‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Meyer Find Joe?

We are all somewhat aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding Adolf Hitler’s alleged flight to Argentina. Since 1945, after Hitler and his wife committed suicide in the Fuhrerbunker, there have been many investigations, the exhumation of various remains, and rumors regarding Hitler’s death. Some theories claimed that a narcissistic personality like Hitler couldn’t commit suicide. Instead, he escaped from Berlin and underwent plastic surgery to hide his identity. The fictional point of view of Dustan and Williams’ 2011 book “Grey Wolf” or various dramatic documentaries supported the theories, but historians rejected these speculations. However, in the fictional world of “Hunters,” Hitler’s presence had created quite a stir. After hearing about it from Biff in episode 1 of “Hunters,” Jonah is confused and determined to learn the truth and hunt down the Nazi head, and that’s the reason he came to Morris to feed her this information.


Spoilers Ahead

How Would The Hunters Find Hitler?

The second episode opens in Austria, where Harriet was employed in Von Klaussen’s house as a babysitter. After Klausen’s children fell asleep, she went downstairs and found Klaussen had arrived. She confessed to him that meeting him had been her lifelong ambition. As she approached him and kissed him, her intentions became clear as she placed the point of a knife at his chest. She wanted to kill him but accidentally did it in front of his children. She apologized to them before fleeing the house. Van Klaussen could be a Nazi official who was pursued by Harriet, implying that she wasn’t a Nazi but worked for an anti-Nazi organization, which was not to be confused with the Hunters, as the latter had been broken up after an unfortunate incident happened in Spain. Future episodes of this season will shed some light on that particular incident.


Meanwhile, in America, Morris has welcomed Jonah into her home. Jonah had come to her to inform her of Hitler’s location. He claimed that Hitler was still alive and that the Colonel was Eva Braun, Hitler’s wife. Millie refused to believe that Hitler and his wife were still alive, but Jonah assured her that Biff had mentioned that all roads lead through Genoa, meaning that other Nazi officials, such as Eichmann, Mengele, etc., had also fled to Genoa. Essen Industries, a steel conglomerate, had chartered the ship from Genoa that had secured Hitler and his wife’s passage to South America. So if they tracked down the founder of Essen Industries, Klaus Rhinester, in Buenos Aires, they’d find Hitler. Millie was hesitant to join the Hunt crew, but Jonah persuaded her to do so because very few people in the world had the opportunity to seek justice, and relying on the legal system would not provide that. Millie agreed to continue with the Hunt. They approached Lonny Flash, who was now in Spain making films and whose health was deteriorating due to his drug addiction. They arrived to meet Mindy, who was delighted to see them, as opposed to Roxy, who was delighted until Jonah and Millie approached her. Finally, they arrived in Vienna to recruit Harriet for the team.

How Did Meyer Find Joe?

Back in 1975, when Meyer was still alive and looking for Frondheim, who knew his true identity, he was gathering information about Frondheim and thinking about enlisting meticulous and skilled individuals who could either finish Frondheim or transport him to Meyer. He identified one of them as Joe, an employee of his company. A fight between his employees helped Meyer find Joe, who seemed to be a skilled fighter. He read Joe’s file, which contained details about Joe’s previous job as a rifleman in Vietnam. He was also a camp survivor during the Vietnam War. His father was a soldier and a great fighter who’d died while serving his country. Meyer used Joe’s vulnerability to his advantage. He told his fabricated story about surviving the Nazi camp and said that one of those Nazi camp guards was still alive in this world. Meyer invited Joe to join the mission to take down Nazi guard Frondheim. Joe gathered Frondheim’s files and handed them to Meyer. Meyer was impressed, but he knew that a one-man army wasn’t going to get him what he wanted. He was going to form a motley crew to track down his nemesis.


Elsewhere in New York in 1979, Travis is seen breaking out of jail and hiding inside a cake shop. In comparison to the previous season, he had become much more dangerous and psychotic. With the aid of some truck drivers, we witness him travel to Argentina, but he kills everyone since he won’t let anyone live. As he entered Hitler’s mansion, he was astounded to see Joe serving as Eva Braun’s security. Travis got up in front of Eva and questioned why she had called him even though he had failed her in New York. Eva ignored his question, opting to have a sexual encounter with him first, putting her mission aside.

Klaus Rhinestar was at a theater in Buenos Aires when the Hunters arrived. They posed as members of the audience and walked into the hallway. Jonah was able to access Klaus’ coat in order to extract his valuables, while Morris was one step closer to launching an attack on Klaus. However, while she was about to shoot him, someone attacked her from behind, injecting a loaded syringe into her neck. Meanwhile, Jonah was able to apprehend a masked thug who violently attacked him. When Jonah managed to unmask the guy, Harriet pointed her gun at Jonah and asked him to put his gun down. Jonah was astounded to see Harriet turn against them. it was difficult to determine whether Harriet was a traitor or if she was instructed by her anti-Nazi organization to apprehend Jonah and his gang in order for them to work together to eliminate the Nazis. 


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