‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending – What Was Claudia’s Realization After Charlie’s Death?

In the third episode of “Interview with the Vampire,” we get a glimpse of Louis’s anger and how it affects everyone. People were running away from their homes because everything was on fire. In the middle of this chaos, Louis came out of his room to help those men in any way he could. There, at that very moment, he heard a little girl’s cry for help. He went towards the scream and found a young girl almost suffocated by smoke. He tried to save her because he thought he was the only one to be blamed for this mess and that by saving this kid, he would put things right. “Interview with the Vampire” takes the story further and focuses more on Louis’ struggles as a vampire.


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‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 4 Recap

On the phone, Daniel Molloy told someone where he was and what he was doing. Rashid, Louis’s assistant, then came right away and took him to the library. There, Daniel learned about Claudia, the young girl Louis had saved from a fire. Claudia had kept many diaries throughout the years. Daniel found out from her diaries that Louis had brought Claudia to Lestat. He asked Lestat to turn her into a vampire to save her. But at first, Lestat didn’t agree. When he saw how much Louis wanted Claudia to stay alive, he gave in and turned her into a vampire. Soon, Claudia started to understand what it meant to be a vampire. Lestat could not hear her thoughts because he had made her. But Louis and Claudia could talk to each other through their minds without saying a word in Lestat’s presence. However, they didn’t do that very often because they were a close family with no secrets.


But there was a problem. Claudia was a very young vampire, and she was always hungry. In order to satisfy her hunger, she had to kill at least two people. Lestat and Louis did everything they could to get her to understand that she shouldn’t kill any cops. But she didn’t pay attention. Soon, Louis got a phone call telling him about his mother’s demise. Lestat and Claudia went with Louis to pay a visit. There, Lestat noticed that Claudia’s attitude toward humans was slowly getting worse since she didn’t spend much time with humans. So, Lestat took her to a place where a couple was making out, and he told her to drink their blood. Claudia saw a man and a woman getting close to each other for the first time. After watching them make out for a while, she killed the man, and Lestat killed the woman. Soon after, Claudia started to feel like she wanted to be a woman. She didn’t want to stay a child at age 18.

Soon, she changed into women’s clothes and met Charlie. She wanted him to touch her and love her. But when Claudia and Charlie were alone, she killed Charlie by accident and asked Lestat to turn him into a vampire too. Lestat told her that was impossible because Charlie was already dead. Lestat could have tried to bring him back to life if he was only half dead. Later, Lestat made Claudia watch as Charlie was incarcerated by fire and tried to make her realize why they should never get close to humans. Lestat told her that humans always die and that this would hurt her if she continued making friends with them. But Claudia came up with her own conclusions. She gave her power to the evil spirits that had been living inside her. In the upcoming episodes, she will be restless and have a strong desire to kill.


‘Interview With The Vampire’ Episode 4: Ending Explained: What Was Claudia’s Realization After Charlie’s Death?

Claudia could never figure out what Lestat and Louis were trying to tell her. She couldn’t figure out why they had told her to stay away from humans. Just before he died, Charlie told her that she was “an angel.” But the cop she killed for the first time told her she was “evil.” So, Claudia thought she had changed a lot from being a bad person to an angel. In her grief, she kept going by telling herself that what she was doing was right. She thought that way because Charlie had called her an angel right before she killed him. So, Claudia decided not to be afraid of anything anymore. In the last scene, we see how she lets the sun damage her skin. She was screaming in pain, but she was doing it on purpose to hurt herself. It was a price she had to pay for the path she was going to take. The path to killing more and more human beings. She thought of continuing the killing as if it were the work of an angel.

Just like at the beginning of “Interview with the Vampire” Episode 4, Claudia had written in her diaries that she saw Louis as an angel who saved her from fire. But when Lestat bit her to turn her into a vampire, she realized that they were not angels but devils. So, when Charlie called her an angel, she thought that killing people would prove that she was one. Claudia was young, so her mind was easily manipulated. A misunderstanding had corrupted her mind. Charlie called her an angel out of the love he felt for her. He didn’t know she was a vampire. Also, because she was a vampire, her eyes were different and elegant. This could have been one reason why Charlie thought Claudia was an angel. Anyway, Claudia misunderstood what he said and is now on a killing spree.


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