‘Jee Karda’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Tamannaah Bhatia’s Show?

Jee Karda, the brand-new Prime Video Original, talks in depth about relationships and friendships and the ups and downs they go through regularly, only for one to realize this is normal and the solution lies in standing by one’s friends no matter what. Jee Karda is the tale of eight childhood friends who remain a tight-knit group even though they are well into adulthood and trying to make a life out of choices they’ve made for themselves.


Season one was an easy watch that helped us understand how romantic relationships work and how each couple in the group and even the single ones have their own issues to tackle. Season one ended with Shahid’s pent-up anger against his group coming out, and him revealing that he was witness to Arjun and Lavanya’s betrayal, and he does not regret making this news public now. Come the second season; Shahid will surely regret his actions and possibly his role in separating Rishabh and Lavanya.

Shahid is a proud person, and for him to come out and admit his mistakes would be a big deal. The others do love Shahid, but sometimes he expects a lot from them. Season two will probably have Shahid’s life professionally set, but he will go through waves of emotions to understand himself and reconcile with the group. He will hopefully shed his ego for the sake of his friends. The gang loves him and will most likely happily accept him because of their long-standing relationship. Rishabh and Lavanya might not have a good relationship with him, but maybe, who knows, he will play Cupid to the two of them so that they will at least try to save their marriage.


There is a chance Shahid might meet the love of his life in the second season, and the two of them would turn out to be perfect for each other. It would be interesting to know if Shahid marries someone who is exactly like him or someone who is the polar opposite of his character. Whoever it is, they should tap into the sensitive side of the man, as that would make for a good viewing experience. In the wake of his arrest due to the fire at his newly opened restaurant, Rishabh will find it hard to fight the charges levied against him, but since he comes from a powerful family, his parents will come in handy to save their son. Lavanya will initially not separate from him because of the case, but there is a chance she will volunteer to legally separate from him and give him space to make a final decision regarding the state of their marriage.

Rishabh would still be livid at his wife and Arjun for doing what they did, and he will surely have a heated chat about it with the both of them to understand where they stand. It would be interesting to know what Lavanya wants from this marriage now that her secret is out in the open. She will mostly be relieved, but she will likely want to stay in this marriage.


Season one had Arjun having a tough time dealing with the news of his father being a celebrity singer himself and his inability to have a conversation with his mother. In the second season, Arjun will most likely remain AWOL after betraying his friend. He will not be in his senses, and it would take someone from the group to bring him back to his previous self. His father might try to come into his life in the hope to reconnect with Arjun. Keeping his mother’s feelings in mind Arjun most likely will not entertain his father’s attempt to form a bond. Arjun will not expect Rishabh to forgive him immediately, but the two of them will reconcile and choose to keep their distance, for there is no other way out. Arjun will come across a sensitive friend who will never again betray anyone in the group, and he will try to reach out to Shahid as well to help him.

Sheetal will probably move on professionally by running a boutique successfully, but she will miss her husband. Again, Sameer will have to understand her needs and priorities. The second season will have a pregnant Sheetal leading her life the way she wants and Sameer not realizing that his devotion to his family is costing him his marriage. It will take some time in the second season for Sameer to realize that what Sheetal wanted was a logical demand. Sheetal and Sameer will have a hard time, but their reconciliation will be the sweetest because, at the end of the day, they love each other a lot.


Melroy, in the second season, will most probably find a stable boyfriend who is not problematic, toxic, or abusive but just has a plain calming effect on him. Melroy would try to find flaws in this relationship, but it would be smooth sailing, something that is too good to be true. Melroy has probably never experienced a relationship where he is treated as an equal, and his voice would matters. But there is a chance in the next season that Yavar will make an appearance, causing Melroy to lose control and cheat on his existing partner, rendering him alone all over again. In the next season, he will probably allow Yavar to become a part of his life and leave his current partner in his search for intensity. He would regret meeting up with Yavar, and this time his breakup with Yavar would be the end of their relationship for good because Melroy deserves to be with a good person.

In the next season, the viewers won’t be surprised to see Preet exploring her sexuality and having a relationship with a woman because she is probably done dating men. If the makers pick up this plot line, it would be interesting to watch if she finds any difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual relationship. Preet probably finds the love of her life in her partner, but her path towards happily ever after seems a little bleak.


Season two of Jee Karda would be an extension of the first season, and it would pick up where it left off. It would be good to see TV shows exploring human relationships instead of constantly presenting stories of gangs and mafia with killings. Hopefully, season two of this show has better writing and does not meander, like the first one. A long way to go, but I’m waiting for the second season.

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