‘Jamtara’ Season 1: Recap & Ending – Was Brajesh Punished For His Crimes? What To Expect From Season 2?

Inspired by true events, season 1 of “Jamtara” is the fictionalized version of a fraudulent scam. This crime drama television series is based on the real-life experiences of people living in Jamtara district, Jharkhand. The beginning of this series focuses on the main character, Sunny. Together with his friends, Sunny scams people and embezzles money from their respective bank accounts. Well, his phishing operation doesn’t go on for long, as Sunny and his friends are arrested for their crimes. But, the case gets dismissed since none of the claims were proven. The officers didn’t have enough evidence to support their statements, and this benefited the boys. One major benefit was their age factor. Since the boys were juveniles, the judge couldn’t proceed with the case. However, he recommended transferring this case to the cyber court. But, the lack of information created a huge issue for Inspector Biswa. Sunny and his friends went into an argument as his brother, Rocky, was responsible for the whole arrest. Well, Rocky had the same mobile that was primarily used for scamming. Later, Sunny decided to confront him about the same, and this confrontation came with a hefty price.

Here, Sunny learns about Brajesh Bhaan, a local politician in his area. He was desperately waiting to meet Sunny and his whole gang to acquire more details about their phishing business. But Sunny doesn’t take this seriously and refrains from visiting him. Soon, Brajesh came up with a plan, and asked each one of them to execute their plans normally, but in return, Brajesh wanted half of their earnings as he had acquired a powerful position in society. He promised to protect them from unwanted cases and investigations. On the other hand, Rocky befriended Brajesh. Sunny’s entire group is invested in the scamming business, but Sunny is the real mastermind. He knew the outcome of this case, and to protect himself, Sunny made sure that he had all the necessary details to explain his source of income. Sunny owned a coaching class, and whenever someone questioned his earnings, he had this class to support his claims.

Things take a different turn after the arrival of Dolly Sahu, an IPS officer. She was specially transferred to the Jamtara district to exercise control over the never-ending scams. Well, her character is inspired from the real-life experience of Superintendent Jaya Roy. She quickly begins her investigation, and soon, the boys are arrested while Rocky and Sunny get into a major fight. Amidst this chaos, Rocky  holds him at gunpoint. The Delhi police officers were on their way to the police station when Brajesh stepped in and rescued them with the help of Jamtara’s local police. But, Rocky and Sunny never reconciled, and they chose to walk on their separate paths. Now, Sunny wanted to earn money with his own plans, and soon he began to execute them. Sunny appointed Gudiya to teach at his coaching classes, and together they came up with a plan to get married and scam people with the help of their coaching students.

Gudiya and Sunny make fake promises to the students, and under the pretext of telecalling opportunities, both of them  teams up to involve their students into the same fraudulent business. Well, Gudiya was desperately waiting to earn her share of money since she was an ambitious girl. She had dreams to acquire, and one of her major dreams was to move to Canada and work there. Later, Sunny’s friends were surprised to know about his marriage, but he never revealed any details about his union with Gudiya. Everyone believed that the duo genuinely loved each other, but Rocky didn’t take this well, so he decided to wreck this marriage. Rocky knew that Sunny helped old people, and in return, they accompanied him to the bank so that he could withdraw money. But Rocky comes up with a malicious plan and abducts a farmer’s daughter, who had helped Sunny. Soon, Rocky commands him to file a complaint against Sunny’s fraudulent business.

The farmer gives in and follows his words. Here, viewers will come to know that Sunny had lakhs of deposits in his account. Even though Sunny and Gudiya marry each other, he gets arrested. Since he is a juvenile, his father is arrested for the same, and to save Sunny, his father takes the whole blame on himself. On the other hand, Sunny is brutally beaten up by the cops, he doesn’t have any choice but to endure it all. Rocky threatens the farmer, and he escapes to Jamtara to save himself from Brajesh. Soon, it is revealed that Rocky and Brajesh wanted to teach Sunny  a lesson, and his arrest was never a motive. Well, Brajesh was aware of Sunny’s skills, and he just wanted Sunny to work under him. But Sunny still chose to work alone. While Rocky and all the other boys start working in a fake call set-up provided by Brajesh, Sunny carefully puts his plan into action, and through his students, Sunny earns a lot of money.

But Sunny’s friends envied him for his success, so they recorded a secret video of him hiding a bag full of cash in his coaching classes. Here, the money gets stolen, and the building is burned down. Brajesh was responsible for these actions as he wanted Sunny to pay for neglecting him and his warnings. Now, Sunny is devastated, but he wanted revenge. Sunny and Gudiya work together, and Gudiya secretly informs Dolly about the stolen items in Brajesh’s factory. Dolly decides to visit the place, and here she is shocked to find all the illegal items, but before she can do anything, Brajesh arrives with his men and tries to resolve the conflict. The following night, Brajesh visits Sunny’s house and confronts Gudiya about the secret information. But he doesn’t cause any harm and decides to leave their place. The next day, Brajesh invites all the boys to a party that was arranged by him.

What Happens At Brajesh’s Party?

Brajesh also informs Rocky to invite Gudiya and Sunny to the same. But Gudiya restricts Sunny from attending the function, and he agrees to it. Unfortunately, under the influence of alcohol, Sunny decides to attend the party, and even though Gudiya tries her best to convince him, Sunny doesn’t agree. Before attending the party, Gudiya’s brother arrives in Jamtara, and Sunny decides to take him along as well. While Chotu is busy dancing, Sunny prepares himself to shoot Brajesh, but to his surprise, Chotu is shot down by someone else. The entire public at the function spotted Sunny with a gun and perceived that he was responsible for the shootout. Fortunately, Sunny is saved as the autopsy report of Chotu reveals a different phenomenon. According to the report, the murder weapon was completely different, and Dolly instantly comprehends that this murder was carried out to frame Sunny.

Sunny hides in the newspaper factory and decides to leave the following night. His friend Anas manages to get him into a truck that would take him to Ranchi, but Brajesh gets to know about this. He ends up abducting Sunny and marking all his fingerprints on the same gun that was used to kill Chotu. Here, Sunny is aware of the truth that Brajesh was responsible for Chotu’s death. But this doesn’t stop Brajesh from committing mistakes. He wanted Gudiya, and to get her, Brajesh threatened Rocky by abducting his girlfriend. So, to save her, Rocky agrees with Brajesh’s plans. But, Gudiya doesn’t follow Rocky’s plan and decides to ignore Brajesh. Well, to make the case stand stronger, Brajesh involves Sunny’s father in Chotu’s murder case. Both of them are found in the same truck, but this time, they have the murder weapon that was used at the party.

The police arrested them and presented them in court. The court hearing takes a different turn as Sunny’s father takes the entire blame upon himself. On the other hand, Dolly is trying her best to unravel the scamming business, and through the cyber crime department, she’s able to get a huge clue that there were illegal activities conducted on Brajesh’s property, and a part of these activities were dedicated to phishing. Well, Inspector Biswa wanted Dolly to be safe, and he instructed her to avoid his case. But, Dolly doesn’t waver from her plans; she decides to proceed with her initial decision. The following night, Dolly secretly visits Brajesh’s property and tracks down the secret call center. She procures evidence from the office and presents a strong case against Brajesh.

Was Brajesh Punished For His Crimes?

Brajesh uses his economic and political power to transfer Dolly from the Jamtara department. Rocky and Sunny talk to each other, and eventually, he convinces Sunny to meet Brajesh since Brajesh can save him and his father from all the false claims. But Brajesh had different plans. He blackmailed Sunny into submitting his entire savings, and in return, Brajesh promised to release his father. Sunny shared the entire thing with Gudiya, and she knew that Brajesh had other intentions. But Sunny didn’t listen and decided to give him all the money. But now, Brajesh places another demand on Sunny as money was not the only thing that he desired from Sunny, and he wanted Sunny to submit Gudiya to him. But Sunny loses control over his emotions and gets into a huge fight with Brajesh. Sunny is brutally beaten up by Brajesh’s men. The next morning, Gudiya gets a call from her agent, and he instructs her to submit all the money that is required to travel to Canada.

But the moment she tries to retrieve the money, Gudiya realizes that all the money is with Brajesh. Now, Gudiya is devastated, so she has no other choice but to seek help from Dolly. Later, Gudiya reveals all the secrets to Dolly and explains the reasons behind Brajesh’s revenge. Since Dolly was on the verge of getting transferred, she wanted Gudiya to join her as they had all the proof against Gudiya and Sunny’s coaching classes. The following night, Dolly comes up with a plan to arrest Brajesh, and with the help of Inspector Biswa, Dolly was ready to commence her decision. With the help of other police officers in the city, Dolly could get more help, and now it was time to put her plans into action. As per the plan, Gudiya informs Brajesh about her arrival, and the whole police force joins her too. Dolly hands her a bag with a hidden camera attached to it to record all the secrets of Brajesh.

Well, Gudiya arrived at his house, and the cops waited for the right call. Brajesh’s men sent her to a room, and soon Brajesh followed her into the room as well. But things don’t move as per the plans as Brajesh decides to change rooms, and the police are stuck with incomplete evidence. Here, Dolly had to think of something quickly, as Gudiya’s life was in danger. Dolly determines that they had enough proof to catch him in the act. She barges into the room and attacks Brajesh. Soon, Gudiya makes her move and steals the money from Brajesh’s cupboard. She finds Sunny, and while escaping, they get attacked by Brajesh’s goons. Well, Sunny and Gudiya were close to their goal but the final episode ends with a cliffhanger as Sunny is shot down by one of his goons while Gudiya tries to save him.

Final Thoughts 

“Jamtara” explores the untouched side of reality that happens in our world today. The actors gave an impressive performance with their acting skills. Well, “Jamtara” didn’t fail to highlight the sensitive mindset of young children who are ambitious to follow their dreams but finance sets the path in their life. Here, individuals give in their best to earn money in quicker ways and this led them to participate in illegal strategies of phishing and fraud. “Jamtara” is a well-crafted series and the whole scenario of luring gullible individuals into a fraudulent scam gave off an intense feel to it. Even though the ending seemed to be misplaced, viewers can easily determine that Gudiya and Sunny will have to face much more complicated issues shortly. The show started with an indulging storyline but with each episode, the plot was scattered to a higher extent.

What To Expect From ‘Jamtara’ Season 2?

The second season of “Jamtara” is all set to release on September 23, 2022. Well, the finale of season one ended in an ambiguous light but the trailer of this upcoming season revealed that Sunny will be back and this time he has increased his pace in the phishing industry. The cast of this season is similar to the previous one but there will be mind-bending twists to figure out. Well, Gudiya is preparing for a battle against Brajesh as a politician and this time she has to sacrifice her loved ones to compete. Even though Sunny is injured, his mind is still strong and this time he will be commencing his business in full swing. Meanwhile, Dolly Sahu is still chasing after Brajesh and other criminals that are involved in the illegality of “Jamtara.” Well, it seems like Brajesh didn’t learn his lesson yet as this time he’s awaiting a new opportunity to end Sunny’s life. 

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