‘Ishura’ Episodes 4-5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Are The New Candidates?

The game is on, and there are a few more candidates Ishura has to present to us before the final showdown begins. The show has given us some fierce warriors, and we have seen them in all their glory, leaving us thinking what will happen if they are pitted against each other. There had been Dakai, Asul, and Soujirou, to name a few, who each had their own unique powers. But in episodes 4 and 5, we come to know that the world of Ishura has such powerful heroes and such a huge number of them that it will perhaps take a few more episodes to fully list them down and show their powers. There are some that seem invincible, and they are not necessarily tied in with Taren’s fight with Aureatia.


Spoilers Ahead

The Curious Case Of Nihilo, The Vortical Stampede

We had been told about the Vortical Stampede in the second episode of the show, but hadn’t really seen what he looked like. It turns out that he is a she, and there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding her. Lord Hidow, who was making plans with another minister in the Aureatian Council, figured it was time to release the Vortical Stampede to take care of Taren. Everything had become urgent as Hidow got the news of Dakai’s massacre of the Aureatian Secret Service in Lithia. Vortical Stampede, aka Nihilo, was one of the most powerful assets Hidow had, and now that he had lost 10 men in Lithia (who were killed by Dakai), it was his responsibility to make a strategy for future dealings with Lithia. We learned about the seventeenth minister, a person named Elea, who was on her covert mission, which we learned later. Meanwhile, Nihilo was released, and it’s strange to see her tied down when she could very easily break free. Hidow must have had some kind of power over her, but she realized what the task was and was up for it.


Elea’s Mission And Her Discovery Of Kia:

Elea was in a remote village, which is why she couldn’t be contacted by Aureatia. She was on an undercover mission, but nobody knew what that mission was. It turns out that she was after the elf, Kia, who knew her as Professor Viper. She was trying to get the elf to Aureatia, but she couldn’t reveal why. The reason was that not only was Kia going to be a precious asset for Aureatia in her war against Lithia, but she was a candidate to be the hero of heroes in the Imperial Competition. If Elea’s recruit won, then she would rise in status, and perhaps everyone would forget that she was actually the daughter of a concubine. Kia was so dangerously brilliant in using the Word Art that Elea was in awe of her. Kia had gotten so good at it in fact that she could kill someone just by uttering the word ‘die’. Elea wouldn’t want to miss out on such a brilliant asset. It is not impossible that it was Elea who found Nihilo as well and got her into captivity in Aureatia. Elea made a show in the village that she was leaving, but she got to see what Kia was truly capable of. Before leaving the village, Kia made an entirely new reality at the end of the village, which was like heaven on earth. She created this just by the power of her imagination, and Elea was ecstatic, for she now knew that she had a potential winner of the competition.

The Mystery Of Higuare The Pelagic:

Lana, a spy working for Taren, had gotten hold of Higuare and Shalk the Sound Slicer, two new powerful assets for the Lithian army. Dakai came to the meeting as well, where Taren was assessing if they were the real deal. Dakai had just killed 10 enemies from Aureatia and was quite impressed to see Higuare. He took the form of a tree trunk, with two green eyes peeking from inside the hollow crevice. Dakai noticed that Higuare was always ready to fight as he hid a weapon inside the trunk. What surprised everyone was the fact that he didn’t have two or four limbs to fight but a whopping 42 auxiliary branches, each ready to cut open the opponent. It wasn’t that he had always known how to kill, but he was once taken hostage by the minia, who wanted to see a monster (a mandrake) get killed in the gladiator’s arena. But Higuare defeated them all, and he didn’t stop at that. He killed the True Demon’s army as well, which had come to destroy the village he was in at the time. Now he was in Lithia, and Taren had found a great asset, along with Shalk. Shalk, besides being a skeleton, was a mercenary and would only work for money.


Kuze And His Angel

In Raishi Mountain Village, Kuze was happy to claim that he had a guardian angel taking care of her. Kuze was acting as an escort for Nihilo after she had been let go by Hidow. Kuze looked frail and laid-back, and Nihilo wondered for a bit how such a man survived the days of terror and bloodshed during the True Demon King’s time. It turned out that Kuze was a warrior, but he literally had an angel watching over him. People at the village church took his statements as religious affirmations, but Nastigue, an angel, was watching over him, and when the Lithian guards came to kill Kuze because they thought he had contact with Aureatia, it was Nastique who killed the guards. Nihilo was there to see how he couldn’t have killed all the guards herself, and she believed Kuze when he told her about the angel. Nihilo seemed to have been reborn, as there was mention of her dying once. She didn’t notice any angels when she died but had enough proof of their existence seeing Kuze and his belief. Only one man, Kuze, had been able to spot her, and the reasons for that remain a mystery. It would be interesting to see if Nastique took part in the competition, for it would become pretty one-sided then.

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