‘If I Were Luisa Sonza’ Recap & Docuseries Ending: Who Is Whindersson?

How much fame is too much to handle? The Brazilian pop star, Luisa Sonza, has seen it all in her life at just the tender age of 24. The 3-part mini-docu-series If I Were Luisa Sonza brings out the dilemma of an artist and the stress that their fame burdens them with. Fame comes with a lot of cons, which have been clearly portrayed in the series. The constant criticism is sometimes very hard to tackle! The way Luisa has managed to reach the zenith of her career after facing constant criticism is commendable. There are, however, some downsides and constraints that the artist has faced over the years, which have been depicted in the series.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Luisa’s Relationship With Whindersson Alter Her Life?

Luisa’s relationship with the famous Brazilian YouTuber and actor had completely altered her life. She had met Whindersson during a collaboration, and eventually, they developed feelings for each other. Luisa started posting some cozy pictures together with her new affair, and evidently those images gathered a lot of attention on popular social media platforms. She was immensely trolled for being a gold-digger and for trying to attain fame by dating him. Despite the criticisms, they managed to stick by each other and get married, which, however, was short-lived. Somehow her nude clip went viral, and that caused her a lot of trouble. People were abusing and criticizing her, which took a toll on her mental health. As a matter of fact, Luisa’s relationship with Whindersson also started to dwindle. Later, when she announced her divorce, she was called an opportunist by netizens. The constant flow of criticism altered her life to a great extent, which had a severe impact on her personal life. She went into depression, making her dependent on high doses of medications. Despite having a successful career, her personal life was a mess, making her lose the urge to live or think of a better future for herself. She had become her own greatest enemy, losing every will to fight the battle against others.


Why Did Luisa Get Criticized?

Life was already hard for Luisa when she was faced with yet another challenge. After her divorce, she made a controversial music video, which also garnered a lot of negative attention. People never stopped commenting on her clothes and the way she had decided to carry herself. She later started dating Vitao, and he was constantly getting hate comments for dating her, which made Luisa feel a sense of guilt to some extent. Later, when she is tired of being trolled online for having cheated on Whindersson, she decides to clarify things, making a clear post on her social media about it, to which Windersson also says that no one was at fault for their breakup.

When Windersson’s wife delivers a stillborn child, Luisa is yet again criticized for it, as people think that it was in fear of her that they had decided to give birth to the child prematurely, resulting in its death. They believe that Luisa was responsible for the death of his child, and people do not forget to call her all sorts of names. She starts receiving death threats from people all over the world. This brings out the sad reality of the modern world, where stars are blamed no matter how nonsensical the claims are. One wrong step can ruin their entire lives! Luisa further goes into depression and tries to clear out things for her fans through a video, but all in vain. Later, when the threats start becoming unbearable and really scary for her, she decides to leave for Mexico. Lusia’s life has always been full of criticism, just like any other young pop star! One more scandal had been added to her list when she went to a show in 2018 and asked a black woman to give her a glass of water. She had been sued for moral degradation and racism, which again garnered her a lot of negative attention.


How Did Luisa Manage To Handle Her Career?

Despite all the criticism, she decided to hold on tight to her career, as she had always dreamt of a career in music since a very young age. She had started her journey with her performance at the Sol Major Show, which paved her future in pop music. The notorious year of her life was when she turned 22. She had made an album called Sweet 22 that depicted the journey of her life and the chaos and angst that she felt. This album has taken her career to great heights. It had a lot of hits and views, which helped her attain a lot of fame over the years. She also collaborated with famous artists like Marilia, which helped her reach the peak of her fame. Unfortunately, just after 3 months of her collaboration with Marilia, she met with an accident and lost her life. This helped the audiences connect better with Luisa and mourn the loss of such a great artist as Marilia through their collaboration.

How Did Luisa’s Career Impact Her Lifestyle?

Luisa’s life had been severely impacted by the way she tried to balance her personal life, health, and career. She was constantly getting criticized for every step that she took and had thus gone into depression. She had resorted to medications to help her sleep, which had eventually taken a toll on her health. She had started becoming paranoid and started having trust issues with even the people she considered her friends. She thought that she had a lot of enemies and could be attacked by anyone at any time. Her stressful schedule also caused her to form ulcers, which was a major threat to her career. She had also developed an ulcer in her throat, which could have jeopardized her career. She had completely refrained from speaking for a wide stretch of time, which helped her recover over time without any surgeries. This process, however, delayed the albums and concerts that she had lined up. However, after a full recovery, she went back to shooting for a new album called Intimate Scandal. She had put her heart and soul into the album, which made it one of the greatest hits, helping it reach the top six biggest platforms in Brazil. She later got to know that she had been cheated on by her boyfriend, and the album that she had made started making even more sense to her than before. She decided to move on as she had learned her lesson that life goes on no matter what!


Final Thoughts

When we look at a celebrity’s life, we only get to see the shiny outer surface! Little do we know about the hardships that they have to undergo on a regular basis. The documentary series on Luisa Sonza has been able to establish the fact that no matter how the lives of celebrities glimmer, they are a lot like us on the inside. The mindless trolling that they have to face regularly due to the half-hearted information that netizens have on their lives impacts their lives adversely. We feel a sense of empathy for Luisa when she says that her marriage would have been saved if not for the unnecessary hatred that she had faced online. We have to learn to accept the flaws of our favorite artists because they are not perfect and have flaws just like any of us. The well-structured series, If I Were Luisa Sonza, brings out the sad reality of modern-day trolling. Not only do celebrities have to face all the harassment, but I can vouch for the fact that all of us must have been trolled online at least once in our lives! Therefore, it is very important to take the repercussions into consideration before posting a mindless comment on someone else’s lifestyle.

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