Howard Pilmar: In ‘Homicide: New York’ Episode 4 “Midtown Slasher” Recap & Ending

Famous television producer Dick Wolf, creator of the iconic Law & Order, has a new show on Netflix called Homicide: New York. It’s about real crimes happening in New York City. The show follows cops and detectives as they try to solve these crimes and bring the community justice. One really interesting episode is called Midtown Slasher. It’s about a guy named Howard Pilmar, who was a big shot in business. Everyone loved him, but then something terrible happened—he got killed! Now, people are wondering why anyone would want to hurt someone as nice and well-respected as Howard. Was it for money, or did they have some other reason? This episode will get you all worked up and keep you on the edge of your seat with its shocking revelations. So, get ready to be hooked!


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Howard Pilmar? 

Howard Pilmar was a beloved son, husband, and father. He worked hard at his dad’s company, King Group, one of the biggest office supply companies in New York City. People loved him because he was full of energy and had great ideas. Before Starbucks became popular, Howard even started his own coffee chain named after his son, Philip. He really cared about his family above everything else. So, when news broke that Howard had been brutally murdered, it shocked everyone. He was stabbed a crazy number of times, which made it clear that it wasn’t just a random robbery. Nothing was stolen from him, adding to the mystery. In New York, where murders related to business were sadly common, this was a big deal. They found Howard’s body outside the elevator in his office building, where he’d died from blood loss. His dad, Frank, was devastated when he heard the news. Howard’s sister talked about how lively he was, making his murder even more heartbreaking. The detectives had their work cut out for them, trying to figure out who would want to hurt Howard so badly. It’s a tragedy that has left everyone searching for answers and struggling to come to terms with such a senseless loss.


Why Was Evan A Prime Suspect? 

Solving this murder was a big deal for everyone involved. In 1996, Roger Parrino was the commanding officer of the Midtown South detective squad in New York, and they began piecing together clues in the case. What they uncovered was far from ordinary. As Harold was known to be a great boss with strong relationships with his employees, suspicions were initially low among his staff. Even though they were questioned multiple times, it was evident that they had no hidden agendas or motives for wanting their boss dead. The autopsy report revealed a shocking detail: even after Howard’s heart had stopped, he was still stabbed multiple times. Two days after his murder, on March 24th, 1996, the detective squad went to the funeral service home to film interactions, hoping to spot anything unusual. Being Jewish, the Pilmar family held a shiva, which thousands attended. However, something strange occurred—Howard’s wife, Ross, insisted on holding the shiva at Frank’s place instead of their own, fearing it would emotionally affect their son, Philip. Frank understood the situation, having seen Philip’s transformation from a confident, talkative kid to a silent and lonely one after his father’s death. During the investigation, one name stood out: Evan, Ross’s brother. Evan was known for his aggressive attitude and constant desire to take control of the family’s coffee chain business, despite it being Howard’s domain. He was difficult to approach and clearly had a motive to take over Howard’s business. Further investigation revealed that Evan and Ross were the last people to see Howard on the night of the murder. Could they be responsible? A drop of blood found under the sink in the office matched Evan’s DNA, raising suspicions even further. Also, several cuts were discovered on Evan’s left hand, and since he was left-handed, it made him a prime suspect in the murder investigation. It seemed clear that greed and a desire for power were the driving forces behind Evan’s potential involvement in Howard’s tragic death.

How Was Ross Involved In The Case? 

Ross and Howard—they were like a storybook romance, high school sweethearts who built a life together. Howard was fiercely devoted to Ross, and their son Philip was the center of their world. But behind the façade of marital bliss, cracks had began to show. After Howard’s death, it was discovered that his company owed $14,500 in state taxes. Ross inherited $1.2 million from a life insurance policy, along with Howard’s business, coffee shop, vacation homes, and custody of Philip. Howard’s family had no idea about any problems in their marriage, but one of his loyal employees had overheard them fighting on the phone, indicating there were issues. After Howard’s death, Ross cut ties with Howard’s family, took custody of Philip, and broke all family connections, devastating Frank. In 1997, a year later, New York police put up posters as a memorial for Howard’s death, hoping to elicit a response. Evan and Ross’s sister were caught tearing down the posters. Why? Claiming it harmed their business. Suspicious much? Enter the babysitter, Allyson. During her interview with the police, she provided crucial information. She mentioned that Ross was always very punctual, but on the night of the murder, she’d asked Allyson to stay longer with Philip and take him to hockey practice. Ross called twice to check on them. When they returned, Ross seemed uneasy about Allyson entering the house and quickly took Philip inside. Additionally, a voicemail on Howard’s office phone revealed Ross’s attempt to establish an alibi, claiming she would be home between 8 and 8:15 PM and Howard would be going to the NCAA game with his friend at 10 PM. So she and Philip will be waiting for him to come back. This attention to detail suggested her involvement, as she was in the house while her brother was likely out killing her husband during that window. The motive? It was as clear as day. Greed, control, and power; Ross wanted it all—Howard’s wealth, his business, and most importantly, custody of Philip. And she was willing to go to sinister lengths to get it.


Finally, Ross and Evan were arrested and taken to court. The detectives knew every little thing about the case and showed solid proof that both of them were guilty of killing Howard. Finally, justice was served, and Howard’s dad, Frank, felt a bit better knowing the people responsible were caught. Frank really wanted to connect with his grandson, Philip. We can see how Philip looked a lot like his father, Howard, which just made Frank miss his son more. But when Philip found out his mother might have had something to do with Howard’s death, he couldn’t believe it. He defended her, saying Howard’s family made up lies to get back at her. It was tough seeing Philip so shocked and upset because he always thought of his mother. Even though Philip didn’t believe it, Ross and Evan got sent to prison for 25 years. It brought some closure to Howard’s family and friends, but it was still difficult to know the truth about what happened to the honest, loving businessman and family man. 

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