‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Meyer Build The Hunters?

Previously in episode 3 of “Hunters” Season 2, Jonah was pursuing the Crow, the Reich’s lead killer, who was killed and had her bag’s contents completely looted by the Hunters. But when Jonah got back to the hotel, he saw that Clara, his fiancée, was waiting for him because she knew where he was. She knew Jonah was keeping something from her, but she mistakenly thought he was an adulterer rather than the Nazi hunter he actually was, which was a greater threat to her life. Let’s see what happens with Clara in the fourth episode of “Hunters” Season 2.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Clara? 

“Hunters” Season 2, Episode 4 begins at Chava’s place, where George discovers the location of an antique store where information about Hitler may be found. Chava asked him to go there with Roxy and Lonny. They would go undercover to gather information on Hitler. Eva Braun warned her minion-turned-lover Travis to be cautious of Joe’s movements because she didn’t trust him. Joe looked at Roxy’s photo and set out with Travis to find the Hunters. Previously in season 1, we had seen him developing feelings for Roxy, but this Joe had a mind devoid of emotion. He had turned into a robotic personality, possibly because of the tortures he had to endure after arriving in Argentina.

As Clara arrived at the hotel in Buenos Aires Jonah struggled to persuade her that he was not having an affair. So, in order to convince her, he made up a story that was only partially true. He stated he sought the help of Millie, an FBI agent, to locate his great-aunt Chava, who was in Buenos Aires. Clara proposed meeting with Chava and having lunch together, to which Jonah reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile, Chava had forbidden Harriet from accompanying Lonny, Roxy, and George on the mission. She gave Harriet the location of the man, whom she had been looking for for so long. It appeared to be her kin because she was overjoyed to learn the man’s name and location. She went to confront him, but Morris accompanied her because she was terrified after learning from Danny that the FBI was searching for her. They arrived at the hospital, where Harriet discovered a sick man in a room. He initially appeared to be her ailing father, whom she desperately wanted to meet, but he turned out to be a Nazi officer, Herr Muntz, who shot her father in 1943. As Harriet came to avenge her father’s death, the old man apologized to her. His apology broke her heart, so she decided not to kill him. Harriet did not degrade her humanity by killing a dying old man, as he was already ill and might not survive.

While Harriet was away, Jonah persuaded Chava to pose as an ordinary aunt in order to meet his fiancee. Chava reluctantly agreed, but she warned him that if this woman was going to spend the rest of her life with him, she had the right to know Jonah’s background. Chava greeted Clara not-so-nicely as she approached, but Clara didn’t take it personally. She went to the restroom and discovered a secret chamber containing torture cages, guns, knives, maps, and the names of SS officers. She confronted Chava, who revealed her true business of Nazi hunting, prompting Clara to leave their place and rush into the hotel.

Meanwhile, Roxy, George, and Lonny were on their way to an antique store owned by a couple named Stammers. George discovered their information in Crow’s bag and went to see if the Stammers knew anything about Hitler. On their way, Lonny’s drug use was revealed to Roxy. When she questioned him, Lonny replied that he turned to addiction after she left him, implying that they were once lovers. Lonny turned around and left, so George took the initiative to bring him back. He stoked the warrior instinct inside Lonny that had previously driven him to track down and destroy the Nazis. Lonny was, however, torn up inside since he knew Meyer had been the Wolf all along. With his best efforts, he had put all of his faith in that man, but it turned out to be a falsehood. George boosted him up to return to his work, and the three of them showed up at the Stammers’ antique shop. In order to use the restroom, George entered their rooms. He discovered Joseph Mengele’s passport and showed it to the Stammers. Roxy and George pointed their guns at them, demanding that they explain why they were involved with the Crow. As a result, the Stammers revealed that Joseph Mengele used to work here undercover when they didn’t know his true identity. When they found out, the Crow called them and offered them $2 million to keep their mouths shut. Therefore, they could not deny the offer. The Crow no longer being alive was a stroke of luck for the couple because the Nazis did not silence anyone with money; they killed them.

Travis and Joe eventually discovered the Hunters’ location. Clara dashed into the hotel, paying no attention to what was about to happen to her. Travis entered the hotel and went to Jonah’s room. Travis pursued Jonah as he fled, but to no avail. Instead, he planned to find his girl, Clara, so that Jonah would come to him to rescue her. He abducted Clara in front of Jonah, who was completely powerless to stop it. Meanwhile, Joe assassinated George and discovered Roxy in the elevator. He was hesitant to murder her, so he shot her in the chest and fled. Roxy and Lonny were both taken aback when they witnessed Joe’s transformation into a Nazi puppet.

How Did Meyer Build The Hunters?

Meyer Offerman heard a knock on his door and opened it to find Ruth standing there. Ruth urged him to find the Nazi officials who were now living in America, so he introduced her to his contacts, including a congressional representative, the FBI agent, and an attorney general. She complained about a Nazi named Von Staub, whom the attorney general was hesitant to look into. Ruth dashed out of his room, upset by yet another rejection. Meyer told the attorney that there was no need to investigate the case because what Ruth had been saying was not believable. The attorney was no longer concerned about the investigation. But Ruth was brave enough to track down those Nazis. Meyer realized she wouldn’t stop, so he proposed forming a team to hunt down the Nazis on their own. With Ruth’s permission, he began looking for young Jews whose families had a history of surviving the Holocaust. It was finally clear that it wasn’t Ruth who devised the mission Hunt, but Meyer, who did so in order to counter Ruth’s suspicion of him and let him live his life peacefully. He gathered information on the Jewish survivors’ families and discovered Lonny, a failing actor who was living in disarray. He ignited his warrior spirit by telling him a fictional story of his grandfather being a Nazi camp survivor. Lonny believed Meyer’s deception, so he joined his team to find a purpose in his life. In the same way, he recruited Harriet, who was initially skeptical of Meyer, but after hearing her father’s story from Meyer’s mouth, she realized Meyer, too, was a Holocaust survivor out to avenge the Nazis. As a result, Meyer’s team was expanding, with Joe, Lonny, and Harriet already on board.

Meyer’s attempt to take everything under his control suggested that Ruth might have been aware of Meyer’s true identity, prompting him to finish her. This is just speculation, as future episodes of “Hunters” Season 2 will gradually reveal the mystery.

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