‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Lestat Dead Or Alive? Who Is Armand?

In the previous episode of “Interview with the Vampire,” we learned how Claudia was plotting to kill Lestat once and for all. She figured out that even Louis wanted to do the same thing, but he was afraid of Lestat, and that was the reason why he was suppressing his desire to kill him. But, at the end of “Interview with the Vampire,” Episode 6, there was clearly a hint that Claudia was confident enough to kill Lestat, and Lestat, on the other hand, was losing control over his compassion whenever Claudia was around. It indicated that Lestat was afraid that Claudia would try to take advantage of his vulnerabilities for her own benefit. Perhaps that fear led to the significant plot twist crafted by Lestat in this season finale. Let’s go through the recap once.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending

The climax of episode 6 hinted that there was something fishy about Rashid. So, the “Interview with the Vampire” season finale begins with Daniel’s doubtful glances over him. Anyway, Louis continued his story, and in it, he said how Claudia was developing her plan to kill Lestat. Daniel asked how an immortal like Lestat could possibly be killed. Louis answered that there were chances that if he had drunk poisoned blood or if his body was thrown into the fire, Lestat could be killed. But the only thing that stopped Louis from taking such action was knowing the potential Lestat possessed. But Claudia was fearless and so rigid in her plan to kill him that she even told Louis to back off. However, she planned to keep Louis close enough to Lestat so that Lestat did not develop doubt. If Louis was close to Lestat, Lestat wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on Claudia all the time.


In between these events, Louis’s house was often visited by people suffering from cancer or other deadly diseases. So, Lestat felt like this might be the right time to move away since he felt that someone was trying to poison them by sending such people near their house. Claudia was almost done with her planning and finally proposed to Lestat that they organize a big feast where they could thrive on people one last time before leaving the town. Lestat agreed, and Claudia picked the night of the Mardi Gras festival.

In the Mardi Gras festival, Louis proposed to Tom Anderson, one of the most influential men in the town, to make Lestat the King of the Carnival Show. Lestat was an outsider, so it was impossible to accept such a proposal. Tom had even mocked Lestat once. However, a deal was made, and Tom could not refuse the bribe they had offered. Lestat was selected as the king, and according to the plan, Claudia and Louis picked a few men and a woman for the after-party dinner. There, they promised to teach them the tricks to becoming immortals. However, the three vampires had fasted for three days to enjoy drinking their blood. Claudia introduced twin brothers to Lestat at the party, one of which she told Louis was poisoned. Louis and Claudia put him on the chair for Lestat. However, soon we see Antoinette, whom Lestat has turned into a vampire.


Lestat had put Antoinette to work as a spy to follow Claudia’s movements. So, Lestat knew that the twin brothers’ blood was poisoned, and Claudia had planned it all. Soon after, we see Lestat vomiting blood and feeling weak. Claudia had also poisoned Tom Anderson, whom Lestat had attacked first. Lestat did not know about this, and finally, Louis cut his throat. Claudia killed Antoinette and burned her in the incinerator. Louis decided to leave Lestat’s body in a trunk and dump it as waste. Daniel Molloy found flaws in Louis’s version of the story and asked many twisted questions. Finally, we learn there was a high chance Lestat was still alive because, in the final moments, Louis could not burn him in the incinerator. Also, we find out that Rashid was, in reality, one of the mightiest vampires, having aged more than 500 years. Rashid’s real name was Armand, a vampire.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Is Lestat Dead Or Alive? Are Armand And Lestat The Same Vampire?

Claudia had known Lestat more than Louis could ever have imagined. She knew that Lestat would not let anyone live who had mocked him or offended him in some way. In a scene here in this episode, we see Lestat and Claudia talking in a theater loudly, which irritated one of the spectators. When the person asked Lestat to stop talking, Lestat controlled his mind, and the man ended up slapping himself. So, when Louis had proposed to Tom Anderson that he make Lestat the king of the carnival, Claudia had seen how Tom mockingly shed his glances over Lestat. More than that, Claudia had observed how much Lestat hated the look. Claudia knew that at the after-dinner party, Lestat would definitely go after Tom Anderson to seek revenge for the offense Lestat had received from him. So, she had poisoned him to ensure that Lestat died no matter what. She had also poisoned one of the twin brothers, perhaps to leave no chance and feed Lestat as much poisoned blood as possible. Anyway, only Tom’s blood did the trick, and Lestat died momentarily. But, in the end we learned that he was very much alive.


The only way to completely kill a vampire was to burn it in the incinerator. Louis and Claudia did that for Antoinette. But Louis could not do it with Lestat. Not only that, but he also stopped Claudia forcefully from doing so. Daniel Molloy understood that when some truck would pick up the trace, including the trunk Lestat was put in, it would end up in a dump. In the dump, there were enough rats to kill and drink, which would help a vampire regain his strength. Daniel knew that Louis had intentionally left Lestat in the trunk, wishing he would be alive. His undying love for Lestat failed to make him kill the vicious vampire. Anyway, Armand and Lestat are definitely not the same vampires. It seems like, when Lestat was alive again, he was seeking revenge. In that process, he perhaps somehow managed to kill Claudia, and in between these events, Armand came into the lives of Louis and Claudia. Whenever it was, Armand, being one of the mightiest vampires in the world, helped Louis defeat Lestat once and for all. Since then, Louis had found his one true love, i.e., vampire Armand. Whatever it is, we will learn more about this cliffhanger in the upcoming season.

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