Ishikawa In ‘Gyeongseong Creature,’ Explained: Is Ishikawa Dead Or Alive?

Ishikawa has been portrayed as one of the most vicious characters in the series Gyeongseong Creature. Played by Kim Do-hyun, the character is a Police Commissioner in the Gyeongmu Bureau of Gyeongseong. He had been behind, pursuing Tae-sang to go into the hospital and search for his mistress. He did not think twice before putting people’s lives in danger to fulfill his own selfish desires. However, every action has consequences, and even Ishikawa is not an exception, as he eventually has to face the consequences of his actions. Let’s find out what eventually happens to him in the long run!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Ishikawa Want From Tae-Sang?

Ishikawa forced Tae-sang to go into Ongseong Hospital to find his mistress, Myeong-ja. When Myeong-ja went missing, he approached Tae-sang, as he had all the information about people in the town. Ishikawa thought that Tae-sang was the right person who could find out about Myeong-ja. Ishikawa was worried about her as she was carrying his child. He wanted to ensure that his child was kept safe. However, in order to seek information on Myeong-ja, he threatened Tae-sang and told him that if he did not help in finding Myeong-ja, then he would confiscate all of Tae-sang’s property. Intimidating threats from Ishikawa forced Tae-sang to go into Ongseong Hospital and look for Myeong-ja. Ishikawa, holding a strong foothold as a high-ranking official, thought that the world would revolve around his little finger. He could not take no for an answer and thought that he could unlawfully use his powers to destroy someone’s life. Instead of threatening Tae-sang, he could have requested his help in finding Myeong-ja, but his ego prevented him from doing that. He was so blinded by his power that he thought of all the Joseons as mere puppets in his hands.


Why Did Ishikawa Refuse To Let Go Of Mr. Gu?

Ishikawa somehow sniffed out that Myeong-ja was in the Ongseong hospital and often visited the place in the name of routine visits to search for her. However, whenever Ishikawa would come to the facility, the scientists would hide Myeong-ja in a secluded area. As a result of visiting the hospital often, he got involved with the ongoing operations of the facility. When Mr. Gu tried to escape the facility along with some Joseons to free them of the atrocious captivity, he was captured by the police. When Tae-sang came to free him, Ishikawa was not agreeable to freeing him and the Joseons. He told Tae-sang that they had violated city rules and regulations by celebrating on the road. However, this time Tae-sang played the blackmail card on Ishikawa and told him that if he did let the Joseons go, then he would make sure that all the shops in the district would be shut down, as a result of which there would be issues in fundraising for the army. He also told Ishikawa that once he had been of use to him and helped him find Myeong-ja and that now he should cooperate with him and let all his people go, and he finally agreed to it.

Why Did Myeong-Ja Attack Ishikawa?

Ishikawa investigated the serial murder case, in which 11 people had been murdered in a row. After realizing that it was Myeong-ja who had turned into a monster and was attacking people, Ishikawa ordered her arrest. When he approached Myeong-ja to put her in a cage to take her back to the hospital, he told her that he did not care about her child and did not want to do anything with her anymore. His statements angered Myeong-ja, and she attacked instinctively, which led to the soldiers shooting at her and moving her into the cage immediately. She gnawed at his face and body so badly that he immediately had to be rushed to the hospital. Director Ichiro tried to save him, but the amount of blood loss he was experiencing was too much to handle. Ishikawa’s selfishness had led to this condition of his. He was only concerned about having an heir and not about the lady that he had impregnated. Later, knowing that even his baby could have turned into a monster inside Myeong-ja’s womb, he turned his back on her.


Why Did Lady Maeda Get Ishikawa Killed?

Ishikawa was married to Lady Maeda because of her political and familial background. He got into an agreement with her before marriage that was based on mutual benefits. Lady Maeda was looking for a Japanese man to enter the country as a political figure, and he was seeking her alliance to secure his position as the commissioner. They never really had a good familial relationship, and Lady Maeda was aware of his relationship with Myeong-ja. She did not really interfere much in their relationship before Myeong-ja got pregnant. But later, when she heard that she was carrying her husband’s baby, she got furious and got her kidnapped. When Myeong-ja attacked Ishikawa, it was Lady Maeda, who had ordered Ichiro to put him to rest by injecting him with poison. She did not want her reputation to be tarnished by people learning that her husband was murdered at the hands of a courtesan. Ishikawa was a very calculative man and would use others for his personal interests. He did not even think twice before using his own wife to achieve greater rank and power.

Will Lady Maeda Drink Najin?

Ishikawa had told Lady Maeda that Tae-sang was involved with a more young and beautiful lady (Chae-ok) than her. This had hurt her ego, and there is a possibility that she would drink the Najin to ensure that she becomes more powerful and is able to get back to Chae-ok. She is very controlling and even wants control over the monster, Sheishin. In her quest to gain more power, it is possible for her to drink Najin so that she can rule over the world. She would remove anyone from her path who would become a barrier, which justified her killing of Ishikawa at the hospital.


Final Words

Ishikawa has been portrayed as a power-hungry man who could go to any extent to ensure that his image was intact in society. He did not care much about the moral aspects of life. However, we see a sense of morality in him at the end of his life, when he decides to arrest his own mistress for having killed 11 people. However, it is possible that he would have ordered her arrest to portray to the others how just he was as a commissioner and did not even spare the woman carrying his own child for her wrongdoings. Ishikawa had a dominating nature, which put him in a mental rift with his equally controlling wife, Lady Maeda. Ishikawa’s character can be said to be a blend of ego and thirst for power.

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