Jun-Taek In ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Explained: Did Jun-Taek Betray His Partners?

Jun-taek, a significant character in Gyeongseong Creature, adds an extra layer to the series. His presence is symbolic of patriotic instincts in an individual. Despite all the wealth in his family, all he was interested in was a free state. He was a rebel with a cause, and his hatred for the Japanese has been brought out in his plotting against them throughout! The character of Jun-taek has been well presented on screen by Wi Ha-Joon. His amazing screen presence has added an in-depth meaning to the well-rounded character. Will Jun-taek be able to save his own people and country? Will he ever garner Tae-Sang’s support? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Jun-Taek Different From Tae-Sang?

Jun-taek, a young man from a wealthy family, had completely invested himself in patriotic causes. Unlike his friend, Tae-Sang was more worried about his own safety and did not show much interest in the Patriotic Society. Jun-taek requested him several times to join the Patriotic Society, but in vain. The strong-willed and free-spirited Jun-taek kept it a secret from his father that he was a hardcore member of the society, as his father had close ties with Director Ichiro. Jun-taek did not approve of his father’s close association with the Japanese and called him a traitor to his own people and country. He advised Tae-sang not to tread on the path that his father had tread on and to join him for noble causes. He was ashamed of reaping the benefits that the Japanese government had been providing to his family, but he was not fearful of taking the risk of secretly rebelling against them. On the other hand, Tae-sang always had his mindset clear: surviving the Japanese and ensuring that his hard-earned money was kept safe from their clutches. He wanted to avoid any such actions that could risk his property, position in society, and life.


Why Did He Break Into The Hospital?

Jun-taek was involved in seeking all the information about the Japanese generals and providing it to the members of the Patriotic Society. When he learned that a rally would be held at Bumingwan, he informed his comrades about it. They were planning a dynamite attack on the rally, and just when they were at the meeting, the Japanese militants came in and arrested all the members of the society. While all the others had been arrested, Jun-taek managed to escape their clutches. Later, Jun-taek tries to sneak into the hospital to make sure that he will know about the hidden whereabouts of the dynamite from one of his comrades. When Jun-taek went to the hospital, the comrade requested that he help him out of jail, but he told him that he would come back to rescue them later. Later, when the militants arrived, Jun-taek was unable to escape, and he got arrested. This results in his failure to find the location of the dynamite or save his comrades, causing him to eventually land in captivity.

Did Jun-Taek Betray His Partners?

After Jun-taek was caught, his father was blackmailed by director Ichiro for his money. He wanted to make sure that his father gave enough funding for the lab so that they could continue further with their inhuman experiments. The Japanese militants tortured Jun-taek and forced him to write down the names of the people who had broken into the Ongseong Hospital along with all other Joseons who were associated with the Patriotic Society. Being unable to bear the mental and physical atrocities, he gave them all the names that they asked for. He also gave them Tae-Sang’s name so that they would let him be. The aspect as to whether this act of Jun-taek would be termed betrayal remains conflicted. Some might say that he had done this to save his own life and not betray someone. On the other hand, others might say that, being a member of the patriotic society, he should have had more tolerance and should have kept his mouth shut. It is possible that the luxury that he was used to barred his seasoning from any form of physical or mental agony. Later, he was brought out of captivity by Tae-Sang and Miss Nawol. He could not get out of the trauma of the incidents at the facility, even after he went back home. He was constantly trembling and asking for forgiveness for having given out the names of his comrades and Tae-Sang.


What Was Jun-Taek’s Plan Of Action?

After a few days of his return from the facility, he revived his senses and got back to his work with the Patriotic Society. This time, however, he attained full support from Tae-Sang in his endeavors. He made plans, along with the comrades and Tae-Sang, to use the dynamite to destroy Ongseong Hospital. The Japanese militants could not destroy the patriotic spark that he had within himself. He surely was traumatized for a few days and had made a major mistake in giving out the names, but he was keen on making amends for his mistake and looking forward to gaining a better life for all the Joseons. He had been selflessly supporting the cause even though he had all the luxuries that he needed in life. He tried looking into matters from a wide perspective and tried not to restrict his functionality to a range of his own comfort.

Final Words

Jun-taek is a well-rounded character and is quite difficult to predict. We were not expecting him to give out the names of his comrades and his friend when he did so. However, with reference to Mrs. Nawol’s words, it can be said that if a person gives out inside information to save his own life, then that is not counted as betrayal; it can be said that he had not betrayed his friends. His selflessness rings throughout the course of events, as he had not for once thought about his own comforts or life and was just invested in the cause of patriotism. The deep wounds that the Japanese militants had left on his mind were likely to stay for a long time, fueling his hatred for them. Jun-taek had been a major influence on Tae-Sang, as he played a major role in transforming his character from a selfish businessman to a selfless and bold revolutionary. The rebellious spirit within Jun-taek is extremely contagious and is seen to have influenced many over the course of its actions!


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