‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Louis Actually Want To Kill Lestat?

The 5th episode of “Interview With The Vampire” had already hinted at the downfall of the vampires, and in the following episode, a great amount of tension had been set up between Lestat and Claudia. However, Louis was in no position to feel anything as he was beaten almost to death by Lestat and then thrown away to the ground from miles up. “Interview With The Vampire” Episode 6 ends with a very thrilling moment. But let’s go through the entire episode first.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 6: Recap

Louis can be seen reminiscing about the time when he was recovering from all the injuries he had sustained during the fight with Lestat. From head to toe, he was severely bruised and in intense pain. Even his lungs were damaged. Claudia, on the other hand, took excellent care of him, which helped him to recover as quickly as possible. After almost two months, he could finally sit, read, and stand on his own. In between, Lestat tried calling their house, but neither Claudia nor Louis received his call. After many days, Lestat suddenly visited their house, but Claudia and Louis showed no interest in welcoming him inside. After years of persuasion, when Lestat finally sent his first recorded composition to Louis, he couldn’t help but fall in love with him again. Lestat was finally allowed inside the house, but Claudia and Louis had set a few rules this time.


During this conversation, we learned about the vampire who had created Lestat. His name was Magnus. Lestat revealed to his listeners that he was abducted by Magnus when he was a child. Later, Magnus turned Lestat into a vampire, and then he threw himself into the fire. Lestat was left alone to suffer through the pain of tasting the warm blood as food. Claudia had also told Lestat that he must kill his other lover, Antoinette. Soon, we saw Lestat offering Antoinette’s finger to Claudia as a souvenir. However, later that night, when Claudia and Louis follow Lestat on his hunt, they find out that Antoinette is still alive.

Later, Claudia told Louis that she had had enough of Lestat’s lies, and now she wanted to wander around the world. She even tried to manipulate Louis to accompany her on her journey. Louis chose to stay with Lestat. Claudia successfully boarded a train, but Lestat found her and brought her home. He told Claudia that he would not let her go since Louis was in a difficult situation, and she must stay to comfort him. Later, we see Claudia and Louis having a conversation in front of Lestat through their psychic connection. Lestat could not hear the conversation, but the two vampires were actually planning to kill Lestat. At the end of “Interview With The Vampire,” Episode 6, we come across the events of the time when Daniel Molloy met with Louis for the first time.


The most significant thing in “Interview With The Vampire” Episode 6 was that since Louis and Claudia were making all the rules in the house, Lestat also indulged himself in making some. One of which was that he put forth that since he and Claudia hunted humans and Louis only hunted animals, it was unfair. Lestat felt like he was being judged for his hunting too rigorously. For the first time in ages, even Claudia agreed with Lestat on this matter. So, to preserve the means of the family, Louis again started hunting humans. On the other hand, Lestat had reached the conclusion that Claudia wanted to take Louis away from him. On the other hand, Molloy had a strange dream in which he saw Rashid, Louis’s personal secretary. The dream was about Molloy and Louis meeting for the first time in San Francisco. Rashid’s origin is yet to be revealed. However, this particular scene leaves a lot of unanswered questions behind, which will probably be answered in “Interview With The Vampire” Episode 7.

‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 6: Ending Explained- Why Did Louis Deny Leaving With Claudia? Did Louis Actually Want to Kill Lestat?

Louis felt suffocated living under Lestat. Since Lestat was his maker, he had this unknown connection, and he was unable to move away from him. Louis did not love Lestat as much as Lestat loved Louis. But, since the big fight and years of taking a break, Louis has sort of felt connected to Lestat. However, when he found out about Antoinette being alive, he was not surprised at all. Claudia asked him to confront Lestat. But Louis had known Lestat long enough that he believed that it was Lestat who wanted the truth to be found. Claudia and Louis merely followed his plan, not his trail.


Louis had every opportunity to start a new life elsewhere with Claudia. But, we see that Louis was finding it difficult to even pronounce the names of the places where Claudia wished to wander. In reality, Louis felt gravely controlled by Lestat. Whatever he wished to do, he felt restrained by Lestat. Maybe the brutal fight between them made Louis realize how vicious Lestat could be at times. However, there could be one more possibility. Since the time Louis learned that Lestat could fly, even though they were both vampires, an inferiority complex took over Louis’s mind. Louis asserted Lestat with the position of God, and as we know that God is feared by everyone. We can not just deny its existence at random because we fear that God might get angry. Louis himself was a god-fearing family guy before he was made into a vampire. Also, Louis did not even know that Lestat could fly, even after being together for more than two decades. So, this fear stopped Louis from getting away from Lestat with Claudia. So, he decided to let her go and stay with Lestat forever.

However, when you reach the limit of your patience, you can only stop yourself from making a bad decision. Claudia was a vampire of young blood. She told Louis that she would kill Lestat someday. At first, Louis told her to stop herself from getting guided by emotion and instead think more rationally. Louis knew that if Lestat could lie about his flying abilities and Antoinette, he could lie about many things. Louis entertained the thought that maybe Lestat was capable of more powers than they could ever imagine. So, his first suggestion to Claudia was to stop thinking of killing Lestat. But, when Claudia told him that she knew that even Louis wanted to kill Lestat, that was the moment when he was pushed to his threshold. Louis wanted to be free for a long time, but since he was in no position to run away from Lestat, that little statement from Claudia triggered his thoughts that were suppressed in fear. Louis suddenly realized that it was truly what he wanted. Maybe he did not want to harm Lestat, but at that moment, he perhaps remembered the pain Lestat had caused him. He also could not help but think that Lestat had something to do with the suicide of Louis’s brother. Many emotions were mixed together, and finally, Louis took the jump from his threshold. His eyes showed the determination to kill Lestat. Claudia was successful in installing the weapon in Louis, which would help him fight against Lestat.


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