Jae Hyeok In ‘Hierarchy’ K-Drama: Did Jae-i’s Brother Die In Post-Credits Scene?

The new Netflix series Hierarchy is set in one of Korea’s most prestigious schools, Jooshin High School. We can see how the school has this intense divide between the “royalty” and the scholarship kids. The royalty are the kids from super-rich families, like Kim Ri-an from the family that owns the school, Jooshin Group, and siblings Jeong Jae-i and Jung Jae Hyeok from the prestigious Jaeyul Group. On the other hand, you’ve got the scholarship kids, who get to attend this elite school only because the rich families decided to be “generous.” 


Spoilers Ahead

The rich kids act like they own the place, treating the school, the students, and even the teachers and principals as if they’re their personal staff. But things take a dark turn by the end of the series—Jung Jae Hyeok ends up dead! Can you believe it? There’s a lot to unpack here. Although the show doesn’t give us a clear answer about who killed Jae Hyeok or what the fallout will be, one thing’s for sure: the consequences are going to be massive. After all, this isn’t the first murder at the school, either. Remember Kang In- Han? He was a scholarship kid who was killed before, but this time it’s one of the rich kids. What could possibly happen next? Who could have done it? I have so many theories and predictions, so please follow through.


Who could have killed Jung Jae Hyeok? 

If you’ve seen the series, you already know how vile and cruel Jung Jae Hyeok was. He had so many enemies because of his evil actions! But I think some of the blame also goes to his father, who was just as proud and ruthless. Actually, Jung Jae Hyeok believed he would inherit the prestigious Jaeyul Group in Korea after his father, and from there, the feud started. Even though there was Jeong Jae-i, his father’s firstborn, she often got humiliated by their father over the tiniest things. Jung Jae Hyeok loved seeing her belittled. He was Jeong Jae-i’s half-brother, as his mother was their father’s second wife. Their father always belittled Jeong Jae-i because her mother, whom he considered a “lowlife,” brought shame to the family. He divorced her and remarried. Whenever Jeong Jae-i did something that didn’t meet her father’s expectations, like dressing in a way he didn’t approve of, he’d accuse her of being a disappointment and threaten to disown her or send her abroad. Jeong Jae-i was terrified of him and always tried to stay cold and distant because she knew she couldn’t be herself in such a toxic environment. Her mother wasn’t around, and her father was always against her.

Jung Jae Hyeok, her half-brother, constantly disrespected her, calling her names and humiliating her in front of their father to prove he was the better heir. He’d do anything to become the head of the Jaeyul Group. To achieve this, Jung Jae Hyeok did something truly awful. Jeong Jae-i was in a relationship with Kim Ri-an, the pampered heir of the Jooshin family. While they were being intimate at their vacation house, Jung Jae Hyeok secretly recorded them and shared the video to humiliate Jeong Jae-i in front of their father and the whole school. Knowing how much their father hated humiliation, he knew this would make him furious. And, of course, it did. Their father was so angry that he sent Jeong Jae-i to New York, saying he couldn’t bear to see her anymore. Jung Jae Hyeok thought he had won, that he had finally humiliated Jeong Jae-i and secured his place as the heir. But then, Jung Jae Hyeok was found dead in their classroom. Who could have killed him? I believe it was Kang Ha, the main hero of our story, a scholarship kid who came to Jooshin High School to avenge his brother In Han’s death because In Han was bullied and humiliated by the rich kids for his low status and for daring to be friends with Jeong Jae-i. Along the way, Kang Ha got closer to Jeong Jae-i and saw her true, kind side. He developed a crush on her. When Jeong Jae-i was forced to move to New York because of the leaked video, I think Kang Ha couldn’t accept it. He believed Jeong Jae-i didn’t deserve such treatment. So, maybe that’s why he killed Jung Jae Hyeok—to seek revenge and to protect Jeong Jae-i.


What would the repercussions of this action be? 

The repercussions of Jung Jae Hyeok’s death could be enormous! If it ever came out that Kang Ha killed him, his life would be over. I think he’d face the same fate as his brother In-Han. After all, how dare a scholarship kid even touch a royal, let alone kill one? But here’s the twist: even if Kang Ha did it, he probably made it look like Kim Ri-an, Jeong Jae-i’s ex-boyfriend, was to blame. Maybe there was some jealousy because Jeong Jae-i chose Ri-an over Kang Ha. Or perhaps Kang Ha resented Ri-an for a bigger reason. Because of how In Han was bullied to death and Kang Ha believed the school’s hierarchy, which Ri-an benefited from, was to blame, Even though he was not the murderer, Ri-an did nothing to stop the bullying; he enjoyed his privilege. Maybe Kang Ha thought Ri-an deserved to be accused of the crime because of his ignorance. Because remember that scene where Kim Ri-an went to apologize to Kang Ha for all his misdeeds? Kang Ha was having none of it! He told Ri-an he would never accept his apology and that he would drag him to the ground. And there is a chance that maybe Kang Ha even secretly recorded a video where Kim Ri-an fought with Jung Jae Hyeok after seeing the leaked video Jung Jae Hyeok had taken of him and Jeong Jae-i. What if Kang Ha planned to use this footage to make Ri-an look like the villain to the public? That’s why we saw Ri-an so shaken up when he saw Jung Jae Hyeok’s dead body. Even though he had nothing to do with it, he looked scared. And with the school’s dark secrets about bullying and the death of a scholarship kid coming to light, the authorities and the public would likely point fingers at Ri-an first. This would definitely ignite a clash between the prestigious Jooshin Group and Jaeyul Group. We already know how these two families already had a cold war, and this would make things worse.

And what about Jeong Jae-i? With Jung Jae Hyeok dead, her father would have no choice but to make her the sole heir of the Jaeyul Group, even though she was a disappointment to him. But will she accept this offer? I am quite skeptical about it. Because In the end, we see Jeong Jae-i betray her father’s trust. Instead of going to New York to study, she went to see her mother. She was tired of doing what everyone else wanted and letting people walk all over her. Maybe this time, she’ll take charge and fight back! I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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