‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Are Daemon And Rhaenyra Finally Married?

“House of The Dragon” Episode 7 has finally arrived, and the atmosphere in Westeros has changed for the good. The previous episode showed the tragic deaths of Princess Laena and Sir Harwin Strong, and the latest episode, “Eye for a Dragon,” deals with the aftermath of both deaths. Tread carefully, as there are some dragon-size spoilers!! Literally!


A Quick Peek Into The Last Episode

Let’s take the ferry back to the “House of The Dragon” Episode 6, where Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen gave birth to her third child and was then commanded to bring him to Alicent Hightower. Rhaenyra wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch her son, so she brought him to Alicent herself. The rumor was that all of Alicent’s sons were born of the enterprise of Rhaenyra and Sir Harwin Strong, not Rhaenyra’s husband, Prince Laenor since they had brown hair and a pug nose. With every passing day, the tensions in Westeros were growing. At King’s Landing, the rift between Alicent Hightower and her former best friend Rhaenyra Targaryen was widening. Lady Laena tried and suffered the same complications with the delivery during her stay in Pentos. The same dark choice befell Daemon Targaryen to surgically remove the baby by cutting his wife’s belly, but unlike his brother King Viserys, Daemon was having a hard time making a choice. Lady Laena decided to handle the situation on her own. She found Vhagar sleeping on the beach and screamed “Dracarys” at him until he agreed to burn him with his heat, in the process, sacrificing herself and the baby she was carrying.

“House of The Dragon”‘ Episode 6 ended with the assassination of Ser Harwin caused by the fire in the fortress where he was staying on his route to the Riverlands, and the audience witnesses his final moments. We learned afterward that Sir Larys was responsible for plotting his brother’s and father’s deaths to gain an edge on Alicent Hightower, which he could later use to benefit his plan. There’s no denying that fire annihilates everything, even the darkest of secrets.


The Burial at Sea

The entire Targaryen, Velaryon, and important members of the major houses have gathered at Driftmark to say their last goodbyes to Princess Laena. According to Velaryon customs, she will be cast back into the sea. Everybody is striving to cope with the sudden loss of Lady Laena, but the dark clouds over Driftmark speak of an impending catastrophe. King Viserys’ health is deteriorating, giving fans an idea that he is living on borrowed time, and it is his demise that will trigger the actual civil war.

Usually, misfortunes unite households, but in this case, they just reveal the reality. Parents may strive to shield their kids from family feuds, but those tensions may eventually affect their ability to console others who need them. In an attempt to comfort his brother in his time of need, King Viserys offers Daemon and his twin daughters to return to King’s Landing. But Daemon refuses to return because Pentos has become his home. We see Otto Hightower scratching his badge, implying that he has finally been made the King’s Hand again. He discovers Aegon intoxicated on the stairwell, smacks some sense into his Targaryen brain, and takes him back to his quarters. Everyone in the show is grieving the loss of Laena in their own way. We see Leanor going towards the beach where he and Laena used to play as kids. Lord Corlys and his spouse were shown crying together in their bedroom. Rhaenys says they should’ve just brought Laena back since she had longed to be with them. However, it is well known that Laena was not killed during delivery due to a lack of medical attention.


Daemon Reminiscing His Past With Rhaenyra

The scene shifts, and we see Daemon and his niece reminiscing about their affection as they stroll around the shore at night. She concedes that the fire has taken something precious from both of their lives. She also reveals to Daemon her real feelings for her current husband. Rhaenyra’s enterprise with Laenor was just an agreement to strengthen Viserys’ rule, and she harbors no affection for Sir Laenor. She admits that being wanted by somebody as attractive as Harris was satisfying, even if it brought her little joy. After this, Rhaenyrs says, “I should have banned him from traveling to the Riverlands.” She claims that Daemon deserted her during one of their passionate exchanges. But Daemon points out that she was only a teenager at the time. The next scene shows the duo getting intimate.

 Aemond Gained a Dragon But Lost an Eye

In a different scenario, Aemond displays his continued refusal to accept the possibility of ever getting a dragon. He approaches the coast, where Vhagar is resting in the shadows of the moonlight. When he reaches out to brush the dragon, he inadvertently wakes her up. Vhagar, however, recoils upon realizing he contains Targaryen blood. As Aemond advances toward Vhagar, she starts spitting fire, but Aemond calms her down by citing “Dohaeris.” He sends the dragon soaring into the starry night. The Targaryen prince struggled to bond with the dragon; hence he has never received the training required to mount one. He holds on for his life as the beast nearly throws him off many times, but he survives the trip without a terrible or perhaps comical end. Daemon’s twins see Vhagar’s flight and wake up her other siblings, saying, “Someone has stolen Vhagar.” After Vhagar lands, Baela, Jace, Luke, and Rhaena rush over, only to discover it was Aemond who was flying Vhagar. The conversation escalates into a violent altercation as Rhaena accuses him of stealing her mom’s legacy. Aemond throws fists at the kids. He mocks the lads as “bastards,” drawing attention to the fact that they are, in reality, Ser Harris’ kids. In addition, he reveals that their birth father was burned to death, something Luce is unaware of. Jace becomes enraged and tries to attack the Prince with a dagger. He misses, but Luce seizes the opportunity and slices Aemond’s left eye, causing a gaping hole. Even though the kids aren’t even adults yet, we’ve been given a glimpse of the doom that is to come.


Everybody in the fortress is furious about what has happened. Both Viserys and Alicent demanded to know who was responsible. Jace and Luce say Aemond started the bout by labeling them as “bastards.” Viserys turns to Aemond, asking where he had received this profane charge, and Aemond blames Aegon. Alicent is furious and demands severe punishment for the lads, but Viserys refuses, claiming they’re one family. He flat-out refuses to give in to the Queen’s wishes. Rather than wait for the King to intervene, Alicent decides to do her own bidding and slashes Rhaenyra’s wrist.

‘House of The Dragon’ Episode 7: Ending-A Conspiracy To Kill Laenor

Prince Laenor comes into Rhaenyra’s room while she is having her arm dressed, demanding to know what has happened. He feels terrible about it and adds, “I should have been there,” prompting Rhaenyra to retaliate. Laenor has amassed a mountain of remorse and shame, but he promises to be there for her. Viserys’s condition seems to be worsening after he arrives in Westeros. Alicent has reached rock bottom, and she will do whatever it takes to see Aegon, the “next Protector of the Realm.” Things only worsen when Rhaenyra suggests marrying one of her sons to her daughter. Daemon realizes he can’t have Rhaenyra as long as Lord Laenor is present. Then he offers Ser Qarl wealth and the promise of a trip to a foreign land. But here’s the rub: He has to infiltrate Lord Corlys’ fortress undetected and eliminate Lord Laenor. Corlys and Rhaenys discover what they believe to be their son’s burnt remains in the furnace. Corlys erupts in fury as his Queen, Rhaenys, collapses in grief at the loss of her son. The episode takes a 6-month leap, and we see Rhaenyra and Daemon finally tie the knot. A question remains, though: Is Laenor really dead? He isn’t. “House of The Dragon” episode 7 final moments show Laenor bald, rowing a boat in the middle of the ocean.


Rhaenrya made his feelings known to Daemon. However, she failed to grasp that his dear uncle would go to any length to strengthen his claim to her. Daemon saw Rhaenyra blossom from a little girl into a gorgeous young woman. He indulged Rhaenyra’s every whim, showered her with presents, and provided a soothing hug whenever her temper flared, or she had a terrifying dream. He was the one who first trained her to fly a dragon. Daemon doesn’t like kids, but he has always been warm towards his niece. We’ve also seen Daemon murdering his wife in cold blood just so that he could wed Rhaenyra, and now his wish is finally fulfilled. God knows!! What will he do next?

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