‘Ishura’ Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers: How Did Dakai Deal With The Aureatian Secret Service?

The third episode of Ishura introduced us to two new characters, and there was a build-up for the show, connecting Dakai’s character with the mayhem in Nagan. Apart from Dakai, there was Regnejee, the leader of the wyverns, who, technically speaking, was introduced in the previous episode, but in the latest episode, we get to see his backstory and how he had become Taren’s asset after saving her daughter Curte. Similarly, we had just heard about Taren in the previous episode, but we had a proper introduction showing us how she had resolved to fight against the Aureatian Secret Service and the outlaws they were hiring to loot the cargo heading toward Lithia. The series seems to be taking its time to set up its characters, given that there are so many contenders for the spot of the true Demon King. Little by little, the world of Ishura is expanding itself so that when the final showdown comes, we are fully invested and engaged because of every character’s backstory.


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Regnejee Connected With Curte?

We have seen Regnejee having special powers, using which he burned the swarm of wild wyverns to a crisp in the previous episode. As the leader of the Lithian wyverns, those that had been trained to protect and serve the people, Regnejee had the test to see to it that no Lithian wyvern went rogue. Regnejee’s leadership capabilities were on full display when he punished a wyvern for having killed a 9-year-old girl of the Minia (human race). He was being fooled by the one old recruit, and he had shown his true colors by harming a Lithian subject. Regnejee gave him the death sentence and killed him on the spot, making an example out of him. He also took care of the fact that the conditioning of one-year-old recruits may not have been up to par, and they may get the urge to eat a human. He ordered the new recruits’ reconditioning sessions and went on to see Curte.


Curte was Taren’s daughter, and she had lost her eyesight in the chaos created during the Demon King’s time. Now that he had died, she was at peace and waited for Regnejee, who seemed to be her only friend. But why was a wyvern talking to her? It turns out that during the Demon King’s attack, everybody had gone a little insane, and Regnejee had come to eat Curte, but she heard a tune from the darkest corners of her psyche, which prevented her from going insane and brought Regnejee back to sanity as well. Regnejee behaved like a protector and stayed with Curte, as if trying to make her feel less alone. She, on the other hand, sang the tune that she heard during the time of death and destruction, soothing Regnejee. Their bond was a strange one, and Taren must have known about this, but it wasn’t made clear. Given that Regnejee was working for her, it is very much possible that Taren appointed Regnejee to be Curte’s protector.

How Did Dakai Deal With The Outlaws?

Taren was waiting for Dakai to come back from Nagan, having stolen the life-seals of the Giant Labyrinth and other golems. Sakai showed up, and we got to learn what a killing machine he is. Much like Soujirou in the first episode, Dakai was a master swordsman, but there was a little difference in their temperaments. While Soujirou was from a traditional setting in the distant world, Dakai was a bandit and had no code whatsoever. He just killed whoever came in his way, and he was not into forgiving those who had surrendered. Dakai’s sword was no ordinary sword. It was said to be enchanted and even had a name: The Magicked Blade of Razhucort.


Dakai seemed to be in stealth mode before arriving to meet Taren, but once he discovered that he was already in her office, Dakai showed himself, giving away the Cold Star, a magical item that would help Taren in her fight with Aureatia. The Cold Star was recovered from Nagan, the city that was recently destroyed, and Dakai told Taren about the Giant Labyrinth, the biggest golem, who lay lifeless in Nagan. Dakai seemed sure that there must have been someone out there as strong as him to have defeated it. Taren was concerned that Dakai didn’t find any other item of value but was content that he at least came up with the Cold Star. Taren had one other job for Dakai, and that was to deal with the outlaws and the secret agents that had been deployed by Aureatia to weaken Lithia from the inside. Dakai understood the job and ventured out in the night to find the so-called dangerous outlaws. He was confident he could take them head-on, and soon he found their lair. The outlaws that had survived Regnejee’s attack had made it look like they were Lithian subjects and needed to travel back to their homes. Simple-minded carriage drivers had brought them in, and they in turn brought in secret agents. It’s not clear how Dakai deciphered all this or how he saw through the walls, guessing where they were all stationed. Perhaps he had some special powers other than his magic blade.

Dakai began to slaughter everyone, and soon there were bullets flying around as the secret agents came out in the open to attack Dakai. The ones who were found on the streets were killed, and Dakai was smart enough to not give the agents any time to escape. There were a few outlaws who wanted to plead for their lives, but Dakai saw it as a trick to get some breathing time for the agents. He ruthlessly killed everyone, citing that he was a bandit who had no code on how to kill. The only thing that made him even more fierce as a character was that he didn’t forget to collect relevant information before killing the agents. He had a document that outlined Aureatia’s plans, and Dakai was now privy to the inner workings of the Aureatian Secret Service. It was surely going to help Taren in her fight.


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