‘In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal’ Episode 2: Recap: Jeong Myeong-Seok’s Escape Plan

In the first episode of “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal” there was more information about Jeong Myeong-Seok, a person who claimed to be God. However, in reality, he was an impersonator who abused his powers to harm young women. A survivor named Maple came forward with her story to motivate other women struggling with similar situations. Gradually, more survivors came forward, and this episode revealed Myeong-Seok’s true colors. The second episode showed the cruel side of Myeong-Seok and JMS. One survivor, Ms. Hwang, was brutally beaten up by the members of JMS at Myeong-Seok’s instructions. When Ms. Hwang learned of the cult’s illegal methods, she decided to leave the cult—a decision that didn’t work out well for her. Ms. Hwang was repeatedly urged to return, but despite all the threats, she did not change her decision. Eventually, news of his sexual assaults spread throughout the country, so he escaped and somehow made his way to Seoul and Hong Kong while the officials managed to find some members who testified against him. As for Myeong-Seok, he knew that the police had filed a case against him, and to prevent them from acting on it, he made his people think he was on a mission trip when, in fact, he was just running from the police.


When the news got out, people began to open up, as they had always wanted to protect themselves from Myeong-Seok. He had a bad habit of saying vulgar things to his followers, and it was quite surprising how manipulative he was. His speeches were completely disrespectful towards the Trinity, but he manipulated his followers to the point where they only followed his wishes.

Spoilers Ahead


Was Jeong Myeong-Seok Arrested?

There were times when Myeong-Seok forced women to follow his lecherous desires. Moreover, age did not matter to him, and many victims were afraid of Myeong-Seok because he had the power to destroy anyone who stood in his way. Over the years, Myeong-Seok decided to visit several places to achieve his goal of abusing ten thousand women. In 2003, officials in Hong Kong decided to track a group of women who were heading to Myeong-Seok’s flat. Somehow, these men made secret recordings of the event, which were later used as evidence to educate his followers and the judiciary. When the women boarded the plane from South Korea, they all wore normal clothes until they landed in Hong Kong. The next morning, immigration officials made their way to Myeong-Seok’s house to arrest him. When the immigration officers reached his villa, they found him in a mosquito net with some girls.

They arrested him immediately, but Myeong-Seok wanted to destroy the camera because all his videos had been recorded with it. He tried to destroy the camera, but the officer stopped Myeong-Seok before he could say anything. Meanwhile, Myeong-Seok’s supporters had completely lost control and wanted to protect their master. At first, the officials were relieved that Myeong-Seok had been arrested, but he soon managed to get bail with the help of a personal lawyer. Things began to get complicated, and at this point, the members of JMS could no longer accept the fact that Myeong-Seok had been arrested by the officials. They had to work hard to find evidence against Myeong-Seok, and despite all these videos, the members of JMS still blamed the police officers for his arrest.


What Happened To The Officers?

Kim Hyeong Jin, a member of the Hong Kong Capturing Squad, kept receiving calls from unknown numbers that began to intimidate him. He realized that the members of JMS were trying to harm him and that it was dangerous for him to stay in Hong Kong. Kim lived in a one-room apartment, and each floor was equipped with a motion sensor to detect the presence of people. One day, however, Kim noticed that the sensors weren’t working, and two people approached him and hit him. Although Kim was injured, he managed to escape from the attackers. At this point, the officials were sure that Myeong-Seok’s supporters were completely crazy. Meanwhile, officer Kim Do-Hyeong had played an important role in arresting Myeong-Seok. He knew that the members of JMS would try to attack his family or other people associated with him. One evening, Do-Hyeong was on the phone with his father, Kim Min-Seok, and noticed that Min-Seok hadn’t yet arrived home. Before he could warn his father, some members of JMS began to attack Min-Seok. Despite all his efforts, Do-Hyeong couldn’t reach his father.

Soon Do-Hyeong realized that his father had been brutally beaten up. They broke his facial bones, but Min-Seok managed to save himself from the brutal attack. The whole incident was too painful to understand because people had forgotten their humanity just to save a criminal like Myeong-Seok. For them, the life of a criminal was more important than that of an innocent person. The officials were severely traumatized by these events because this case had affected their peace and mental health. It was quite clear that Do-Hyeong was juggling his work and his personal life. He couldn’t stand the fact that his family was involved in the case. But Do-Hyeong had to fight for the people who desperately needed help. Even today, Min-Seok doesn’t blame his son for the damage; he is very grateful that his son is safe.


The Final Plan

Do-Hyeong found out that some prosecutors had given information to members of JMS. He realized that these attackers had collected all the information about his family, including their license plates. In 2006, Myeong-Seok went into hiding in China. He was convicted of again abusing several women, who, this time, had been invited to a taekwondo lesson in front of him. However, he fooled the girls into believing him and assaulted them. Gradually, Myeong-Seok completely lost control; he could no longer restrain himself and ended up seriously injuring the girls. The officers had to find a way to stop him because he was committing more and more crimes, but Myeong-Seok was smart and escaped in the blink of an eye. Although Myeong-Seok was in hiding, that did not stop him from partying and meeting women. In 2007, the Chinese Ministry of State Security contacted South Korean intelligence and planned a China-Korea cultural exchange event to arrest Myeong-Seok. They knew he would show up at the event, and he eventually did.

The officers succeeded in arresting him right away. During the interrogation, Myeong-Seok acted like a crazy person to avoid the officers, but the officers had to be extra careful with him because he posed a great danger to society. It was quite scary how Myeong-Seok managed to get his whole community to fight for him even though his actions were too dangerous for all the innocent people around him.


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