‘I Hate Christmas’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Who Did Gianna End Up With?

Netflix’s Italian series I Hate Christmas is back again with season 2, with a whole new turn in Gianna’s troublesome life. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger when a mysterious person knocked on Gianna’s door on Christmas night, and Season 2 revealed who that mysterious person was. Season 2 of I Hate Christmas began with these characters’ relationships falling apart, but in the end, the Christmas miracle brought them all together. Gianna, who wandered around throughout the series looking for true love, finally found it in the end. So without further ado, let’s see who Gianna ends up with.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In Season 2?

I Hate Christmas Season 2 finally revealed that the mysterious person who rang the doorbell on the previous year’s Christmas night was a Santa Claus, with some placards containing dialogues from Gianna’s favorite film, Love Actually. Impressed, Gianna tried to figure out who could have sent a Santa with these cards. As Gianna went out, she met Umberto waiting for her, which made her believe that it was Umberto who had sent those cards along with Santa. She finally said yes to Umberto and pursued a romantic relationship with him. But after one year passed, on December 1, Gianna messed up her beautiful relationship. She woke up in Umberto’s arms and began to get ready to head to work, but suddenly, when she heard Umberto talking over the phone about wrapping a gift for his girlfriend, Gianna thought he must be planning to propose to her. The day started well, but Gianna had a lot of stress on her mind, thinking about marriage. In the meantime, Gianna’s parents decided to get separated, and so did Gianna’s sister Margherita and her husband Guido.


Moreover, her brother Giulio was also frustrated to hear his wife was pregnant for the second time. Everyone in Gianna’s family started advising her not to get married, as marriage is a disaster. Gianna was too stressed, so she went out of her house for a moment when she found the same Santa Claus who had brought those placards last year. Gianna just wanted a moment of relief, so she mistakenly kissed Santa, and Umberto happened to arrive right at that moment to witness it happening. Umberto was furious, so he dumped Gianna and walked away. Gianna stopped him to explain and said that she was stressed over the gift-wrapping situation, which she mistakenly thought was a proposal. However, Umberto corrected Gianna and clarified that he was not planning a proposal; instead, he just wanted to take Gianna to New York. Gianna asked for forgiveness and tried to rectify her mistake. To make things right, she even decided to plan a dinner on Christmas night at her place and invited everyone, including Umberto, but Umberto was too angry to talk or accept her invitation. Umberto also changed his shifts so that he could no longer see Gianna.

Who Was Filippo? What Happened To Didi?

When Gianna desperately tried to apologize to Umberto for her mistake, another man entered her life. Filippo, a widower, was Gianna’s neighbor and had a 15-year-old daughter, Monica. Initially, Gianna mistakenly thought Filippo was a pedophile, only discovering that he was her father later. Filippo had recently taken over a restaurant that was previously owned by Caterina, who was giving birth to her child in Milan. Filippo became a very close friend of Gianna and always tried to be by her side in any kind of situation. After Filippo’s wife’s death, he never went out with anyone, so Gianna helped Filippo by setting up a date for him; however, the girl Filippo dated for a while turned out to be a thief. Filippo was angry, so he lashed out at Gianna for setting him up with her. Even though the argument caused a misunderstanding, Gianna and Filippo eventually sorted things out because both of them enjoyed each other’s company and cherished the friendship.


Filippo’s daughter, Monica, became close to Didi, who once saved her from some bullies who were making fun of Monica as she was a singer in a choir. Didi and Monica began to go out together, but Monica didn’t like that Didi was wasting her time on Alessandro (Didi’s ex-boyfriend), who once left Didi when she was a choir singer in school. Monica wanted Didi to end up with someone who would love her for who she was, not for who she pretended to be. Realizing that Alessandro had never actually loved her, Didi finally canceled their plan to go to the Maldives together and joined Monica’s choir to perform on Christmas night.

Did Margherita And Guido End Up Together?

Margherita and her husband were going through a rough patch. In the previous season, we saw Margherita cheat on Guido since their relationship started to fall apart. Despite Margherita wanting to be separated from her husband, Guido wanted to give it another shot by going to couples therapy together. Their therapist advised them to write down the things they missed about each other. After several trials and errors, when Margherita realized that the growing distance between her and her husband was making her want Guido more, she decided not to break her marriage, but one night Guido left home, seeing no hope in their relationship. However, Christmas night came with a miracle when Guido returned to meet Margherita and handed her the diary where she wrote the things she missed about her husband. The diary was opened, and there was only their wedding photo inside it. Margherita told Guido that this was the thing she missed most about her husband, but Guido said that he missed everything, including those difficult times. Margherita and Guido found themselves falling for each other again, so they shared a kiss and decided to join Gianna’s Christmas dinner.


Meanwhile, Gianna’s father, Pietro, had survived a mild heart attack and been admitted to the hospital for a while. Gianna, who was a nurse there, took care of her father, but more than Gianna, it was the matron, Paola, who took care of Pietro and eventually fell in love with him. Pietro enjoyed Paola’s company, but eventually, Pietro understood that he couldn’t live without his wife, Marta. Pietro and Marta ended up reuniting on Christmas night.

Who Did Gianna End Up With?

While Gianna was trying to win Umberto over, Davide showed up at the hospital to admit his friend, who had recently suffered an accident. Gianna and Davide stumbled upon each other many times, and it seemed like Davide still had some feelings for her, whereas Gianna had completely moved on from Davide. Gianna maintained her focus on Umberto, but when one night she showed up at Umberto’s place unannounced, she caught him being intimate with another girl. Gianna was heartbroken to see Umberto moving on so fast, so she decided to go on dates. She met a veterinary doctor, Bruno, but she gradually felt that there was no chemistry between them. Gianna had a realization that she was forcing herself to move on for the sake of moving on, while she didn’t even know where she wanted to go. Filippo advised Gianna to revisit her memories and see if she had ever been in true love with anyone, which made Gianna reflect and realize that she had never actually been in true love before. Gianna found herself torn between going back with Umberto and living a single life for a while.

Meanwhile, Gianna was also eager to move things forward with Umberto, so she invited him to a Christmas party. A little bit late, but Umberto did show up at the party, in which Gianna and he shared a kiss. Gianna was so excited to see him that she apologized for thinking that Umberto was going to propose to her. She also added that she found Umberto’s gift from last year even more special than anything. Umberto needed clarification as he clearly remembered he hadn’t sent her a gift last year, which made Gianna realize that those placards and Santa were sent by someone else, not Umberto.

Gianna began to dig deeper and contacted the Christmas gift service to find out who had sent Santa Claus to her address last year. However, in the midst of all this, Gianna completely forgot to cook for the Christmas dinner. It was a hectic day for her at the hospital. One of Gianna’s patients, Stella, with osteosarcoma, was going through an operation, so Gianna couldn’t abandon her at the hospital. Even though there were other nurses and doctors to take care of Stella, Gianna wanted to stay there to mentally support her. After Stella’s successful operation, Gianna met another patient, Elio, the professor with Alzheimer’s. Elio was getting discharged from the hospital, so Gianna invited him over to her place for Christmas dinner. Elio was the one who had taught Gianna a lot about true love. Even though he had Alzheimer’s, he was still capable of remembering his first meeting with his wife, Rosa. When Gianna brought him home, Elio accidentally walked away from her house and came to the place where he first met Rosa. Gianna and Umberto began to look for Elio everywhere until they found Elio at the same spot where he first met Rosa. Luckily, Rosa, who was also passing by the street, was startled to see Elio there. Gianna and Umberto saw Elio and Rosa, after years of being apart, finally find their way to each other. Seeing this beautiful moment, Gianna realized that she had never been in such passionate love as Elio and Rosa had for each other. Therefore, Gianna decided not to go into a relationship with Umberto. Gianna’s confession did break Umberto’s heart, but she didn’t lie to him for the sake of having a relationship by any means necessary.


However, after she headed back home and everyone in her family surprised her, she was happy to be close to her loved ones. But she was confused as to who made all the food for the dinner. Seeing a reindeer cake, she realized it was Filippo who had taken care of her dinner while she was busy out there taking care of her patients. Meanwhile, someone at the door rang the bell again. As Gianna opened the door, she found the Santa Claus whom she had kissed earlier, messing up her perfect relationship. However, this time Santa didn’t come with gifts, but to tell her that it was Davide who had sent those placards last year. Nevertheless, Gianna didn’t get distracted by it because, in her heart, she knew that she had found the right one, who was Filippo. She rushed to Filippo and admitted her feelings for him. She admired his individuality and how he always tried to take care of her. Filippo had the same feelings towards Gianna, so they shared a kiss and began to dance with the Christmas choir. Season 2 of I Hate Christmas ended with Gianna finally finding her love and realizing that she didn’t need to rush things to build a perfect relationship or to find true love, because with hope, patience, and time, the good things will eventually come her way.

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