‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Creatures And Characters, Explained

“Invisible City,” tells the story of a man named Eric who’s left alone to look out for his daughter after his wife dies tragically in a fire. Wrapped in the mystery of it all, Eric tries to find out about his past, what killed his wife, and how he can protect his daughter. Season 2 follows Eric’s daughter Luna’s endeavors to find her father and meet many entities along the way. Today we try and work through some of the characters of the show, their powers, and what they represent!



Eric is an environmental detective who works on protecting the forest. What we find out in “Invisible City” season 1 is that he is the son of a pink river dolphin, and so he has some magical powers in him too. Eric is a protective father whose decisions are motivated by his fatherhood alone. He’s a skeptic, to begin with, who can’t accept his wife’s beliefs until she’s no more. This is damaging to Eric, and so he wants to do whatever he can to save his daughter from anything dreadful. He looks to be a good detective at the start of the show, but slowly he gets lost in the tragedy of his wife’s death and loses sight of what’s right and wrong. His colleague tries to help him but to no avail. Eric is a little bit self-absorbed and a little bit naive, making him the wrong person to do exactly what he wants to do—save his daughter. He also has a short temper, making him unreliable.


Inês is an entity called the Cuca, a witch-like woman who heals and protects the other entities. Inês has the powers to transform herself into a butterfly. Inês can hypnotize people into sleeping and wander into their dreams to know their thoughts and memories. The Cuca is considered a nightmare for little children in Brazil, who will come and get you if you don’t fall asleep on time. Inês is a gray character who can’t be placed on the good or bad side until the latter half of the first season. She later takes care of Eric’s daughter and even brings him to the ocean so it can heal him. She is also the person who saved the world from “Dry Body” after burying the man and sealing his soul into the earth.



Camila is the siren from the sea. She sees the good in people but holds a grudge against men because her old lover killed her for who she is. She uses her voice and beauty to drag men into the ocean until they drown. When she tries to do this to Eric because of orders from Inês, he magically survives. That’s when they realize there’s something mysterious about Eric too. Camila has a beautiful voice (of course) and sings in the bar Inês owns in the modern world. Camila and a few other entities look to Inês as their leader for protection and guidance as one of the oldest entities to be alive.


Iberê, or the Curupira, is the protector of the forest. A man with feet that point backward and a fiery head (literally), the Curupira will do anything to save his people and the forest he protects. Iberê, on the other hand, is the new form of Curupira after having killed the “Dry Body.” He is in a wheelchair to hide his identity and has turned his feet around. He is a drunk who has no cares in the world except for a little dog he looks after. Finally, Curupira is awakened only after his dear friend Isac is killed by the Dry Body. After all those years, Iberê was convinced he had no reason to go back to his old self, even though Isac and others tried to convince him otherwise. Curupira announced himself with a loud and frightening howl.



Isac, or Saci, is another protector of the forest. In contrast to his friend Curupira’s serious nature, Saci is mischievous and a massive prankster. He has only one leg and wears a red piece of cloth on his head. This cloth, if removed by a person, can be used to control Isac. Marcia does this in the show when she and Eric are looking for Luna, and he is lying to them. Isac is the most enticing character of the show and brings some lightness to the darker content. He’s selfless and adores his friends, but this eventually becomes the death of him. Isac also wants to help everybody.


Manaus, the pink river dolphin, is a handsome man who attracts young women, impregnates them, and then disappears from their lives. He cares for the forest when the developers are trying to take it over. He happens to be Eric’s father, who left his mother depressed. Manaus also gets a young woman named Fabiana pregnant after she splits with her fiancé, who wants to move from the forest area and hand over their land to the developers. Manaus is charming and friendly.



Luna is Eric and Gabriela’s daughter. In “Invisible City” season 2, she has the ability to see the future in her dreams. In season 1, she becomes the Body that the “Dry Body” uses to try and kill Curupira. Luna is only eleven at the time and isn’t strong enough to fight him off. Eric later takes Dry Body into himself, leaving Luna alone and vulnerable. But Luna’s ability and the fact that she’s Eric’s daughter makes her a part of everything that is going on, even if she isn’t possessed anymore. As a teenager in season 2, Luna hasn’t lived a normal life and has only been searching for her father. She’s taken under Inês’ wing, and she pushes her to hone her powers and keep going ahead. Luna is curious and makes friends easily, as we saw with Isac in season 1 and Bento in season 2.


Marcia is Eric’s colleague and the only person who believes in him. After Gabriela’s death, Eric is unable to see anything outside of her case and is sure that her death was a murder. His boss doesn’t believe him, but Marcia helps him continue the investigation. She uses logic to understand what Eric is going through, but she trusts his opinions until they start to sound truly absurd. Even after that, she supports him by finding out the truth rather than just laughing at the thought. Marcia is good at her job, and another modern skeptic who changed her mind after seeing and believing.


Matinta Pereira

Matinta Pereira, the owl, is another witch-like being who grants wishes, but of course, there’s always a catch. In the show, Matinta is trying to get Luna to her rightful place to save the Amazon Forest, but she uses very strange methods, such as asking Debora to poison her. Luna summons her so that she can meet her father, but she realizes too late that it was a big mistake. Still, it looks like Matinta’s only goal is to keep the indigenous people and the forest safe.


Lazo is an old man who is known as Zaori, a person who can see treasure. He can guide people to the Marangatu, the place where all the gold is buried. Lazo is fragile and has been used for many long years until he’s freed by Eric’s touch from what he believes is his ‘curse’ of seeing treasure. Eric takes on the power of whatever entity he touches because of the hole in his chest. Lazo and Bento help Luna as much as they can to keep her safe from the miners.



Bento is the wolf boy. He has the ability to sniff out or hear a person approaching. He can pay special attention to conversations and track people. Bento, too, believes his abilities are a curse because he hurt his abusive father when he changed into a wolf. Bento loves his mother and seven sisters, but they are afraid of his new form, and so when he’s taken away by the miners, he keeps his distance from his family until Eric ‘lifts’ his curse too. Bento is kindhearted and always returns for Lazo and Luna when they’re in trouble. Even though he had a troubled upbringing, he returns to his family and wants to take care of his mother and sisters.


Castro and his father are the reason the indigenous people cannot live in peace. Castro’s father was the one who discovered Marangatu’s existence and its gold treasure by kidnapping Lazo and holding him captive for years. Castro, continuing his legacy, is still on the lookout for the protected Marangatu. At the beginning of the second season, the snake that protects Marangatu is killed by one of his men, unleashing the events to follow. All Castro really cares about is the money. He isn’t even that bothered that his wife is cheating on him or doesn’t appreciate anything he does.



Clarice and Father Venancio are the two who do not agree with Castro’s ways. Clarice is Castro’s wife, but she is also a mule with a blazing fire for a head. Clarice does not agree with anything Debora wants her to do but has to do it because she hypnotizes her. Clarice is a good person, but she’s been stepped on by stronger people for too long. She has the biggest arc in “Invisible City” season 2 and saves herself from heartbreak and becoming a murderer by doing what she really wants to do and accepting her mule self.


Debora is the viper who was stolen from her indigenous family as a young girl. She is taken to the wrong side for the purpose of stealing the gold and is brought up there as a useful asset. Her powers are used for the wrong things until she’s brought home by another indigenous woman, Telma. Debora is brought back to reality and realizes that it was her brother who was killed by the men who worked for her. Debora, too, is meant to protect the Marangatu with her brother. Telma helps bring it all together so the village can be seen by Debora, and she can go back to her rightful place.


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