‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: What is Domain Amplification?

The latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 properly kickstarts the much-awaited “Shibuya Incident” arc, and we finally get to witness some long-anticipated action. The previous episode followed the cursed users lowering a veil on the intersection at Shibuya Street on Halloween night, and the sorcerers showed up to investigate the situation. The primary target of the entire operation is Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer that ever lived, and the latest episode follows him as he gets to the bottom of the diabolical plan hatched by his former best friend.


Spoilers Ahead

What is Itadori’s mission?

After a long time, Yuji Itadori, the vessel of Sukuna, gets to be on the forefront as he accompanies Grade-1 sorcerer Mei Mei and her devoted younger brother, Ui Ui, to the Shibuya Metro Station, where another veil has been dropped. Standing at the entrance of the station, Mei tells young Itadori that the two veils seem to have been lowered to keep the non-sorcerers, aka normal humans, trapped inside. She uses her cursed energy to manipulate crows into traveling deep into the metro and notes that innocent humans transfigured by a malevolent curse are crawling the platforms. Immediately, Itadori’s face contorts in rage because he realizes “Patchface” is none other than Mahito, who killed Junpei in Season 1. Mei sends Itadori down one level, while the siblings take the other entrance, because Itadori shall find whichever curse is protecting the barrier. Given the young sorcerer’s soft nature, he’d not be able to bring himself to kill transfigured humans, so his senior finds its best to let him vent his frustration out on a random curse.


What does Itadori encounter?

Itadori encounters a dullard grasshopper curse, which looks like a morph between a grasshopper and a locust that’s eating a headless person. After months, we finally see Itadori zoom into action, and the two exchange blows as Mappa once again gets a chance to showcase their amazing animation skills. Fueled by his hatred against curses that devour helpless humans and lord their abilities over their fallen preys, Itadori pummeled the curse till it collapsed. As the protagonist brought down his final punch aimed at the curse’s face, it tried one final trick: stabbing Itadori with its pincer. However, the vessel of Sukuna and the student of Gojo wouldn’t be felled by such a nursery trick; Itadori punched the curse’s guts out, thereby exorcizing it. As he left the station, having lifted the veil, Mahito realized that the curse he’d installed had been killed, but he hopped away to attend to a more important mission, which, by the looks of it, would be more sinister than anything he’d pulled off yet.

Who are the cursed spirits waiting for Gojo?

Elsewhere, Gojo Satoru descended onto the platform to find two of the enemies that he’d previously wiped the floor with. Along with Jogo and Hanami, there’s a third entity named Choso, and they aim to defeat the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of all time. However, this time, the curses have come prepared, thanks to the tips from Gojo’s former best friend and their current leader, Geto Suguru. Jogo had been told that Gojo is at his strongest when he’s alone, so the curses released the innocent people trapped inside the station into the subway line, and the curses began slashing through the people just to get to Gojo. As Jogo and Hanami brought their fists together in Gojo’s face, the sorcerer realized their plan. The curses were trying Domain Amplification.


What is Domain Amplification? What is Jogo’s Task?

Gojo’s ability of Infinity doesn’t let any attack touch him, so Domain Amplification, which is similar to the Simple Domain we’d previously seen Muta do against Mahito, is the curse’s answer. Domain Amplification allows the merging of domains, thereby trapping the target in the middle of the attack, and although the output is negligible, it defeats any technique the target may wield. Realizing the entire plan within a fraction of a second, Gojo switches places and watches as Jogo mercilessly kills innocent civilians just to show that he can. Watching this reckless destruction, Gojo takes his blindfold off and decides to get serious. He challenges the curses, saying if that’s all the trump cards they’ve up their sleeves, defeating Gojo shall be more of a fever dream for Jogo and his buddies. The curse remembers what Suguru had told him while he blew bubbles in a children’s park: Jogo needed to stall the sorcerer for at least 20 minutes by making sure many civilians were also trapped with him so that Gojo wouldn’t want to trigger his domain. After the specified period of time, Suguru would step in with his diabolical “Prison Domain.” Armed with this plan, Jogo, Hanami, and Choso go after Gojo as the episode draws to a close.

How Does The Episode End?

What Suguru has planned for his former best friend is truly insane and inhuman. Knowing that he’d never be able to defeat the wielder of Infinity, Suguru plans to use his “Prison Domain” on the six-eyed Satoru because that’s the only way to take him out. This domain is a simple one; it traps the wielder inside, making him unable to break free. Imagine Jack-in-the-Box, but instead of Jack, it’s Gojo Satoru, and he can’t escape. Whether Suguru is able to pull off this seemingly impossible task of trapping the strongest sorcerer the world has seen in centuries, we’ll have to wait for the next episode to know. However, at this moment, Gojo’s primary concern is to keep civilian casualties to a minimum while ensuring the cursed spirits don’t overwhelm him completely. Gojo is cocky, arrogant, and confident, but he’s also for humanity, so he needs to find the middle path that keeps the helpless people safe while his enemies don’t gain the upper hand on him. Overall, the next episode will be explosive, so be sure to tune in.


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