‘Joe Pickett’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Joe Meet Vern Dunnegan In Prison?

In episode 6 of Joe Pickett, season 2, the plot takes a dark and thrilling turn as Joe and Marybeth continue their investigation into the murder mystery unfolding in the woods. Randy Pope, the head of the fish and game department, has been revealed as a covert member of Klamath Moore’s “Stop the Slaughter” movement. Suspicion grows that Randy might be involved in the murders of Frank and the other victims, but he adamantly denies any involvement. As the story progresses, Joe Pickett becomes more determined to uncover the truth behind these gruesome acts.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Were Joe And Cricket On The Target List?

In the chilling opening scene of episode 6, Nate Romanowski navigates through a treacherous jungle to hunt down birds. While rinsing the flesh of a captured bird in the water, he saw a boat carrying three hunters approaching him. They claimed that one of them had been wounded and needed someone to treat him. However, Nate grew suspicious when he spotted the weapons aboard their boat, making him question their true intentions.


Nate declined their request for help and instead suggested that they continue sailing to the nearest town in search of a doctor. At that moment, the strangers, including the supposedly injured old man, revealed their true nature by drawing their arrows and aiming at Nate’s chest. Acting swiftly, Nate managed to retrieve his own gun and fatally shot all of them in self-defense, but he was shot by an arrow in the process. In a very uncomfortable manner, Nate managed to pull the arrow out of his body, causing himself to bleed profusely. But even in a wounded state, he went through their belongings and discovered a note containing a list of names, shockingly including Joe Pickett’s as well.

This horrifying incident took place almost three months ago, leading Nate to realize a group of assassins was targeting him. Before becoming a falconer and wandering through the woods, Nate used to be a secret agent, working on a covert operation alongside his fellow agents. Sadly, some of his comrades had been killed by the group of assassins led by Nenemic, who was now relentlessly pursuing Nate and anyone associated with him. Recognizing the danger, Nate went on the run, bringing Cricket along with him. He took shelter at his friend Robbie’s house, deep in the woods, where Cricket overheard a conversation between the two friends. Shockingly, Cricket discovered that her name was also on the list containing all the targeted individuals. As she confronted Nate, she demanded an explanation as to why she was a target. Nate apologized, admitting that it was because of him that she’d ended up on the list. Realizing that being with Nate would only bring more difficulties into her life, Cricket made the decision to leave for Saddlestring early the next morning. However, the next morning, Nate handed Marissa’s call records to Robbie. At least upon returning to Saddlestring, she would be able to help Marybeth find Marissa.


Is Randy Pope The Actual Killer?

Randy Pope was arrested by the authorities, but Marybeth struggled to believe that Randy was the actual killer. She found it difficult to deduce a plausible motive behind his actions. Marybeth went through Wolverine’s posts on the “Stop the Slaughter” social media site, and found that each post was filled with strong and impactful words. Randy, on the other hand, was far from being powerful or courageous. He was just an ordinary guy who could only talk big but lacked the guts to follow through with his words. Joe shared Marybeth’s skepticism about Randy, leading him to take up the investigation himself. However, when Joe arrived at the jail cell to interrogate Randy, the Sheriff denied him entry, stating that Joe’s involvement would not solve the case but rather put Joe Pickett himself and his family at risk. Joe had no choice but to step back, but he was determined to continue the investigation covertly.

Meanwhile, Marybeth went to meet with Frank Urman’s wife, who was struggling with her mental state and had turned to alcoholism to cope with the pain of her husband’s death. Marybeth inquired about any potential conflicts or animosity between Frank and Randy. However, Frank’s wife reacted angrily and misunderstood Marybeth’s intentions, believing that she was attempting to disparage Frank’s memory. Marybeth, understanding the situation, calmly left the house without escalating the argument any further.


While gathering information about Randy’s circle of friends and acquaintances, Joe arrived at the residence of Oliver, a butcher who also made taxidermy items and sent Randy one of his products recently. Joe questioned Oliver, urging him to share any information he had regarding Randy and his hunting companions. In response, Oliver presented Joe with a photograph featuring the group. The picture included Randy, along with Frank, Wally, Warren, and Dan. To Joe’s surprise, the Scarlet brothers were also present in the photograph. These brothers were notorious and considered the most dangerous people in Saddlestring, as their involvement with poachers and Vern Dunnegan had been seen in season 1. After Marybeth heard about Randy’s association with the Scarlet Brothers, she cautioned Joe against directly approaching these sinister siblings. However, Joe had his own plans in mind.

What Happened To April?

April, the daughter of Ote Keeley, had been living with the Pickett family ever since her mother abandoned her. Despite missing her mother dearly, April acknowledged that the Pickett family had provided her with more love and care than her actual family ever had. One day at school, the students were assigned a project to create a family tree, complete with pictures of their family members. April struggled with the task, feeling a deep sadness because her previous family was no longer present in her life. However, when Sheridan proudly presented her own family tree to the entire class, April found she had been included in the family tree that Sheridan had painted. This heartfelt moment made April realize that home wasn’t solely about a place or blood relatives but was also the feeling of belonging and love that Sheridan had made her feel that day.

Who Did Joe Meet In Prison?

In the concluding moments of episode 6 of Joe Pickett, Joe revealed a twist in the story. Joe revealed that he had already heard a story about Randy’s hunting group, known as the “wolf pack,” which would play a pivotal role in uncovering deeper mysteries within the plot. However, the problem was the storyteller. The episode came to an end with Joe standing outside the prison, waiting to meet with an inmate. Much to our shock, the inmate turned out to be none other than Vern Dunnegan. Joe met with Vern, who curiously asked why Joe had taken so long to come and meet him. This unexpected twist heightened the mystery surrounding the story, leaving us perplexed regarding why Joe needed the help of someone as evil as Vern to solve the case.

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