‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What’s Happening In Shibuya?

Netflix released the seventh episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen today, and it’s the prelude to something massive coming next week. A major portion of the latest episode covers the fight between Mechamaru’s controller, Kokichi Muta, and Mahito, and it’s a spectacular sight in every way. The episode gives the audience a fresh reason to hate Mahito again, who can easily be classified as one of the most horrible antagonists in the series, way higher than Geto Suguru. In the previous episode, Muta was revealed to be the mole in Jujutsu High who’d been supplying Suguru with information, but in an attempt to seek redemption, he went up against Mahito after gaining his body.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Fight Between Mahito And Muta?

Muta continues blasting Mahito with his Ultimate Mechamaru’s cannon multiple times, but the cursed spirit keeps finding ways to morph his body in every way to come back stronger. The one punch that Mahito does hit Mechamaru with rocks the entire machine to its core, showcasing just how insanely strong Mahito is. When two massive cannons fail to leave a permanent dent in Mahito, Muta unleashes something new: he pierces the spirit’s body with a scroll-like tube that can destroy any spirit using cursed energy that Muta uses Mechamaru’s fingers to launch. For a moment, Muta seems to get the better of the spirit, and Mahito has to run through the forests, morphing into various animals, to escape the blast of Mechamaru’s cannon.


How Does Muta Take Down Mahito?

Muta aims again to destroy Mahito for good and rushes towards the spirit, when the latter takes a casual yawn and unleashes his Domain Expansion: ‘Self-Embodiment of Perfection’, something that can be viewed as the Bankai of the Jujutsu world. With Mechamaru collapsed inside Mahito’s domain and all the lights going off one by one, the spirit is walking away, relaxed, knowing he’s got Muta pinned. However, he still has one more trump card: unleashing his Simple Domain, Muta pierces the body of Mahito with Mechamaru’s finger before vaporizing him with Mechamaru’s cannon. Buzzing with adrenaline and having broken out of Mahito’s domain, Muta tries to finish the war for good and goes after Suguru, a disastrous decision.

What Is Muta’s Fate?

Thinking of his affection for Miwa, Muta tries blasting Suguru as well, only to have the robot pierced through by Mahito. With Mechamaru destroyed, Muta physically tries rushing toward the spirit with the cursed energy to exorcize Mahito, but we don’t see how it ends. Later, Mahito and Suguru are walking away, while the spirit says he wasn’t in any danger as such from the beginning. Suguru learns that simple domains can destroy expansions, even if they’re cast by someone as strong as Gojo Satoru.


What Happens In Shibuya On Halloween?

The evening of Halloween in Shibuya is buzzing with people, with attendees arriving from cities and towns, both near and far. One woman suddenly points towards the sky and shows how a layer is seemingly descending on her, although nobody else can spot what she’s fussing about. Soon, a drunk kid is knocked back, after he crashes into an invisible barrier, which is just the curtain that’s descended around the partygoers. The ones unaware of the chaos are quickly made aware, when many people near the town’s intersection start getting sucked into a giant whirlpool-like formation, as panic starts spreading.

Why Are The Jujutsu Sorcerers Here?

Multiple groups of Jujutsu sorcerers, with Nanami leading Ino and Megumi, a Zen’in elder leading Nobara and Maki, and another Sorcerer accompanying Panda, gather around the blanket. It’s informed that everyone trapped inside has been demanding to see Gojo Satoru, so it’s obvious that someone has brainwashed the people to ask for Gojo; otherwise,  they’d have no way of knowing about him. One man near the curtain seems to have a clearer head than the lot, and he tries to make everyone else aware of the whirlpool that’d sucked people inside when he’s knocked over by someone coming in from outside. It’s none other than Gojo Satoru. It’s 8:31 p.m. By 12 a.m., the place is deserted with no sign of life. What went wrong?


How Does The Episode End?

The Shibuya terrorism plot had been hatching in Suguru’s mind for quite a while now, and only Muta had been aware of the vile things he’d planned. Given how nobody in the sorcerer group was aware of what was happening, it’s safe to assume Muta couldn’t deliver the news to Gojo and perished at Mahito’s hands. It’s sad that, as Muta was fighting with his dying breath, Miwa was confessing her feelings to the inactive robot of Mechamaru, that used to be present in Jujutsu High. Muta passed without knowing, that the Girl he liked, had also liked him back and that she’d wanted to make efforts to get closer to him.

Now that the blanket has descended, Gojo is the only one powerful enough to handle something of this capacity, and it’s also him that the people inside are demanding to see. Given how everything falls silent by midnight and there’s no sign of life anywhere, it’ll be safe to assume that Suguru’s plan has come to fruition and something diabolical has happened, which is why the streets are so empty. Moreover, Suguru had learned how to beat a domain expansion from Muta’s Simple Domain, so there’s a chance that Gojo has been defeated, even if it sounds highly unlikely. To know for sure, what exactly happened at Shibuya on Halloween, we must tune in next week for what might be the most anticipated Jujutsu Kaisen episode yet.


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