‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was Behind Ruth’s Murder?

Jonah finally apprehended the greatest evil of all time, Adolf Hitler, in Episode 7 of “Hunters” Season 2 from his lair in Argentina. Even though Jonah lost his great aunt Chava in this battle, Zev was by his side and helped him escort Hitler to America. He refrained from killing Hitler because he thought that Hitler deserved to face lengthy legal proceedings and be sentenced to life in prison. He was presented to the court in America for a verdict. In the season finale of “Hunters” Season 2, let’s see if justice can be served to the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Trials Of Hitler? Was He Found Guilty?

The eight episode of “Hunters” Season 2 begins with Jonah contacting Clara from a phone booth to tell her how much he misses her. The Hunters didn’t come to light, leaving Millie Morris to take the credit for capturing Hitler. Hitler was brought before the court, shackled and chained, and placed in a glass box. His trial would take place before five judges from Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. While Hitler was being held captive, supremacist groups began to rage outside protesting in favor of Hitler being allowed to live while threatening the public with terrorist attacks. Eva and Travis, meanwhile, were discovered incredibly to still be alive. Despite being shot in the face, Travis survived, and Eva informed him that “showtime” had arrived. Some men were putting bombs inside a bridge, per Eva’s orders, signaling the possibility of a terrorist strike. Joe was observed documenting the proceedings while Roxy scrutinized every guard and police officer’s file present in the court to determine whether Hitler had a plot to elude capture.


In the meantime, the prosecution counsel and the Jewish victims were offended to learn that a Jewish lawyer named Kramer was to serve as Hitler’s defense counsel. The prosecutor, Mr. Frankel, accused Hitler of various criminal charges, but his fellow attorney, Kramer, disagreed and questioned the relevance of the accusations. Frankel then called in the eyewitnesses and Holocaust survivors, including Mindy, who related the horrific tale of how the Nazis abducted them and killed her son. She said that she had long dreamed of this day in a direct speech to Hitler. Hitler kept encouraging Kramer to refute Mindy’s claims by saying that she was lying, but Kramer was unable to do so since he knew Mindy wasn’t lying. Hitler maintained that these were all lies, so Kramer urged him to take a position for himself and speak for himself; otherwise, he would have no choice but to let the court hang Hitler. The court accepted Hitler’s plea to represent himself, but the prosecution objected to the notion, claiming that Hitler would fabricate evidence to protect his reputation and that his deceitful statements would inspire a new generation of Neo-Nazis.

Despite being a Jew, Kramer wanted to give Hitler his due because he believed that any trial, whether it be Hitler’s or anyone else’s, should be fair. He thought that if Hitler were punished without a fair trial, there would be no distinction between him and the Jews. On the fifth and final day, Kramer asked Hitler if he had authorized the murder of 6 million Jews. Hitler replied that he had not. Hitler claimed that he never gave the order to kill a single Jew. After Kramer, Mr. Frankel questioned him, asking why he had hidden in South America if he hadn’t given orders to kill anyone. Hitler responded that he was taking a holiday. Mr. Frankel continued by saying that the Nazi supporters would have been disappointed if they had learned that Hitler had not authorized any murders.


Adolf Hitler was the German chancellor during a time of widespread genocide, which Frankel emphasized. If Hitler denied any involvement in the killings, why then did he act with such hatred toward Jews? Hitler erupted in anger, claiming that Jews were to blame for what had happened to them because he thought they deserved it. Finally, he came clean and claimed with great pride that he had given the orders and had done nothing wrong. In the end, the court determined that Hitler had been found guilty on all counts on the very last day. He would spend the rest of his life behind bars without the chance of parole. While being transported to prison by the police, Hitler had already consumed a drug that had been hidden in his pen, and that had caused his heart attack. Jonah realized that the pen in Hitler’s glass box had been broken, leading him to surmise that Hitler was planning something.

The entire Hunters team, led by Millie Morris, pursued the ambulance that was transporting Hitler to the hospital. However, the ambulance abruptly made a turn and a bomb burst in the bridge blocked the way for the police vehicles.  It turned out that the ambulance driver was a Nazi henchman who killed all the officers inside and moved Hitler out of the van. Travis took over from there, escorting Hitler as his assembled prison inmates attempted to aid in his escape. Jonah, however, showed up there to stop Travis. Jonah was severely injured in the ensuing shootout, and Travis intended to kill him, but Joe shot him in the chest instead. Joe had already defeated Travis and the other gunmen. The police officers accompanied him, and they found and arrested Hitler. Joe took Jonah to the hospital while the cops put Hitler in prison.


Who Was Behind Ruth’s Murder?

When Meyer was still alive and running the Hunters in 1975, Harriet told him about Heinz Richtar, a Nazi official. Ruth was wary of Meyer, so she drew nearer to him to check the scar on his chest, but this was only a pretense and instead, she pulled out a picture from his shirt pocket that was of the Wolf. Meyer discovered the missing photo later that evening. He suspected Ruth had taken it, so he resolved to kill her, as that was the only way for him to stop her. He told Richtar over the phone that Ruth had the information and that she was aware of his identity. This suggested that Meyer, who was really responsible for Ruth’s death, was the source from whom Richtar received the tip. Ruth also eventually learned that Meyer was the Wolf prior to her murder. But before she could respond or tell anyone, Richtar finished her off.

Jonah awoke in the hospital, relieved to see Clara by his side. They married as planned, and everyone came to their wedding. Morris and Harriet were in a relationship. Morris was being honored everywhere for her bravery, and no one remembered that she had murdered Bishop Prentz. Roxy was living alone and happy with her daughter, while Joe roved around free as a bird. Lonny received an Oscar, and Mindy’s life went on. However, after a few days, Harriet approached Jonah, handing him Heinz Richter’s call records. The phone logs showed Jonah that Meyer, or the Wolf, was the last one to call Richtar the night Ruth was murdered. Instead of getting furious, Jonah felt proud of himself for killing the Wolf who had killed his soul. He had told Harriet that he no longer wished to participate in the Nazi hunt, but Harriet countered that evil never rests, so why should they? Clara was thrilled that she and Jonah were spending their honeymoon in Miami, but she was unaware that their trip was more than just a honeymoon since Jonah had his eyes on a mysterious old guy who was waiting for someone there. Jonah’s next mission would be to track down this man since he might be someone who had been involved in some evil deed.

Final Words

The second season of “Hunters” began with an intriguing and exciting plot, but it ended hastily. There were various backstories that ought to have been connected to it, such as how Zev met Chava and how Chava recruited Harriet. Was it before or after Ruth’s murder? However, many details remained unclear, including how Hitler had traveled to the United States from Argentina and why no one even sought to punish Eva Braun or Travis. Meyer Offerman’s part was engaging only because of Al Pacino’s performance, but it was superfluous because, by the conclusion of “Hunters” Season 1 and halfway through Season 2, we knew that he was responsible for Ruth’s death. Overall, though, it’s a really entertaining series packed full of thrills, surprises, and the most menacing-looking Hitler (Udo Kier) ever.

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