‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Gojo Satoru’s Fate?

When you’re done watching the ninth episode, you need to sit with it for a while, because it’s one of those episodes in anime where you know the heartbreak is coming, but when it does, you still can’t handle it. In the previous episode, Gojo stepped into the Shibuya station and faced off against Jogo, Hanami, and Choso, as Yuji and Mei entered from another part to rescue the humans. We all know that behind such a diabolical plan was Geto Suguru, and that he planned to imprison Gojo, but how would he do it? The latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 answers that question, but raises a lot more as it ends, so here’s a detailed recap of episode 9.


Spoilers Ahead

What Do the Jujutsu High Alumni Say About Gojo?

Unlike the usual fight sequences, chaos, or some light-hearted goofing that Jujutsu Kaisen is famous for, the ninth episode of the second season opens with a vignette of an unseen cameraman recording the reactions of students from Jujutsu High. The question is: What do the students think of Gojo Satoru? Almost everyone, including Panda, Maki, Nobara, and the rest, unanimously declares that Gojo is sort of an idiot, while only Yuji Itadori says his teacher is the strongest. The vignette ends, and we find Gojo huffing wildly in the Shibuya station, his eyes on the verge of popping out and blood smeared on his cheeks, as he holds the severed heads of two transfigured humans. By the looks of it, this is the end of a battle, and the episode goes back to the beginning.


What Is Hanami’s Fate?

Gojo steps into the railway tracks amidst hundreds of helpless humans, and he curses spirits, readying himself to attack the evil entities preying on innocents. Soon, Hanami and Jogo launch their fists at the strongest sorcerer, but Gojo doesn’t need cursed energy to deal with the spirits and just chooses to use martial arts to throw them around. However, when Hanami tried breaking through Gojo’s infinity, Jogo had to watch as Gojo held his partner by the throat and continued pushing the spirit against a wall, enhancing his own cursed energy. Jogo tried attracting the attention of the sorcerer, threatening to incinerate the humans, who’d so far been sacrificed randomly, but Gojo paid no heed. Instead, he upped his energy by just a few notches so that Hanami became a mess of violet liquid against the subway walls after Gojo splattered it into bits.

What does Yuji Realize?

Desperate to avenge his partner’s death, Jogo tried to put some distance between himself and Gojo, while Choso, the Death Painting curse, kept using the blood of the humans to attack the sorcerer. However, Gojo’s infinity layer kept revoking every offense thrown at him while his Six Eyes searched for “volcano head.” Meanwhile, Yuji spotted a terrified woman sitting on the platform and approached her, who spouted out that she witnessed everyone had turned into monsters before her eyes and that she was left behind because they already had enough of them. Moments later, her head transfigured grotesquely into a bulging monstrosity, and she died. An announcement made on the loudspeaker said that the train would be arriving at the next stop, and Yuji was horrified, understanding the consequences: the train was full of transfigured monsters, and it was about to stop at the station where Gojo was the only sorcerer.


What Happens to the Humans on the Station?

Soon, the train arrived at the said station, and the stranded people were heaving sighs of relief that they could finally go home when the doors opened. Out poured hundreds of grotesque monsters that began attacking, killing, and eating the terrified people. Along with them, “Patchface” Mahito stepped out as well and jostled with Jogo, as if he didn’t just commit genocide. The fifth floor above collapsed, and everyone trapped there fell to the ground. They were then chopped into mincemeat by the combined efforts of Jogo, Choso, and Mahito. Jogo thought back to the time the curses and Geto were discussing their Shibuya plan while playing a board game, and Geto said the curses needed to keep Gojo occupied and get him tensed as the ‘Prison Realm’ needed about a minute to work. This was the curses’ plan: to get Gojo worked up, watching the senseless deaths of hundreds of humans while being unable to launch his domain expansion because he’d end up killing the humans, too.

What becomes of the monsters?

However, something broke inside Gojo, and the curses watched with horror as the sorcerer announced, “Infinite Void,” and within moments, everything came to a standstill. Within the next 299 seconds, Gojo sprinted faster than any superhuman ever can and killed 1000 of the transfigured humans while making sure he ended the domain before the trapped humans were also impacted. Such a feat would be unthinkable for any other sorcerer that ever lived, but Gojo had finished the feat and was now exhausted, both physically and mentally. This is why someone had appeared behind him, and when Gojo turned around, he was shell-shocked to find his best friend, Geto Suguru, smiling at him. The shock came from the fact that Gojo had killed his best friend in Zero, so he couldn’t understand how Suguru was here. By then, a rectangle with an eye in the middle had appeared and arrested Gojo.


What is the fate of Gojo Satoru in the end?

Geto didn’t lose his smile and continued that Gojo didn’t take enough care in disposing of his best friend’s dead body, and the stitch in his forehead came off, revealing a sentient brain with an evil smile. The brain was in control of Geto Suguru, and using the shellshock of Gojo, it’d been able to trap the strongest sorcerer of all time in a prison where it’d hold him for the next 1000 years. The next time Gojo would come out of prison, it’d be a new world, a world created by the brain and its followers, one where humans would be driven to extinction. As Yuji and Mei Mei ran through the station, an earpiece with Mechamaru’s face announced to Yuji that Gojo Satoru had been sealed.

How Does Episode End?

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 9 ends with Gojo Satoru getting sealed into the Prison Realm, a technique that can hold a person captive for centuries. Geto, or an entity using Geto’s body, knew that nobody possessed the ability to defeat Gojo, so the only way to get him out of the way was to imprison him. With him trapped inside the prison, nothing would stop the curses from going rampant on the human population, and now it was to be their free reign. What was that thing inside Geto’s brain, and where did it come from? If you’ve read the manga, you know, but for those who haven’t, it looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer until the entire diabolical plan of that talking organ is brought into the open. Till then, you can sit with the knowledge that the strongest sorcerer won’t be around for quite some time now, and it all falls on Yuji and his friends to be the last stand between humanity and its enemies.


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