over their movements, so it was easy for Natalia and Piotr to remain unharmed by their antics. Agatha and Lukasz ended up in the hospital because of their injuries, and they could not complete their goal of killing their friends. We assume the couple did not mean to get rid of their best friends, but since a mistake was made, they needed to pay for it.

Natalia and Piotr decided to make judicial use of the money they had won. As a married couple, both were willing to make sacrifices and compromises to salvage their relationship. They probably did not want to split the money, which would be inevitable if they chose to separate. The couple reached home to see that the money in the safe had been stolen. They weren’t heartbroken over it because it wasn’t their hard-earned money. The police investigation proved that their neighbor Bogdan had robbed the entire neighborhood under the guise of selling all of them his faulty safes. Since the money was gone, they never wanted to worry about arguing about their possessions. The money being stolen was a blessing in disguise and helped them save their marriage.


Natalia and Piotr visited Agatha and Lukasz at the hospital. The couple requested that their best friends forgive them. Natalia and Piotr came up with an idea to make sure their friends would repay them for the mistake they made. It does not make sense because they individually asked for advice from their friends on matters concerning their marriage. Since their marriage was now all smooth sailing, Natalia and Piotr abandoned their best friends and decided to punish them.

The movie ends with Agatha working for a café and serving food to a very pregnant Natalia. Agatha never approached Natalia in a friendly manner, and Natalia refuses to acknowledge her as someone she recognizes. This could be the punishment Natalia and Piotr came up with for their best friends. It was assumed the coffee shop belonged to Natalia, and she was running the business successfully with Piotr. There was no clarity on how they received financial backing to open and run the place. The last scene had Lukasz and Agatha in the same uniform working for the same coffee shop while being in love. 


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