‘Kill Craft’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: What Happened To Marina?

Kill Craft is a story that shows us how people change when their circumstances change. Sometimes, someone becomes a completely different person just to survive because they have no other options. That’s exactly what happened with Marina in the movie. Marina’s father, Thomas, was a professional hitman. She always knew his job was dangerous, but she also knew it would be even more dangerous if he couldn’t get his work done. When Thomas was killed, Marina felt she had no choice but to step into his shoes and take on his responsibilities. Imagine going from being a regular student in class to becoming a hitman. Marina’s journey shows how much she loved her family. She was willing to do whatever it took, even if people often looked down on her for it. But what happened to Marina in the end? Did she survive her journey down this dangerous path? We’ll find out in this explainer of the Kill Craft‘s ending.


Spoilers Ahead

How did Thomas die? 

As the movie starts, we meet a notorious, rich villain named Mr. Freeman. He hires a guy named Mr. Poe to give him a list of people who need to be killed. Mr. Poe is also a notorious character, deprived of love. Even though some people try to love him, he pushes them away because he’s too used to being hated. Maybe that’s why he spreads hate toward himself. Anyway, Mr. Poe tells Thomas, an infamous hitman, to take care of the people on the list. As we get to know Thomas and his family, we see that he seems like a pretty regular guy. He has a daughter named Marina and a wife named Ruth. To the outside world, he looks normal, but his shady behavior makes Marina and her best friend, Freya, think he’s a spy. Marina has always seen her mother being rude to her and Thomas, which she doesn’t understand. Thomas has always taken care of their needs, never been rude, and even took care of Ruth’s disability. So why the rudeness? The truth is that Ruth’s disability was Thomas’s fault.


Years ago, when Marina had just been born, an enemy of Thomas broke into their house and tried to kill them. The enemy fled after shooting Ruth in the spine, paralyzing her for life. Even though Thomas knew the risks of his job, he never did anything to protect his family. For him, fulfilling his boss’s orders was everything. He knew that once he was in the job, he could never get out, and his family would suffer if he tried. Thomas had a secret way of getting his orders. His bosses hid a bottle under the sand at the beach. Inside were clues with the names and addresses of the people Thomas had to kill. Marina and Freya had no idea about this until they followed Thomas one day and saw him burying the bottle. That’s when they realized what he was up to and what Ruth had been talking about. Everything seemed normal. Even though Marina knew her father’s secret, she kept quiet about it. But one day, Thomas went to kill a man who was an enemy of Mr. Freeman. He got caught and brutally beaten by the man’s bodyguards. Thomas tried to escape, but he lost too much blood. He made it to the forest near their house but couldn’t make it home. Marina and her mother were worried when he didn’t come back. The next day, while Marina was taking a stroll in the forest, she found her father’s dead body. You can imagine the emotional toll it took on her. With Freya’s help, she buried the body.

What happened to Marina? 

Obviously, Marina was not ready for this situation. After all, she was just a student, never did anything mischievous, and always kept to herself. Her best friend Freya was quite rebellious, but even she knew that being a hitman was no walk in the park. It was going to be tough, but Marina had no other options. Her father had been the only breadwinner; her mother was disabled and couldn’t work; and she was too young to get a job herself. So, Marina knew she had to take on her father’s job, but she had to do it in secret. She was a good daughter to both her father and her mother. She knew her mother would be devastated to learn about her father’s death, so she couldn’t tell her just yet. Marina took on all the household responsibilities, from paying the electric bill to buying groceries, and told her mother that her father had taken care of everything before he left.


Thomas had trained Marina to shoot a gun from a very young age, for safety purposes. So, when it was time to put those skills to use, Marina knew she could handle a gun pretty well. And so she began her killing spree, taking down one target after another. But deep inside, she had a lot of pent-up emotions and anger against Mr. Freeman because he was the reason her father lost his life. She also hated Mr. Poe for giving her father this deadly mission. On account of her being a “sweet little girl,” no one ever suspected that Marina had shown up to kill someone, which made her job easier. However, word spread that a little girl had been hired by Mr. Poe to do his dirty work. Mr. Freeman was furious because he had a son around Marina’s age. Even though he was a notorious man, he didn’t like the idea of a young child being put in danger. So, he sent Mr. Poe to stop this nonsense, threatening to kill him if he didn’t. Mr. Poe was obviously unhappy with this situation and decided to threaten Marina. He hid at her next target location to see who this “sweet little girl” killer was. When he saw Marina, he attacked her. Though she managed to free herself, he followed her trail back to her house, intending to kill her. But thank God Ruth was there. Being the protective mother she was, she shot Mr. Poe from behind and ended up killing him.

This proves one thing: Ruth had known that Thomas was dead all along. Being a hitman’s wife had made her quite tough and prepared for the worst. That’s why she was proud of how Marina had been handling these situations all on her own until now. She couldn’t be more proud! But what does their future hold? I think now both mother and daughter will create a lady gang and take down anyone who goes against them. That would be quite a story, don’t you think?


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