‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending: Why Does Minister Yoo Kill Lord Chu?

Han Soo returned to his hometown, Cheongsan, after many years only for an investigation. He cut ties with the town after his entire family was annihilated, and the villagers did nothing to help them. In “Joseon Lawyer: A Morality,” Kang Han Soo got a step closer to the truth behind his father’s unjust and cruel death. His father had a secret mission going on with the king, and the court officials found out about it through the princess, who was caught with a letter from Han Soo’s father. Han Soo is now looking for the princess, not knowing that she is right beside him.


Spoilers Ahead

What Mistake Did Yeon Joo Make In The Past?

Han Soo’s drunken fiasco becomes the reason his real identity is exposed to Yeon Joo. Yoo Ji Sun sees both of them together and later asks her if she and Han Soo are planning to take revenge together. Ji Sun is a clever officer who already knows about many past offenses and is aware of Han Soo’s father’s wrongful death. Until then, Yeon Joo didn’t know that Han Soo was Officer Kang’s son. She knew his father and still blames herself for both her father’s and Officer Kang’s deaths. She still remembers the day when she took the letter from Officer Kang’s messenger to give it to the king, but Minister Yoo caught her with it. On the same day, the king died, as did Han Soo’s father. While they are on their way to return to Hanyang together, both Han Soo and Yeon Joo feel awkward around each other. Han Soo feels embarrassed because he cried in Yeon Joo’s arms while drunk and thinks that Yeon Joo feels uncomfortable because of it. Yeon Joo feels uncomfortable because she is worried about what Han Soo would think if he found out that his father died because of her mistake. However, when he hears that Yoo Ji Sun met her, he asks her if her feelings for him have changed. He tries to convince her that he is the best choice for her and even wins a pair of fancy shoes for her in a wrestling match.


Meanwhile, in Hanyang, Lord Chu recognizes that Lawyer Kang is Officer Kang’s son, and to give him a warning, they steal Commissioner Park’s ledgers that Han Soo had been hiding. Han Soo understands the purpose behind it, but his first mission is to meet the princess. He goes to her palace, and when he can’t meet her, he goes to Yoo Ji Sun. He knows that Ji Sun is engaged to the princess and requests that he set up a meeting with her. Ji Sun is startled by his sudden request, and to buy some more time, he asks Han Soo to help him in a murder case. The accused murderer, Lee Bong Sam, won’t speak up to either accept or deny his crime. As Han Soo investigates his case, he finds out from Bong Sam’s son that Lord Chu’s son is the real murderer, but his father is being framed because he is a slave to their family, and the national law forbids slaves from complaining against their master. Han Soo readily gets the opportunity to trap Lord Chu, but more than that, he sees his reflection in Bong Sam’s son—a helpless kid desperate to save his father. No one could help Han Soo back then, but he can help Bong Sam’s son now. Both Dong Chi and Yeon Joo try to dissuade Han Soo, but he has made up his mind. Yeon Joo even reveals to him that she knows that he is trying to get revenge, but seeing how determined he is, she agrees to support him.

How Does Han Soo Convince Bong Sam?

Lord Chu’s men attack Han Soo as a second warning, and Han Soo misses a severe injury thanks to a scroll placed near his chest. Yeon Joo is also with him, and he is trying to dissuade him from going against Lord Chu, but it is too late now. Yeon Joo’s guard saves them both, but instead of going home to get treated, Han Soo visits Lord Chu. He announces to Lord Chu that he will get his revenge and opens a scroll in front of him. It is a petition written by Lee Sang Bom’s son against Lord Chu’s son. Even though he showed great courage in front of Lord Chu, he trembled in fear as Dong Chi and Yeon Joo carried him home. Yeon Joo has been taking extra care of Han Soo ever since she found out his real identity, but Han Soo’s romantic feelings for her are growing. He tells her that he wishes to marry her after his revenge is over and asks her if she will wait for him. He wants to live a normal life like everyone else, but Yeon Joo knows that it is not possible. She asks him to wait for her confession after his revenge is over. She needs to support him first, so she goes to ask Ji Sun for his help. Ji Sun’s father is involved in many crimes, but Yeon Joo still believes that Ji Sun will side with justice.


Lord Chu is terrified of Han Soo and needs to make the first move before him. Master Cho helps him and asks Lee Bong Sam’s wife to persuade her husband to confess his crime. However, Bong Sam’s wife couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tell her husband to confess to the crime he did not commit, which would lead to his execution. Master Cho had offered her enough land to make more than an average living, but she still couldn’t do it. Bong Sam, however, confessed the crime after seeing how much his wife was suffering because of him. Han Soo is puzzled by his sudden confession, but he is more concerned about Bong Sam’s son, who needs his father. He tells Bong Sam that his son would feel helpless and hopeless for his entire life because he couldn’t help his father, and when Bong Sam sees his crying son begging him to come back home safely, he changes his mind again. He takes back his confession, saying that he made it because of excessive torture. Han Soo takes his case to the Ministry of Law Enforcement, and the head of the ministry happens to be the future father-in-law of Lord Chu’s son. To save his future son-in-law, the head of the ministry tries to scare Han Soo off by telling him that he would be executed for false accusations if he could not prove his case.

‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episode 8: Ending

Lord Chu won’t just sit still; he tries to kill Bong Sam by poisoning him and threatens to do the same to his son. Han Soo thinks about giving up on the case instead of harming an entire family. He is confused about what to do, but Yeon Joo gives him the idea to find something against Lord Chu’s son that will make him confess his crime himself. Han Soo offers a hefty sum and insider trade information to Master Cho to find out Lord Chu’s son’s weak spot. Yoo Ji Sun helps him execute the plan further. He meets Lord Chu’s son and tells him that Joseon’s best lawyer is determined to prove his crime and that he should stop him before his father’s reputation is tainted. Lord Chu’s son is most afraid of his father. He is the only son of Lord Chu, but he hasn’t lived up to his execution. He murdered the person after his father humiliated him for not passing the state exam, even after multiple attempts. He rushes out to find Han Soo, and Han Soo baits him at the guesthouse, where many court officials are already present. Lord Chu’s son speaks out about his crime by himself and tries to kill Han Soo when the court officials see him. They advise him to surrender rather than cause further trouble for his father.


“Joseon Lawyer: A Morality” has reached a new peak of cruelty as the crimes of the higher officials get revealed one after another. Minister Yoo has been the most powerful official, but his status is threatened for the first time. The king showed mercy to Lord Chu’s son, but another group of officials opposed it, and for the first time, the king had the upper hand over Minister Yoo. The king gained the support of the other officials by agreeing to give a death sentence to Lord Chu’s son. However, Minister Yoo is ruthless, and he even kills Lord Chu after knowing that Lord Chu betrayed him and joined hands with Han Soo out of spite for not saving his only son. Han Soo’s one remaining enemy has vanished, but the last one remaining is the most powerful one. Han Soo has the support of many, but Yoo Ji Sun will have the most difficult decision to make: whether to go against his father or go against justice.

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