‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Allan Legere Escape The Prison?

The second episode of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams presents one of the most horrific criminal cases involving a serial killer named Allan Legere, who was quite notorious in the suburbs of Miramichi, New Brunswick. This episode is way more horrifying than the ghost story of the previous episode and brings to light a real-life horror incident beyond mere imagination. Allan Legere may not be a widely known serial killer like Dahmer or Richard Ramirez, but his horrific deeds are unsettling and gut-wrenching enough to spread terror within a neighborhood. Let’s unravel the mystery behind the killer of Miramichi, explored in episode 2 of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Did Rick And David Find Out?

Rick MacLean and David Cadogan were two newspaper journalists who covered the bone-chilling crimes committed by the serial killer Allan Legere. Rick and David lived in Miramichi, where they had run into the most generous and kindest people, according to them. There was never much violence, theft, or murder around the serene town of Miramichi. However, Allan Legere and some of his accomplices began to spread terror in the town, making people’s lives a living nightmare. Allan Legere’s first crime was killing an elderly couple named John and Mary Glendenning, who owned a store in the neighborhood. Allan and his accomplices broke into their store and killed them viciously. While Legere’s accomplice was guilty of the murder, Allan was also convicted as an accomplice to the crime.


During this time, Rick MacLean and David Cadogan were continuously covering the stories of this gruesome murder, which shook the entire neighborhood of Miramichi, because this kind of crime happened in the town probably once every ten years. Even David was the one who interacted with Legere, who had already made the journalist his target and waited for an opportunity to put an end to him. But David never backed off from his duty as a journalist and kept on making headlines, attacking Allan’s ego. During this time, both Rick MacLean and his wife were working as journalists, but they were deeply worried about the situation and even feared that Legere might escape from prison. However, their worst nightmare materialized and intensified the tension around Miramichi.

Was Allan Legere Imprisoned?

Allan was successful in breaking out of prison while he was being transferred to a hospital. He hid a sharp blade inside his rectum and was able to unlock his handcuffs before finally eluding the police and coming back to Miramichi. As soon as he arrived back in town, his killing rampage escalated. He sneaked up on an elderly lady named Annie Flam’s house and killed her by beating her to death. At Annie’s residence, her sister-in-law, who unfortunately spotted Allan beating Annie, was also severely injured by the killer. After that, Allan took her to her bed and wrapped her up in a blanket. Subsequently, he lit up the entire bedroom, leaving the elderly woman to die. However, Annie’s sister-in-law survived and managed to crawl back downstairs, only to find that Annie Flam had lost her life.


As Rick and David started publishing the stories on Allan, the serial killer set his next target on David Cadogan. One day, while at work, David heard that his house had been set ablaze, but luckily, his family remained unharmed. He rushed to his house, but his wife left him because staying with him would eventually bring death to their family. Allan didn’t kill David, but he destroyed his family, leaving his life in shambles.

Allan Legere’s next crime was the killing of Linda and Donna Daughney, two sisters living together. Linda and Donna were sexually assaulted and beaten to death by Legere in a similar way that he had killed Annie Flam. It became his notorious pattern of targeting the older people in the town and wrapping them up inside the blanket while setting their rooms ablaze. After the horrific killings of Linda and Donna, an indescribable murder of a priest in the town took place. David said in the interviews that the crime scene of the priest was unwatchable. Allan had destroyed the entire facial structure of the priest, which was one of his most horrific crimes. However, following this murder, in 1989, Allan’s attempt to hijack a car failed, as he was caught in the act by the police. In 1990, he was convicted at the trial for the murders he committed and his attempts to escape.


Did Allan Escape The Prison Again?

Rick MacLean and his wife didn’t have the sigh of relief that the entire neighborhood had felt after Allan Legere’s arrest. Rick had also become his target for publishing stories against him. His family was deeply traumatized by the horrific murders and the possibility of Allan’s escape from prison. They knew one day Allan would once again escape the prison and come back to Miramichi to prey on Rick and his family. After the MacLean family had welcomed a child, their anxiety escalated further because they were worried about their child’s safety. One day, while he was at work, he got a call from his wife. His wife was frantically speaking on the phone, talking about a parcel that had arrived at their house. The parcel didn’t contain a severed head, but a letter that was even more intimidating for Mrs. MacLean. In that letter, Allan had apparently spoken about his knowledge of Rick’s beautiful wife and their little child. He had also been aware of their house, which terrified her. She realized that if Allan ever came out of prison, he would soon be visiting Rick’s family, and that visit wouldn’t be very pleasant.

Rick MacLean, at the ending moments of episode 2, talked about the headlines that had been published throughout all these years regarding Legere. When he was arrested, his picture was on the front page of the newspaper with the headline, “Caught.” In a similar way, when he escaped the prison, the headline said “Escaped,” with the picture of Legere on the front page. Rick waited for the moment to see the final headline of Legere’s life, saying “Dead,” which could be the only way the MacLeans could get satisfaction.


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