‘Ishura’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Higuare Dead?

The new episodes of Ishura depicted what we knew was inevitable. The political constellation of the kingdoms—Aureatia and Lithia—was such that a war was definitely on the cards. Lithia was ruled by Taren, and we got to know how she was once the Twenty-third General in the Aureatian army but captured Lithia, which was going to be an autonomous region. The most interesting part was how the war began. Yuno was indirectly involved in it as Soujirou began fighting Shalk the Sound Slicer just on the border of Lithia and Aureatia. There are so many factors at play that it is nearly impossible to say who has the upper hand. Taren has Dakai and the Wyvern army, but Aureatian has Hidow, who has put so many dangerous killers, including the Nihilo and the Vortical Stampede, out to assassinate Taren.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Higuare Not Kill Yuno?

Yuno and Soujirou were being shown an Aureatian patrolling outfit to understand more about the imminent war between the two kingdoms. The captain of the outfit explained how Taren had captured Lithia and created an aura in front of the masses that Aureatia was an evil kingdom that didn’t recognize Lithia’s independence. When Yuno asked whether it was safe to stay close to Lithia’s border, the captain explained something that showed how cunning Taren was. The patrolling had been requested by Taren herself, as she used the fact that since Aureatia didn’t recognize Lithia as a separate kingdom, it must then patrol the borders to protect it, for not doing so would mean it didn’t care about the people living in Lithia. Also, the outlaws were constantly attacking the border, but the captain explained how Aureatia was behind the attacks, which made the patrolling a charade and nothing more. Yuno was surprised, but the captain was quick to tell her that even Taren knew that the patrolling was a charade, but she didn’t protest as she knew that Aureatia had shot its own foot by carrying out this charade, which could one day be used as a pretext for starting a war. She was just waiting for a simple mistake from the Aureatian army to justify starting the war to her people. The captain was a sensible man, and he explained the dynamics quite nicely, but he was no match for Shalk and Higuare, who were standing right in front of him near the border.


Perhaps this was the moment when the war started. Shalk went ahead, but Soujirou saved the captain. Soujirou was itching to fight someone, and Shalk was a worthy opponent. In fact, Shalk’s empty rib cage made him almost invincible, as Soujirou struggled to keep up with his pace. Unfortunately, the captain had no defense against Higuare. Soujirou was busy fighting Shalk, and he couldn’t take on two opponents at a time. Higuare, with his 40+ limbs, took out the whole patrolling unit in just one go. The captain did not survive, and the only survivor was Yuno. She saw Higuare wrapped around her horse, asking her to take him to Lithia. Apparently, he couldn’t ride a horse, which was why he needed one person to remain alive so that he could get back to Lithia. Yuno was the weakest of the group, so he left her alive.

Why Did Hidow Contact Nihilo?

Hidow was in Mage City having a sit-down with General Harghent about the volatile situation. Actually, Hidow was a little fed up with the old general, but Harghent had some pressing matters to discuss. He had seen the return of Asul the Star Runner and knew that once he figured out that Lithia had taken the Cold Star from Nagan, he would launch an all-out attack, and as Mage City was on friendly terms with Lithia, Asul might attack it as well. Hidow was a little concerned when he heard about Asul, but suddenly a bomb was dropped on Mage City, and he understood what was happening. Taren had commenced the war, and soon a Wyvern army was coming to lay siege to Mage City. Harghent called himself a wyvern expert, which was why he requested to let the soldiers work under his command so that he could fight the wyvern swarm. Hidow had no such plans, and he wasn’t willing to give Harghent any support. Harghent saw the people of Mage City suffering in the streets, and his heroic nature made him go in the streets alone, as Hidow wouldn’t let him take a unit away to fight the war. Hidow didn’t expect such an immediate attack from Taren, and hence had to contact Nihilo to access Helneten, a kind of spider-like cyborg, and kill any wyvern that tried to harm the sixth general. He mentioned that Kuze was out to assassinate Taren, but if he failed, Nihilo had to destroy Lithia. Nihilo wasted no time, as she had been promised that she would be made a minia again in exchange for helping in the war. She plugged her tentacles in the Helneten and was off to Mage City to protect Harghent, the Sixth General.


How Did Harghent Survive?

Yuno was caught, and Dakai had a talk with her about how she wouldn’t be harmed. She was just someone Higuare needed to get to Lithia. Yuno realized that Soujirou and Dakai were both similar at their core. They weren’t interested in the war but could take part in it as a pastime. Dakai went away and joined Taren, where she was in talks with Regnejee, Shalk, and Higaure on their strategy for the war. Soujirou was alive and making his way towards Lithia, but Taren decided to secure Mage City first, for that was the supply center for Aureatia. 

The wyverns were wreaking havoc on Mage City, and Harghent tried saving the people, but he knew that without the soldiers, he had little chance to survive. Nihilo was still away, but it was Asul who came out of the blue and started to finish off the wyverns one by one. Asul was a wyvern with special powers who had left his original swarm. He saved Harghent, perhaps indirectly, and now waited for Regnejee, the wyvern leader, to arrive with the full wyvern swarm. Asul saw Nihilo making his way to Lithia after killing the wyverns that had yet to be killed by him. He was immediately intrigued, and perhaps he would reach Lithia before Nihilo.


Who Killed Higuare, And Why?

Elea was running around with Kia, and last we saw them, they were going after Dakai, who had arrested Lana. Elea wanted to assassinate Lana, for she was the only one who knew about Kia’s World Word, and Elea didn’t want anybody else to know about the weapon she had in her hand. They reached the place where Lana had been imprisoned, and Elea had no qualms about ordering Kia to use her powers and make the guards go to sleep, even though earlier she had asked her to keep her powers a secret lest they attract attention. 

Elea had slipped up earlier and made Lana look like an enemy. Kia was just a kid who didn’t know the subtext of each conversation, but she had seen Elea and Lana being quite friendly. But she couldn’t understand that Elea was making her use the World Word so as to get closer to Lana’s prison and kill her. Kia was essentially aiding in a killing, and soon Elea found her prison cell. Lana had been brutally beaten up, but she had her senses intact, and she figured that Kia had the powers of the World Word. There was no other way Elea could have made it past the guards. That left Lana to reach the conclusion that Elea had come in to kill her, as there was no way she put her life in danger to save Lana. Before Elea could kill Lana, Kia noticed Higuare coming her way, but he was no match for Kia’s World Word. Kia had used the power to make her words a worldy reality, and as she uttered the words ‘protect us from any danger,’ Higaure dropped dead on the spot, which was quite a surprise for Kia herself. Elea noticed that in between the distractions, Lana had managed to escape. She took Kia and went ahead to look for Lana. It might have looked like Kia’s command killed Higuare, but that wasn’t the case. Kuze was also nearby, and Higuare had used vaporized poison to kill Kia, but as Kuze would have died as well, Kuze’s invisible guardian angel stabbed Higuare, which was why he perished. Kia wasn’t a killer as of yet. Kuze had been sent to kill Taren, and he had already managed to take out one of her most powerful assets. With Nihilo reaching soon, Taren’s problems would only multiply. 


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