‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was Beth’s Stalker?

Episode 6 is the most realistically told story in the entire series of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams. This episode is not about the ghost or the serial killer, but about something even more horrifying, which is a stalker. Beth, a strong and independent woman who was quite content with her daily life, found herself chased by a stalker who had just made her life a living hell. The stalker robbed Beth of her peace, pushing her further into the darkness of paranoia. John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams season 1 ends with the horrifying story of Beth and her stalker, who still roams the streets.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Beth’s Stalker?

Beth was a beautiful, strong, and independent woman who had a couple of ex-relationships. Six years ago, a small group of friends and family arrived at Beth’s place to celebrate her birthday party. At this gathering, a guy randomly came to talk to Beth and give her a gift. Beth didn’t know who the guy was and asked him to leave, but the guy made a commotion. Meanwhile, the next morning, Beth woke up to a call. As Beth picked up the phone, she heard a distorted voice on the other end, threatening her that he would chop her head off. Beth was severely traumatized after hearing those words, and she believed it might be the same guy who came to her birthday party. But as she didn’t have any evidence against him, she couldn’t accuse him of anything.


For the time being, Beth pretended that it was a mere prank call and quickly forgot all about it. She went to the office and met with her friends like normal. But one day, a call from the stalker reached her office. As Beth picked up the call, she heard some loud screaming from the other side. Immensely terrified, Beth told her friends everything. Things soon went out of hand when Beth began to receive some obscene pictures. First, Beth’s friends believed the stalker might be her ex-lover, Hugh, but Beth confirmed it was not.

In the meantime, Beth was also worried about her father’s deteriorating health. Her father’s terminal condition caused a great deal of concern in Beth’s mind. She couldn’t concentrate on her work with a lot of pressure on her mind. She couldn’t get these terrible calls and pictures of her stalker out of her mind. She stopped going to the office and started getting paranoid about her friends and neighbors.


One day Beth was hanging out with her friends at her place, but after they left, she received another text from the stalker. She received a video of her friends departing, bidding her goodbye. Beth realized that the stalker was living in her neighborhood, causing her to cover the windows with paper. All she tried to do was make sure that the stalker couldn’t see her, but little did she know that everything, from her computer to every device she used, had been hacked.

Did The Stalker Stop Stalking Beth?

Beth was extremely paranoid regarding the neighborhood in which she lived and even her coworkers, whom she started accusing without any proof. Beth’s mental health was deteriorating. She thought the newspapers wouldn’t be enough and tried to seal the entire window by pinning some wooden planks on the window panes. But one day, she lost her mind when she received another text message containing a picture of her head being severed from her body. She totally freaked out and contacted the police as soon as possible. But she couldn’t even put her trust in the police. The local cop who filed her complaints started hitting on her instead of talking about a solution to get rid of the stalker. The cop even began to find excuses to come to Beth’s place. He told her many weird things, like how he’d had a dream about Beth and many more. But Beth, who realized that the cops wouldn’t help her and would probably do the same thing her stalker was doing, decided not to call him anymore. She decided not to call anyone for help, knowing that perhaps one day the stalker would barge into her house and kill her.


In the meantime, Beth received the tragic news of her father’s sudden death. However, right after the call, Beth received another call from her stalker, who made a filthy joke regarding the loss of her father. Realizing that the stalker might also be tapping her calls, she felt extremely disheartened. But she remained strong and continued living on with the hope that one day the darkness would fade. However, one day, the stalker crossed all the boundaries of terrorizing her. Beth realized that the stalker was inside her house, keeping close watch over her. No matter where she went or what she did, everything was being recorded by the stalker. Beth began to destroy her computer; the TV screens everything, but the stalker still managed to keep an eye on her as he was hiding inside Beth’s store room. Beth, who had no idea that the stalker was inside, hid herself in the storeroom and got attacked by him. However, thanks to Beth’s friend, Ronnie, who arrived there at the exact right moment to check on her, he managed to save her.

Beth was relieved to see Ronnie, but the incident left her traumatized. Her stalker managed to evade their capture and remained elusive, which meant Beth could never relax. She felt trapped inside her own house and had been dealing with the trauma. To protect herself, she slept with a baseball bat and sometimes kept a hatchet or an ax near her. As Beth was interviewed by the filmmakers, she said that she had been dealing with the stalker for six years. She didn’t shy away from telling the camera that if her stalker ever got caught, she’d be the one to kill him. Given the state of her mental health and the way she had been tormented, her statement cannot be judged because she is an extremely terrified woman who is probably still living with her stalker, fearing that she might get killed one day. It’s a shame that even law enforcement officers couldn’t ensure a woman’s safety in her own place, a very horrific reality the last episode of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams has bravely portrayed.


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