‘Hot Skull’ Trailer Explained: A Linguist In Search Of A Cure To A Disease That Is Spreading Fast

“Hot Skull” is an upcoming Turkish film on Netflix that is directed by Mert Baykal. This science fiction series is based on the novel of the same name “Hot Skull,” written by Afşin Kum. The story is set in a world where an epidemic is on the rise and is spread by communication. But a former linguist, Murat Siyavus, remained untouched by the disease and hid in his mother’s house. However, he could not remain hidden and unaffected for long, as he was chased by the ones who were already infected. Murat was forced to leave the safe zone by the brutal authorities for investigating the reason behind the long-lasting effect of the disease, which is the “hot skull.”

What Is Happening In The ‘Hot Skull’ Trailer?

“Hot Skull” trailer begins with images of a city under lockdown. The authority had positioned forces everywhere in the city. We see animals crossing the streets, and there is no transportation available. We are then introduced to Murat Siyavus, a former linguist, walking across the street. Murat saw a woman a few days after the New Year, sitting at a bus stop reading a book. Murat imagined walking close to the woman and thought it was the woman who was reminding him  something. Murat thought that she was reminding him of who he was before the world completely changed after the epidemic.

Later, we see Murat’s mother advising him to live his life without worrying about anything. After that, Murat goes into the bathroom, takes a walkman with him, and holds a stopwatch in his other hand. When he plays the tape, we soon see a discomfort grasping him, and when he puts the infrared thermometer on his forehead, the temperature of his skull rises. Soon after, we see how the noise affects the inside of the human brain.

The whole world was suffering from a plague called “jabbering,” and the one who suffered from the  disease was called a “jabberer.” People who were not affected by the disease used noise-canceling headphones so that they wouldn’t hear a jabberer talking to them. It was a plague of insanity that was spreading through communication. One day, Murat tried listening to a woman whom he could not identify as a jabberer. He listened to her after removing his headphones. Soon we see everyone running away from her, and the door closing. A boy was left behind, so Murat put his headphones on the boy’s ears and pushed him to the other side of the door. Murat remained there, and the jabberer talked to him again. It seemed like Murat was not affected by the jabbering disease. However, he felt some discomfort, but the jabbering of the woman enhanced his skills. We see a scene where he is solving the Sudoku like it’s not much of an effort.

So, while the jabbering was getting deadlier  for the other human beings, the disease had actually turned Murat into a more skilled person. However, Murat did not like the change much, so he wanted to get rid of whatever his mind was up to. Later, we see a woman, the same woman from the bus stop, come to seek help from Murat. Later, Murat joined the woman and was introduced to a gang. Maybe the gang was fighting against the authorities and wanted to know the real reason behind the epidemic. We see some bad guys wanting to take advantage of this situation. Maybe they, too, were looking for Murat and wanted to gain the abilities he had achieved through the epidemic.

Anyway, the world was in a complete mess, and Murat is probably the only hope to save humanity once and for all. Everyone was fighting for their own reasons. The number of people fighting for a good cause felt a little meager compared to the opponents. The ending of “Hot Skull” teaser felt like Murat had to cross a barrier of fear to achieve his highest potential. He jumped off a pillar to reach up to another pillar, where the woman who was asking  for his help was standing. Only after reaching out to her did he finally realize that he could not hide from the bad people anymore. He was all set to fight against the odds for a good cause.


“Hot Skull” is going to be one of those science fiction that will invest vastly in thrillers and conspiracies. Perhaps we are going to find that the epidemic was somehow caused by men to satisfy their own greed. However, they did not know that Murat would turn out to be an obstacle on their path to success. Murat would definitely deny his abilities at first, but in the end, he will confront his fear. The most exciting thing to watch in this upcoming series is how Murat, a former linguist, will find a cure for the disease that spreads through communication!

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Shovan Roy
Shovan Roy
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