‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Mechamaru Kill Mahito?

After a few weeks of waiting, Jujutsu Kaisen is back with the brand new Shibuya arc. In the last episode, Getou Suguru, best friends with Gojo Satoru, abandoned his humanity and chose to side with evil for power and money, and when the story returns to the present time, he’s become a threat to the country. We once again meet Yuji Itadori, Kugisaki Nobara, and Megumi Fushiguro, and it’s pleasant to find the trio back after such a long wait.

Spoilers Ahead

What Does Itadori Want To Do?

It’s been a while since we met the typical shonen anime trio of Itadori, Fushiguro, and Nobara, and seeing the three being their usual selves makes us realize just how much we’ve missed their innocent goofiness amidst the betrayals and heartbreaks of Hidden Inventory arc. Back in the present, Fushiguro heads home while Itadori and Nobara are at odds about what they can do to spend the time. Itadori wants to watch Human Earthworm 4, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Itadori has been known to be a fan of this skin-crawling franchise since Season 1, and it’s no wonder Nobara is repulsed by the premise of the movie.

Who’s Yuuko Ozawa?

Apparently, when the typical mad scientist fuses a man with an earthworm, he becomes a human-sized earthworm who escapes the facility before accidentally burrowing out of the ground to scare a beautiful young woman. While this would be nightmare fuel for any person, the woman ends up falling in love with him, but when her family break into their home and murder the abomination, they’re surrounded by several earthworm-shaped human babies. In any universe, this is supposed to be a horror movie, but Itadori considers this to be a love story, although Nobara turns out to be normal and goes shopping instead of watching the film. There, she’s surprised by a young woman who introduces herself as Yuuko Ozawa, a former classmate of Itadori. However, what’s shocking is that six months ago, when Ozawa mustered the courage to take a picture with Itadori, she was short and fat, while the current version is tall, slim, and ethereally beautiful.

Nobara brings in Fushiguro and then Itadori, and surprisingly, Itadori immediately recognizes his former classmate. In Ozawa’s mind, she remembers a time when she overheard Itadori’s classmates asking him what kind of woman he preferred, and he’d mentioned Ozawa, to the disbelief of his friends. Ever since then, Ozawa has wanted to come closer to Itadori, but she’s had to make an immense sacrifice to look the way she does at the moment. After she leaves, the trio heads to the movies.

What Does Utahime Reveal To The Trio?

Later, they meet Utahime Iori in a shady garage, where she informs the young students about a mole inside Jujutsu High who’s been supplying information about the sorcerers’ workings to the villains. Utahime and the trio head down a staircase leading to the mole’s hideout, just as Miwa walks into Mechamaru’s room to find him dozing off. This reveals who the mole is while also showing a special connection between Miwa and the robotic man. Itadori flings open the door to a room to find it empty, while Kokuchi Muta, the puppet manipulator of Mechamaru is nowhere to be found. 

What Happens Between Mechamaru And Mahito?

Muta is elsewhere because he was aware that his position had been leaked, and he receives two guests in an undisclosed location. Sitting in a bathtub with his body wrapped in bandages and hundreds of needles piercing his body, Muta watches as Getou Suguru and Mahito walk in to keep their end of the promise. Muta had offered information to Getou with the pact that Mahito would fix his broken body, although Muta curses the villain for harming the students of Jujutsu High. Mahito considers dishonoring the pact, but Getou reminds him of the potential repercussions of such an act. Shrugging, Mahito places his hand on Muta, using his idle transformation to morph him into a healthy young man, able to stand on his own two legs and breathe without a respirator.

Does Mechamaru Kill Mahito?

Immediately, Muta launches multiple Mechamarus at Mahito, who starts using his body manipulation to smash the puppets by the lot. With all the puppets turned to dust, Mahito finds out Muta has escaped, only to realize too late that the ground beneath his feet is exploding. Mahito lands on the edge of a lake to find a massive robot standing directly before him, being controlled by Muta. As Getou casts a veil to hide the events from the common people, Muta starts thinking. He needs to contact Gojo Satoru by hook or crook because he’s the only way Muta can escape this situation. Moreover, he also needs to inform people about the attack that Getou has planned on Shibuya on October 31, so it’s extremely necessary to get the strongest sorcerer here. However, to take care of the business at hand, he fires the Ultra Cannon at Mahito, who watches as a humongous ball of power charges at him before the episode ends.

How Does The Episode End?

Mahito is a key player in Getou’s team, and he’s also extremely powerful, so there’s a slim chance that he’ll be harmed by Mechamaru’s blast. This is the same cursed spirit that dangerously injured Nanami in Season 1 and sent Itadori crashing multiple times. Besides, with Getou standing so close to Muta, there’s hardly a chance that he won’t interfere if the going gets tough for his companion. In any case, it seems very difficult for Mechamaru to escape the situation he’s found himself in, but if he’s able to go down fighting in his own body instead of relying on a puppet while soaking in a bathtub, it might be worth it for him. Of course, he’d supplied crucial information to the enemies of Jujutsu High, but having spent so many years living on life support gets to a person. It might not be the right thing to do, but it’s understandable why he’d choose that path. The next episode shall reveal what the outcome of the fight between Mahito and Mechamaru is and whether he’s able to contact Gojo or not.

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