‘Jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ Season 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Dudley Cabrera?

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory on Netflix is a sequel to the five-season-long animated series “Camp Cretaceous.” This time, we meet the Nublar Six again, but in their mature years. They are famous for surviving Camp Cretaceous on Isla Nublar, the island overrun with dinosaurs. Even though they are quite older now, people still think it’s a miracle they survived there at that young age. But that doesn’t bother them much, as there’s a more haunting matter at stake. One of the Nublar Six, Brooklynn, is believed to have been killed by an Allosaurus. Darius and Ben, with help from their old friends Sammy, Kenji, and Yasmina, are here to find out the truth about what happened to their friend Brooklynn. However, what they discover is much more terrifying, threatening both human and dinosaur lives. Let’s dive into the first season of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, to uncover the new dangers and mysteries that are waiting to be found.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Ben come to meet Darius? 

The series introduced us to a world where humans and dinosaurs were trying to live together in peace. Well, maybe not all the time, as expecting peace from dinosaurs might have been too much. We saw that DPW (Department of Prehistoric Wildlife) officers existed to protect everyone by capturing dinosaurs that were causing chaos. We met Darius again, a little older now, trying to get back at the Allosaurus that attacked his friend Brooklynn and killed her. Yes, the famous Nublar Six member Brooklynn was dead, and Darius was certainly not okay with it. The night Brooklynn died, she had called Darius to meet her to show him something, but he showed up late. By the time he arrived, Brooklynn had been attacked by the Allosaurus. This truth haunts Darius to this day. He was living alone, barely surviving on junk food because nothing made his life easy after losing his friend. Suddenly, Darius received a phone call. He picked it up, but nobody responded. But at night, he got a surprise!


For the first time in Six years, Ben showed up to meet Darius. But the way Ben was behaving was a bit off—shutting the blinds and turning off the lights, thinking someone might be following him. Darius was confused, and so were we. Then Ben revealed the truth: He believed Brooklynn had been targeted by someone. Otherwise, how could it be that, while Brooklynn was waiting for Darius, the Allosaurus came to kill her? Maybe there was something they didn’t know, and that’s why Darius should stop blaming himself for Brooklynn’s death. Darius was confused, thinking dinosaur attacks were more common in those days. But then Ben revealed another secret. He had been getting threatening messages on the Dark Jurassic website, where people posted conspiracy theories about Jurassic World. Ben thought these people were behind the attack on Brooklynn, and now they were being threatened and might be attacked next. At first, Darius didn’t believe him, but then three Atrociraptors suddenly attacked them. How could this be possible?

Darius knew these deadly dinosaurs were supposed to be confined. Someone had cut the fence around the house to let them in. And the mysterious phone call that he received was a bit strange, too. They somehow escaped the dinosaurs, and Darius realized Ben was not paranoid or losing his mind. There were people after them. They had to find Kenzi, Sammy, and Yasmina to alert them and go on a mission to find the truth.


What happened at Sammy’s? 

It’s pretty clear that after Brooklyn’s death, none of the group members’ lives were easy. It was even more difficult because they grew distant from each other. When Ben and Darius went to Sammy’s house in Texas, they saw that Sammy was also very upset. Her parents weren’t talking to her, and her girlfriend Yaz (Yasmina) was now in Wyoming, studying, leaving Sammy alone. Her only companion was Bumpy, her pet dinosaur. Don’t worry, Bumpy is an herbivore. When Sammy heard that they were being followed, she was equally confused. But she believed it instantly, especially when they were attacked again by the atrociraptors. She was even more convinced because Ben, Darius, and Sammy were now 1,000 miles away from Darius’s home, so it was clear they had been followed. They ran away from there, and who helped them escape? Their very own Bumpy, risking her life. They were on their way to find Kenji.

What did Daniel Kon reveal? 

As they met Kenji at his trailer, hoping to find more about Brooklynn since he was her boyfriend, Kenji told them he knew nothing about what happened to her. They had broken up, and Kenji had gone to live with Darius for a few days to recover from the breakup. During that time, Darius fell in love with her but couldn’t express his feelings since she was already upset and had no romantic interest in Darius—she just needed a friend. Anyway, enough of the drama. The more confusing thing was when the group found out that before her death, Brooklynn went to meet Kenji’s father, Daniel Kon, in Colorado at his halfway house after his release from prison. To give you some context, Daniel Kon was in police custody after being exposed for his involvement in exploiting dinosaurs for illegal genetic experiments on Mantah Corp. So, Darius and Kenji went to meet him to find the truth. Obviously, Daniel was a shady man. He said he was building some sort of legacy and wanted Kenji to be the CEO. In exchange for that, he would reveal what Brooklynn told him. Kenji did not approve of it, seeing how manipulative his father was, but Daniel finally revealed the truth—and it was quite shocking. He said Brooklynn came to meet him to get involved in the illegal trading of dinosaurs and get her hands dirty. There was something odd about her behavior. They were confused. How could this happen? As they struggled to wrap their heads around the truth, dinosaurs attacked them again. Although Kenji and Darius survived with Mateo’s help, Daniel became their feast.


What was found in Brooklyn’s secret apartment? 

As Kenji and Ben survived by getting into Mateo’s car, they received even more shocking news and realized they didn’t really know everything about their friend Brooklynn or the DPW. Mateo was a truck driver for the DPW, responsible for transporting dinosaurs from one place to another, barely getting by on that money. One day, he received a call to transport a dinosaur to another location with a promise of good pay, so he accepted without much thought. However, on the day he was supposed to make the delivery, no truck arrived to take the dinosaur. The allosaurus, which was trapped there, got loose and came after him, but he survived. Unfortunately, Brooklynn was in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn’t survive the attack. Only her phone was left. Mateo followed Darius and Kenji to give them Brooklyn’s phone back and to apologize for not being able to help their friend. From Brooklyn’s phone, they found out about her secret apartment and went there. They discovered a location on her computer where dinosaurs were being traded and learned about a DPW officer named Regional Director Dudley Cabrera, who might be involved in the illegal trading and purchase of dinosaurs. They also found millions of dollars in cash there, indicating a high-stakes buyer was involved. All this time, they thought dinosaurs were safe in this world, but they realized they were being exploited again. And who was involved in all this? Brooklyn. Maybe that’s why she was killed—she knew too much. 

What happened to Dudley Cabrera? 

As Darius and Kenji went to the trading location, they found the lady who was making the purchases of the dinosaurs and followed her and her pet Allosaurus, who had been following them all along. Meanwhile, Ben and Sammy went to find Yaz in Wyoming, which was supposed to be a dinosaur-free zone. They thought the place was safe until dinosaurs attacked them there as well. It was too much for them, and they tried to get help from the DPW, but instead of helping, the DPW officers tried to drown their car in the water. They survived and got into the DPW truck to find out what was going on. After reaching the location, they saw loads of trucks filled with dinosaurs, along with a dinosaur-infested breeding ground. They were shocked until they realized this was Dudley Cabrera’s region. Despite being a DPW officer, he was behind exporting and tormenting the dinosaurs. They suspected he was trying to sell these dinosaurs to multiple brokers, delivering dinosaurs all over the world. They also discovered that there was a chance that, with all that money, maybe Brooklynn was trying to buy one of those dinosaurs from Kenji’s father. But then came the tragedy. All this time, Cabrera thought he was in control of the whole operation until it was revealed that the shady lady in black attire, who had been taming the dinosaurs and whistling to command them to attack the Nublar Six, was the real mastermind. She wanted her illegal trading operation to be successful and for the Nublar Six to stay out of her business. So this meant one thing: she had been using Cabrera all along. Cabrera was shocked. As he tried to show his authority, the lady whistled to command the dinosaurs to attack him. (Not going to lie, she was giving full Daenerys Targaryen vibes.) Cabrera couldn’t survive the attack and died.


Did they survive? 

In the end, we see that Darius, Ben, Sammy, Yaz, and Kenji survived the attack from the dinosaurs with Mateo’s help. He arrived just in time and called the police. The police came, but the lady, along with her dinosaurs, managed to escape. Darius realized that maybe now the police could help them by arresting those behind the whole operation, but that did not ease their minds. They knew there was something bigger going on, as the ship was loaded with dinosaur eggs for the brokers. They realized they must get onto the ship to find out the truth about the operation and discover who the brokers were.

Will they find the truth? Who knows? But one thing is sure: Brooklynn will be there to help them. Yes, you heard it right. Brooklynn did not die; she ran away that night. She survived the attack from the Allosaurus and had been using the dark web all along to leave hints for the others. We don’t know if Brooklynn is the savior or the destroyer here. There is a possibility that Brooklynn is actually involved in the illegal trading business. But if I’m being honest, from the history of the Nublar Six, we know one thing: they are the peacemakers between dinosaurs and human beings. Maybe Brooklynn got into the illegal business to find out the truth about who was involved in the trading. Perhaps that’s why she left hints at her apartment on her computer showing Dudley Cabrera’s name and the trading locations because she knew her friends would find them and bring justice. In the end, we see her getting the news from a DPW officer about Cabrera’s death and printing it out. I believe this kind of indicates—one man down, more to go! And getting help from a DPW officer indicates one thing: not all of them are involved in the illegal business. Some genuinely want to help these dinosaurs. Will the Nublar Six meet again and expose these brokers? We will have to wait for the next season to find out.


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