‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Meyer Get His Old File?

From the start of “Hunters” Season 2, there were two concurrent timelines that showed the Hunters being kidnapped in Buenos Aires in 1979 and Meyer making every effort to destroy any evidence of his former existence as Wilhelm in 1975. However, let’s look at Harriet’s motivations in light of the fact that she assisted an anti-Nazi puppeteer in kidnapping the Hunters.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Chava Apfelbaum?

Episode 3 of “Hunters” Season 2 begins in a mysterious location where the Hunters are being held captive by Chava Apfelbaum, for whom Harriet has been working for years. She had bound and tortured Klaus Rhinestar in order to learn the location of Hitler. He couldn’t take the pain any longer, and the name of an agent known as the Crow slipped out of his mouth. A briefcase was supposed to be delivered to a hotel by the Crow. Jonah cut in, saying he had a key in his pocket. This is the key that Jonah took from Klaus’ jacket in Episode 2 of “Hunters” Season 2. While Chava untied Jonah, he counterattacked, snatching the gun from her aide, George. While Jonah made it clear that the two teams would never collaborate, Chava revealed something to Jonah that surprised him. Chava identified herself as Ruth’s younger sister. Jonah didn’t trust her because his safta had told him that her sister had died in the camp. Therefore, Chava showed him her locket, which had pictures of Ruth and herself in it, to convince him. She even mentioned her sister’s favorites, leading Jonah to believe she really was his safta’s sister.


The Hunters arrived at the hotel carrying a sketched plan to find the crow. Morris, Harriet, and Roxy, who were posing as housekeeping, were waiting outside the rooms while Jonah and Chava waited at a dinner table, as the Crow might be in the dining room. Meanwhile, Mindy was keeping an eye on the Crow’s henchman, who had entered a room. Lonny and George were also watching TV at the hotel bar. George had a tragic past that included his parents’ deaths at the hands of Nazis, but learning magic tricks helped him heal from his trauma and find an outlet for recreation. Mindy alerted the ladies to the henchman’s entry into a room, prompting them to go over there. They apprehended the henchman and killed him quickly. Meanwhile, George noticed another henchman pick up the briefcase that the Hunters had kept as a ploy to catch the crow. Chava was calm and ordered meals for herself and Jonah while everything else was happening. To test each other’s deductive abilities, they conducted a small game at the dining room, trying to identify the Crow among these patrons. Jonah discovered a number of people who might not be on the suspect list, such as an Agatha Christie enthusiast, an alcoholic, and many more since they had characteristics that the Nazis might not have valued in a recruit. However, in the midst of all this, Jonah questioned Chava about how she came to be alive because his safta had told him that her sister was dead. Chava explained to him that she was a 16-year-old girl who became enraged after a fellow prisoner cut his throat in protest. She managed to elude the guards and flee the camp. She began her killing with a Nazi couple and had never looked back. But she didn’t contact Ruth because she thought her sister had been murdered. She attempted to contact her, but the circumstances were challenging. The explanation didn’t satisfy Jonah, but for now, he focused on the Hunt.

Lonny and George pursued the henchman as he picked up the briefcase. Lonny appeared to be seriously sick because he couldn’t run or even get up while the henchman attacked George. In any case, George fought him off, saving his and Lonny’s lives. Meanwhile, Morris, Harriet, and Roxy escaped the police investigation, but Morris discovered that she had left her wrist chain at Prentz’s house. Morris became terrified when she realized she was about to be arrested for Prentz’s murder. Johan eventually tracked down the Crow, who turned out to be an Agatha Christie fan and an elderly lady. Jonah stabbed her to death in order to steal some valuable information that could lead them to Hitler. After Jonah returned to the hotel, he found his fiance Clara had been waiting for him. She believed that her fiance had come to Buenos Aires to be with Millie who was his potential lover according to her.


How Did Meyer Get His Old File?

Back in 1975, Meyer showed up at Frondheim’s house and threatened him to give him his olf file back. The sole evidence that Meyer was the Wolf may be found in this file, and that’s why Meyer was desperate to get rid of it. Since each villain had a distinct method of taking his victims, Meyer did too. Previously, he killed that man in Episode 1 of “Hunters” Season 2 after offering him hope for life, and he did the same to Frondheim. Meyer assured him that he would spare him if he stayed out of his life. Frondheim nodded, and Meyer killed him with a shot. Though Meyer may not be a follower of Nazi ideologies, he could be as evil as any Nazi had ever been. He returned to New York while officer Simon Wiesenthal arrived to question him. Meyer had come to him a few days before to inquire about Frondheim, and now he had been found dead. Keeping that in mind, Simon was unsure whether to treat this as a coincidence or premeditated murder. Meyer refused to tell him the truth and instead emphasized his support for whoever killed the Nazi Frondheim. Simon disagreed completely, claiming that he couldn’t even recognize Meyer. He warned him that if a finger was pointed at him, he would be powerless to stop the investigation. Meyer was concerned about how far he had to go to live the rest of his life in peace.

In the ending scene of Episode 3 of “Hunters” Season 2, Hitler learned that the Crow had been murdered by the Hunters. He proceeded to inform Joe of the news and instructed him to be ready to find the hunters and bring them to him. The second season of “Hunters” went to great lengths to create the most terrifying-looking Hitler ever. However, Hitler’s order seemed to be that Joe goes to find the Hunters and associate with them so that he could trick them into falling into his trap. But the question is: would Joe do what he was told, or would he help his old friends take revenge on Hitler? Thus, only future episodes could provide an explanation for the situation.


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