‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Meyer Go To Germany?

Previously in episode 4 of “Hunter” Season 2, Travis and Joe had arrived at the Buenos Aires hotel in order to track down and assassinate Jonah and his crew. As Travis couldn’t catch him, he kidnapped Clara in the hope that Jonah might come to find her and fall into his trap. On this quest, would Jonah be able to find her, or would he have to let her go?


Spoilers Ahead

Did Jonah Save Clara?

Episode 5 of “Hunter” Season 2 begins in Chava’s place, where Jonah hurriedly came and informed her that Clara had been abducted by Travis, Roxy had been shot, and George had died. They took her in a black van with newspaper covering the windows. The newspaper was from Villa Sonora, where they could learn more about where the van came from. Chava refused to pause their mission in order to find Clara, but Harriet reminded her that protecting their family was more important than finding Hitler. She made it clear that if Chava didn’t want to go find Clara, they would do so on their own. Chava had little choice but to acquiesce to their demand, calling each of them “cowards.” Lonny and Mindy took Roxy to the hospital in the meantime. Roxy started to think back to a time when she was organizing a scheme to free her sister from prison. She was talking about her sister Imani, who was innocent but had been imprisoned. She kept experiencing flashbacks of her father telling her to think about her daughter before risking her own life because the little girl needed her mother. Roxy recalled making a promise to her daughter that she would always return home to her after saving the world. When Roxy was brought to the hospital in the present timeline, the doctors weren’t willing to accept her because of her severe injuries and the low likelihood of saving her, but Lonny yelled at them that Roxy had to be saved. We could find out if she survived or not in later episodes.


When Chava, Jonah, Morris, and Harriet arrived at Sonora, Harriet consoled Morris after she confessed to a murder that she committed. Harriet and Morris fell in love, while Chava taught Jonah the meaning of true love. According to Chava, if Jonah truly loved Clara, he would never have become involved with her because he was the greatest danger in her life. Anyway, they came across a flower shop where Jonah recognized the purple flowers he saw in Travis’ van. They gathered information about where that van could have gone. They followed the trail until they arrived at a secret chamber where Travis and Joe had trapped Clara underground. After Jonah and his crew entered the room of their secret chamber, Travis, Joe and others started firing at them from the underground cell. Jonah and his crew took them out one by one, leaving only Travis and Joe alive. But Joe still had some humanity in him, which drove him to kill Travis in order to free Clara. Clara fled because she only wanted to get away of Jonah, which was understandable. While Jonah was out convincing her, Joe suggested that he take them to Hitler. Chava finally got what she had been longing for.

Meanwhile, Hitler was shooting pigeons as a pastime, which Eva could not accept. She advised him to be more mindful of the situation, which a megalomaniac like Hitler did not appreciate. He didn’t like being ordered around, so he smacked her out.


Why Did Meyer Go To Germany?

While living at Meyer’s house in 1975, Ruth started looking into some of the data about Nazi murders. Meyer informed her that he was traveling to Germany in order to track down and add Nazi hunter Tomas Arndt to their team. But he wasn’t going there just to look for him; he also wanted to visit his relatives and his mother’s cemetery. He did go to meet Tomas at the appointed place, but a man informed him that Tomas wasn’t there. He proceeded to a store called Zuchs, where he saw his sister, who had grown older and was now selling meat. His sister despised her brother, Wilhelm Zuchs, for what he had done. He went to the graveyard and stood before his mother’s gravestone without realizing that Tomas had been following him the entire time. Tomas confronted him, claiming that he wouldn’t be at Wilhelm Juch’s mother’s gravesite if he were Meyer Offerman and a Jew. And in accordance with Jewish customs, he would have offered stones rather than flowers on the grave. Tomas had figured out who he really was, and so Meyer shot him to death. Ruth may have discovered something at Meyer’s home in America that led her to develop suspicions about him.

Joe promised the crew he would lead them to Hitler in the episode 5 finale of “Hunter” Season 2. Given that Joe had earlier promised Hitler he would bring the Hunters to him, it is now exceedingly difficult to believe him. Given that he murdered Travis, it’s likely that he wanted to return to his previous life and support his friends, but would it be so easy for him to do so? If he had betrayed Hitler in any way, he would have to pay with his own life. Since Joe’s motivations are still ambiguous, future episodes will help us to have a better understanding.


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