Kang Ha In ‘Hierarchy’ Explained: What Happens To Him In The End?

Hierarchy is the latest K-drama that takes us into the intense world of high school politics in Jooshin High School. Our story revolves around a student named Kang Ha, who is attending the school on a scholarship. Now, being a scholarship kid in this elite school is nothing to be proud of—it brings both disrespect and shame from the rich students. But Kang Ha? He walks around with a big smile, proudly embracing his scholarship status! But there’s more to Kang Ha than meets the eye. On the outside, he seems like a sweet, innocent kid. However, his true motive is much darker. He’s here for one reason: revenge. Kang Ha’s brother, In-Han, was also a scholarship student who faced brutal bullying and humiliation from the wealthy kids. Tragically, this led to In-Han’s death. Now, Kang Ha is determined to make those responsible pay for what they did to his brother. But can he succeed in his mission to seek revenge? Will he be able to bring justice for In-Han, or will he fall victim to the same cruelty? Let’s dive into the story of Hierarchy to find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Kung Ha want to be friends with Jeong Jae-i? 

We meet Kang Ha on the very first day of the new semester at Jooshin High School. Getting the chance to study at this prestigious school is something to be super proud of, right? Well, not if you’re a scholarship kid. At Jooshin, being a scholarship student means everyone thinks you’re from a low-class family and that you only got in because the school’s owner decided to be generous. Most people see it as a mark of shame, but not Kang Ha! Kang Ha is different. He thinks being a scholarship student is something to be proud of. Why? Because he earned it fair and square by getting the highest score! He knows he deserves to be there just as much as any of the rich kids. He’s always smiling, and this puzzles everyone. How dare he smile and act confident! Doesn’t he get that there’s a class divide? Maybe that’s why he even dares to talk to the rich kids and tries to be friends with them. Despite people treating him like an outsider, Kang Ha stands his ground with enough attitude, personality, and confidence because he believes he’s in the right place. This refreshing attitude catches the eye of the rich kids too. Who are these rich kids? There’s Jeong Jae-i, Yoon He-ra, and Lee Woo-jin. Yoon He-ra even invites Kang Ha to a party, where he makes a bold move by kissing Jeong Jae-i! But why did he do that? Revenge.


You see, Kang Ha isn’t just smart and confident; he’s also angry. He believes that the bullying from these rich kids led to his brother In-Han’s death. That’s the real reason he’s here—to seek vengeance. Kang Ha knows how close his brother was to Jeong Jae-i and how that relationship ended up costing him his life. His brother got in the way of the relationship between Kim Ri-An and Jeong Jae-i, and it ultimately led to his death. Kang Ha is a risk-taker; even though he knows befriending Jeong Jae-i might lead him to the same fate as his brother, he isn’t afraid. He believes it’s better to stand up to the bullies than to let them walk all over the scholarship kids. After all, what kind of pride is that? They’re all the same age and in the same class. Just because their parents are rich doesn’t make them superior. Kang Ha isn’t afraid to question things and is eager to break down barriers. During a school outing, when the principal catches Kang Ha with Jeong Jae-i kissing and being furious, the principal decides to expel Kang Ha on the grounds of daring to befriend someone from the high class despite being a “lowlife” himself. Kang Ha doesn’t back down! Instead of shying away, Kang Ha boldly records the entire conversation. With this evidence in hand, he threatens to expose the principal and the school’s discrimination to the public. This courageous move leaves the principal with no choice but to let Kang Ha stay at the school. Kang Ha’s quick thinking and fearless attitude save him from expulsion and prove he’s not someone to be underestimated!

Why did he take Ju-Won’s help? 

As Kang Ha gets to know Jeong Jae-i better, he realizes she isn’t the rich, snobbish, arrogant girl everyone thinks she is. Jeong Jae-i is actually being threatened and humiliated by an anonymous source who has secret blackmail on her. It turns out she was pregnant with her boyfriend Kim Ri An’s child, and they’ve even got a private video of her and Kim Ri An in their possession. Whoever the perpetrator is, they knew this would bring shame to her and her family. Knowing how cruel and proud her father is, Kang Ha feels bad for Jeong Jae-i. At first, Kang Ha wants to be there for her, to be her knight in shining armor. But soon he realizes that maybe he isn’t the one Jeong Jae-i wants. It’s Kim Ri An who she wants to be with. This breaks Kang Ha’s heart. From the very beginning, his intentions were to go against Jeong Jae-i and her friends and expose them. But along the way, he fell for her. So, he decides to become her enemy instead. Kang Ha learns that Ju-won, the principal’s son, is against her and all the rich kids because he’s also tired of the humiliation that scholarship kids endure.


Kang Ha immediately changes sides and teams up with Ju-won. He wants those secret videos Ju-won has access to so he can humiliate the rich kids and take advantage of the situation against them. But you know what? Even though Kang Ha has always been against the rich kids, he can’t bring himself to act against Jeong Jae-i. He’s fallen deeply in love with her. When Ju-won is about to expose the secret private video between Jeong Jae-i and Kim Ri An, Kang Ha stops him. He’s there to bring justice to the scholarship kids and stand against domination and humiliation. But he strongly opposes the idea of ruining someone’s life. After all, how would he be any better than the others if he did that? Kang Ha’s attitude shows us that even in pursuing justice, he holds onto his principles. He wants to fight against the bullies, but not at the cost of becoming one himself.

In the end, the school’s dark secrets are exposed! Everyone learns about the hierarchy and class division between students and how they were responsible for the murder of Kang Ha’s brother, In-Han. Justice is served, but there’s still a problem. Even though Kim Ri An comes to apologize to Kang Ha, admitting his mistakes, Kang Ha isn’t ready to forgive him. Kang Ha believes that these rich kids are the reason why many scholarship students end up feeling anxious, humiliated, and tortured. Their cruel behavior, just because they have privilege and others don’t, can’t be excused with a simple “sorry.” Plus, there’s a bit of jealousy because Jeong Jae-i chose Kim Ri An in the end. Then, a shocking twist happens! There’s another murder, and I think there is a chance that Kang Ha blames it all on Kim Ri An. Maybe this is Kang Ha’s way of seeking proper revenge. Even though the school’s mistreatment was exposed, nothing much has changed. The rules are still the same, and the bullying, while reduced, hasn’t ended. Kang Ha may believe that blaming Kim Ri An, the Jooshin group’s owner’s son, might be the only way to truly bring an end to it all. He’s become a true symbol of justice, standing up against the wrongs in the school.


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