‘Ishura’ Episode 6 Recap And Ending Explained: Did Dakai Kill Lana?

Now that we had seen most of the candidates for the Hero of Heroes competition, Ishura had the pressure of moving the story forward and showing us how the characters were connected. The sixth episode of Ishura moves the needle forward in this direction. The characters from the very first episode, who had been hidden in the background up until now, were shown to have reached Aureatia. Yuno and Soujirou’s arc is moved forward, but only for a little while. Surprisingly, it is Regnejee and Curte’s story that turns out to be most interesting and gets connected later to Elia and Kia’s journey. Thus, we see Aureatia and Lithia preparing for the imminent war as the different groups belonging to different kingdoms collide, which is why the episode is aptly titled Gathering of Factions.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Hidow Get Yuno On Her Side?

Yuno had lost Lucelles, her best friend, after the giant golem had been activated. Nagan, her city, had been destroyed, and it was all thanks to Soujirou that she’d even survived the massacre. Somebody had planned the destruction, and she wanted to know who was behind it. Now that Soujirou and Yuno had reached Aureatia, they called for the council ministers to inquire about the Hero of Heroes competition, which is why Soujirou had accompanied Yuno. His stake in the journey ended there. It was Yuno who was emotionally attached to Nagan’s fate and Lucelles’ death.

It was Hidow, the twentieth minister in the Aureatian council, who came to see Yuno and Soujirou. He sensed that she could be of use to the Aureatian cause, given that she was accompanying a genius swordsman who might perform better in Yuno’s presence. According to the stories they told, he must have seen that Soujirou wanted to impress Yuno, whereas she needed to find out who was responsible for Nagan’s destruction. Hidow proceeded with measured diplomacy and pointed toward Dakai, the bandit from Lithia who had gone into the depths of Nagan and activated the golems. Soujirou was reminded of the damage he had seen done to other golems and began to think it was Dakai who had done that. He seemed interested in him, as he was looking for a worthy opponent, and perhaps Dakai was it. As Hidow had very solemnly mentioned Dakai’s name, Yuno was now bound to perceive Lithia as a barbaric kingdom and Taren as an unworthy and cruel ruler. The slight sly bent to Hidow’s voice suggested that perhaps he was lying, or maybe it was because he had managed to get Soujirou on his side too, which was his main motive, it seemed. Soujirou would turn out to be an asset in the war, and although he was a maverick who only cared about the competition, Hidow lured him into believing that all that glory was waiting for him only after the battle with Lithia was over.

Why Did Dakai Question Regnejee?

Dakai was already in Curte’s room when Regnejee came to meet her. It was supposed to be his daily meeting time, it seemed, but he noticed something strange. He sensed the presence of someone else in the room, and Dakai had no qualms about showing himself. A heated exchange began, which seemed like it might well evolve into a brawl, and it had something to do with Curte. It turns out that Curte was not the real daughter of Taren. She had been adopted, and it was how she managed to get Regnejee into her army. Curte believed that Regnejee was an angel, and Regnejee, on the other hand, worked only because he got to meet with Curte. Taren had no intention of breaking Curte’s heart and revealing that Regnejee was a wyvern who once ate members of the Minia race. So in a way, Taren had control over Regnejee only because she had Curte’s guardianship, and she was using that to her best effect. However, Dakai was in Curte’s room to read her diary. Curte had been documenting all her chats with Regnejee in braille, and he had been sloppy enough to mention a few details about the Lithian army and his swarms. Dakai’s allegations were of a very serious nature because that would make Regnejee a traitor, and Curte won’t be spared in all of this. Regnejee had a moment where he wanted to finish off Dakai, but he knew his word art was no match for Dakai’s swiftness with the blade. Perhaps if there was a considerable distance between the two, then maybe Regnejee had a chance, but in close combat, Dakai was going to be a sure shot winner. Regnejee went away with a heavy heart, thinking Curte had betrayed her by writing the confidential information in her diary.

Why Did Dakai Arrest Lana?

Elea had returned, but not to Aureatia. Kia was with her, and surprisingly, she came to roam in Lithia, and we learned she was on a secret mission of her own, which had very little to do with the Aureatian council. Hidow had not been able to contact her as she was in a remote village, but now she was in Lithia, and she met with Lana. Yes, the same Lana who had been trusted by Taren to bring in Higuare and Shalk and also spy on Aureatia. It seems like Lana was a double agent, playing both teams in the hope that she would side with the stronger in the end.

Elea met with Lana but had no intention of introducing her to Kia. In fact, it was Elea’s plan to kill Lana, as she was the only one who knew that Elea had gone to a remote village to look for someone with the power of the ‘World Word’. Elea behaved as if her whole trip to the village had been a tiresome failure, as she couldn’t find anyone with that power. It was a white lie, of course, as Kia was not only a smart kid but could use the World Word to an astounding degree. Elea needed to remove all trace of anyone ever having given her the information about such a person, and the reason could be that she wanted to take sole credit for Kia’s discovery. But before Elea could kill Lana, Kia came in and introduced herself to Lana. Elea had her heart in her mouth, but Lana couldn’t figure out that Kia was the wunderkind Elea had gone to discover. Later, Lana got arrested by Dakai, as he figured that Lana had once worked for a secret spy agency that knew how to code in braille, and she must have groomed naive Curte to write confidential information in her diary. The documents were found in the places where Dakai had massacred the outlaws and the men in the Aureatian Secret Service. They too had similar braille documents, and Dakai was certain that Lana was the traitor in the midst. He didn’t kill her, though, as she had helped bring in powerful creatures such as Higuare and Shalk. He took her to meet Taren herself, which was a problem for Elea. She wanted to finish off Lana and escape to Aureatia without any trouble. Will she use Kia and her World Word to stop Dakai and kill Lana? The next episodes will reveal all.

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