‘Inside Man’ Episode 4: Ending, Explained – Why Did Grieff Want To Talk To Harry?

“Inside Man,” which stars David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, has finally come up with the last episode of Season 1. In the previous episodes we’ve seen how Jefferson Grieff, who has been on death row for almost ten years, has been helping other victims with their cases. Before he killed his wife and cut off her head, he used to teach criminology at a university. We’ve also seen Janice Fife and Harry Watling’s family. Harry is a vicar who loves to help people out whenever they are in trouble. So, on one occasion  Edgar, a verger, came to him for help. He asked Harry to hide his flash drive which was filled with paedophilic adult videos. Edgar was afraid that if his mother found out, she would punish him. When Harry agreed to help him hide the flash drive, everything started to go wrong. Ben, Harry’s son, mistakenly gave it to Janice, Ben’s math tutor, without knowing about its contents and Janice found out about the films. She thought it had belonged to Ben, but Harry tried to explain to her that it was Edgar’s. The flash drive contained some disturbing videos involving children. Janice wanted to go to the police to report about it. Ben would land up  in   trouble if she went to the police. So, to prevent it from happening, Harry accidentally pushed Janice in the basement. One mistake led to another, and Edgar ended up killing himself. Harry tried saving him from being questioned for the files of the flash drive. He also took the responsibility upon himself for the flash drive’s files. But even after that Edgar had committed suicide. Before dying, Edgar wrote a note telling people not to mistake Harry as a criminal because he was trying to help someone else. This did not give Harry enough proof to save Ben from being wrongly accused, so he and Mary took the decision of killing Janice for good. Beth Davenport, a random person whom Janice had helped before all this happened, asked Jefferson Grieff for help to find Janice. Jefferson took the case and put her in touch with a friend of his, named Morag. Beth got some information from Morag about Janice, and they were now getting closer to her. So, what comes next?


Spoilers Ahead

‘Inside Man’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending

At the end of Episode 3, Ben found out that Harry had locked Janice in the basement. Harry had planted the heater there thinking Janice would slowly die from inhaling the Carbon Monoxide that was leaking from the heater. But he had no idea that Ben was also in there. Also, Mary had told Harry many times over the phone that sending the email from Janice’s laptop was a big mistake. That is because  in the end, the police would try to locate the laptop and the last place where it was kept. So, Mary went over to Harry and took Janice’s jacket, bag, and laptop from their home. She found the key to Janice’s apartment in the jacket, so she decided it would be best to leave her belongings there. 


On the other hand, Morag took Beth to Janice’s apartment as per Grieff’s instruction. Morag went shopping while Beth waited inside the apartment. So, when Mary got to Beth’s apartment, she met with Beth. Beth asked her about Janice, but she couldn’t give her a good answer. That’s when Ben called and informed Mary that he was locked in the basement with Janice. Mary was worried that the Carbon Monoxide could even kill Ben, so she kept calling Harry. 

Harry was in a stage of mourning because he had made so many bad choices to save Ben and his family. He didn’t receive the phone call. But when Mary sent him a voice note later, he found out about Ben and ran down to the basement right away. Just a few minutes ago, when Janice was trying to get Ben to call the police, some sad things happened in the basement. Ben hit Janice with a hammer out of anger, and she passed out. Harry thought that Ben had killed Janice when he went down there. Ben got out of the house and Morag found him. How did Morag get there?? Well, Mary was killed in an accident while she was trying to get away from Beth, and Beth picked up her phone from the road. At that time, Mary was calling Harry, so Beth tracked Harry’s house and went there with Morag. When they saw Ben running away, Morag went after him. Beth walked into the house. Harry had just found out in the basement that Janice was still alive. This made him want to kill her even more than before. But Beth got in the way, and Harry got angry at Beth. But then we see some men come down into the basement, and later Harry was arrested by the police. 


On the other hand, Jefferson Grieff’s father-in-law, Gordon, came to visit him in the jail to find out where the head of his dead daughter was. Grieff said that in exchange, he wanted Gordon to use his connections to clear Grieff out of a death sentence. Grieff knew that Gordon had such power because of his connections. Grieff only had to point him in the right direction so he could find her daughter Rachel Hall’s head. But Grieff, being himself, gave him the wrong direction, so he lost his chance to survive the death row. We see him on a video call with Harry, where he is answering all of Harry’s questions. 

‘Inside Man’ Episode 4: Ending Explained: Why Did Grieff Want To Talk To Harry?

Grieff was very interested in Janice’s case as soon as Beth told him about it. He knew Beth was lying when she said they were friends, and he wanted to know why. He learned about Vicar Harry Watling as time progressed and  became more involved in the case. Grieff already sensed Harry’s connection because Janice had been missing since Sunday, the day she used to teach Ben math at Harry’s house. . If Janice had really been missing since Sunday, Harry should have reported her as missing because he would have known if she wasn’t there to teach his son on that day. Grieff thought that Harry was either involved in the crime or at least knew where Janice was since he had not said anything to anyone. In earlier episodes, we saw that Grieff only took on cases that befitted his morals. Harry Watling was a vicar, and Grieff knew with the help of his connections outside that Harry wouldn’t hurt a fly. Harry cared a lot about his family, and he always believed in righteousness. Grieff wanted him to see what was on the “inside” of Harry.  He could have saved Janice and stopped everything from happening, but he waited until the right time. 


When Beth stopped Harry from killing Janice, he went rogue. Now, some people might say that the Carbon Monoxide messed up his brain and made him go crazy. But we also know that the gas won’t leave an effect as such for at least one to two hours. So, it wasn’t the gas, and it wasn’t even Harry’s anger. His fears led him through the last few hours until Beth got there. He stopped being a good person. All he wanted to do was protect his family from this whole facade. So, when Beth got scared to find Harry in that crazy state, it made him more desperate.. That’s because he was a nice person who always wanted to be loved. He wouldn’t even express his true feelings about something only because he was worried about how it might make the other person feel. This is true in one case. When Janice used to teach Ben in Harry’s study, Harry never told them to leave and go somewhere else. He himself would go in the kitchen to do his work. Even before going into the kitchen he would take Mary’s permission. This constant effort to please other people backfired in the end and brought out what was inside of him.

Grieff told him that both he and Harry are the same, which is true. But Harry made it very clear that Grieff had strangled his wife to death, which is something he would never have done. But Grieff said in a soft voice that Harry was also somewhat responsible for Mary’s death. In some ways, they were both killers.  Grieff sent the men who stopped Harry from hurting Beth or Janice at the right time which prevented Harry from becoming  a killer just like Grieff.


Final Thought

“Inside Man” is a great miniseries with brilliant casting. It pays a lot of importance to  people’s feelings and how they act. Last but not the least, Jefferson Grieff’s words explain why the series is called what it is. He said, “There are times that turn us all into killers.” He talked to Harry because Grieff thought that, since Harry wasn’t a killer, maybe one day Harry would understand why Grieff had killed his wife. He thought that only Harry could understand what drove Grieff to strangle his wife to death. If of course, he ever told him the story.

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