‘Hot Skull’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Murat Help Plus 1 In Finding A Cure For ARDS?

The last two episodes of “Hot Skull,” a.k.a. “Sicak Kafa,” are jam-packed with thrills. Who was responsible for Kocaeli? Does Ozgur join Plus 1 to help find a cure for ARDS? What is Murat’s plan? Let’s find out what happens next in “Hot Skull” after Murat agrees to give important intel on Plus 1 to only Anton.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Murat Plan On Telling The AEI?

Murat asks Erol about Fazil, and he tells him that Fazil is responsible for Kocaeli. He is not interested in finding a cure; rather, he is more interested in saving his name. Erol says Fazil’s name grew after the epidemic hit. He is a total lunatic who is after power. Erol warns Murat that Fazil could cause headaches, but Murat says he is used to it now. Meanwhile, back at the AEI headquarters, Fazil talks to his superiors and informs them that he has suspended all security staff after Murat gassed the entire building. He also promises them that he will catch the suspects and take strict action against them. Fazil goes out and tells Haydar that he is going to make Murat regret his actions. He orders Haydar to check all possible targets for an attack.


Ozgur visits Murat and asks him what he is up to and why he did not tell him the AEI was after him. Emel threatens Ozgur to get him to help Murat because his condition seems to worsen with time. Ozgur takes Murat to another room and gets very angry. He further asks him what his deal is and tells him how much he has sacrificed to help Murat with his skull. He feels betrayed and asks Murat to pick a side, either him or Plus 1. At the Plus 1 building, Sule is on the radio talking about requests the group has made for the rally. Even though they have sent countless petitions to the AEI, the authoritarian government is not ready to unban rallies. Murat hears the entire broadcast. Sule further says the group will no longer be seeking permission, and the rally will take place even without permission on the anniversary of Kocaeli. Plus, 1 plan to march to the Kocaeli monument and fight against all odds. 

What Does Arif Know About Hawk Wing’s Plan?

Sule confronts Arif and asks him what he knows about the attack that the Hawk Wing is planning. She also warns him about the consequences of doing so. Arif looks at Murat and says he thought Murat would help find a cure for his dad and others in need. To his dismay, Ozgur now has a problem with Plus 1 and does not wish to work with them to keep his identity hidden. Murat later tells Sule he has to help Anton get out of custody. Sule gets annoyed listening to Murat and goes into Asli’s office to find clues about the attack. There, Murat warns her, saying she could be arrested for conducting a rally without the right authorization; however, she tells him she already knows about the consequences of her action. Sule continues to look for clues and says there must be something that she could find in order to stop the planned attack from happening. She tells him that Plus 1 only stands for justice and hope; she cannot let their name go down. Sule later finds a message like the one from before; she shows it to Murat and asks him if he can help her decode it. Suddenly, Asli and one of her men come into the room. They take a page from Sule and tell them to mind their own business. Even though they take the page away, Murat seems to remember the numbers.


Does The Rally Take Place?

Back at the AEI headquarters, Haydar informs Fazil that he has checked every building that the AEI owns, and they have found nothing. Haydar asks Fazil about the possibility of Murat fooling them with false information. Fazil then goes back to his preparations for the grand opening of the lab; he has transferred jabberers there, and we see that Suat is not invited. He does not want his name associated with the new lab. When Murat calls Fazil, he asks for Anton. He calls Anton at the ferry station. Fazil orders Anton to kill Murat after getting the necessary information. When Anton goes to meet up with Murat, he warns him about the orders and tells him the AEI has an eye on them. However, with the help of Erol and Serhat, both of them manage to escape from the ferry. Murat calls Fazil and asks him to permit the rally, and because of his failed operation, Fazil agrees. He also has to release Anton’s family from custody. Anton is reunited with his family. Fazil goes on television to announce that his team has made a big decision to permit rallies on the day of the grand opening of the lab. Upon hearing the news, Asli gets worried and says it could be a trap; however, everyone else seems to be excited about the rally.

What Happens At The Rally?

On the anniversary of Kocaeli, we see a huge number of people gathering to commemorate the lost souls. Sule leads the rally and holds the rose plant Engin’s grandmother gave her. However, as the rally was going peacefully, Fazil ordered his officers to create chaos. The AEI starts beating the people who participate in the rally. Sule and her teammates start running from the park to the memorial. In haste, Sule accidentally drops the rose plant. Upon reaching the memorial, she lifts a rose to signal she is looking for her rose plant. Suddenly, a man lifts her rose plant, and the people start passing it to her. Everyone starts clapping while Sule reunites the rose with Earth to show her respect to Engin. Asli orders Hakan (a Hawk Wing member) to abort their mission. However, he does not listen to her and tells his teammates, including Arif, to carry out their plan. Murat calls Fazil and informs him about the attack that the Hawk Wing is planning and gives out information. He tells Fazil that six people from Plus 1 will enter their building using some insiders’ ID cards. He later gives him the ID card numbers. When Hawk Wing is on his way to the AEI building, some officers from the AEI arrest him. We later see that it was Anton and his team who safely took the people of Hawk Wing back to the Plus 1 building.


Meanwhile, we see Fazil giving his speech at the inauguration of the new lab. He also invites Suat to the grand opening and asks him to give a speech. After the speech, both of them go to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. They cut the ribbon together; however, Fazil does not go inside the lab with the others. We later see an explosion take place at the lab, and the only survivor is Fazil. Yes, Fazil conspires the whole time to shift the blame onto Plus 1 and stop them from working on finding a cure for ARDS.

What Happens After The Explosion?

Members of Plus 1 watch the news in horror as Fazil tells everyone on TV that he will find the culprits of this explosion very soon. He also says the culprits will receive the most severe punishment possible. Upon hearing this, everyone decides to hide. Plus 1 is no longer safe and has to be disbanded. The research has to stop, and Istanbul is not safe for Murat anymore. Fazil will trace everything back to Murat and his team. He is out to seek vengeance. Sule tells Murat that it is too late now, and he has to work with Plus 1 in order to save everyone. He is the only hope for humanity now. Anton’s family is no longer safe either, so he plans to shift his wife and child to a safer area. Anton suggests Murat shift his mother to Armutlu since it would be safer for her to stay away from the sixth zone.


Does Murat Get Ready To Fight The AEI?

Things get out of hand, and Anton tells Murat now is the time to fight back. Everyone knows that Fazil is up to no good. He has killed a lot of people but always finds a way to pin his wrongdoing on others. Ozgur sees the news and gets panicky. When Murat goes to his place, Ozgur tells him everyone is in danger and that they cannot help anyone. However, Murat says he can’t keep hiding from everyone anymore. Ozgur looks at Murat in disbelief. He warns him that both of them will be dead if they continue to help Plus 1. We later find out that Haluk tries to communicate with Murat in sign language. There is some connection between Murat and Haluk that cannot be described. He asks about Ozgur, who has worked on them. Ozgur tells him that he has tried the same experiment on other patients, but none of them showed the same results as Murat did. Other than that, Ozgur has nothing to say; he says he needs to ask Haluk what happened. Murat goes back to Viktor’s hospital and tells him that Ozgur’s treatment did not work on anyone else.

Where Do The Members Of Plus 1 Go?

Sule decides to disband Plus 1 temporarily and warn everybody about the AEI. She tells Murat that they need to leave Istanbul and go somewhere safe in order to find a cure. However, Murat thinks he should go alone. He tells her that he does not feel safe around others and that the people he loves are now in trouble because of him. Sule does not agree with him and says they need to finish what they started. There is still hope for a cure. Meanwhile, we see that a state of emergency has been declared, and leaving Istanbul is not easy. The AEI destroys the Kocaeli memorial, and the plant that Sule had planted also gets crushed. Sule, Murat, and Arif go to warn Plus 1. They ask everyone to go underground for a while until things get settled with the AEI. However, the AEI reaches Plus 1’s building. Everyone starts running from the place, and, in an unfortunate event, Arif is shot by one of the AEI officers. Murat takes him to Ozgur’s place, and Ozgur puts bandages on him; however, his fever gets high. Later, Murat takes him to Viktor’s hospital, where Viktor says Arif’s condition is critical.


What Does Murat Say To Haluk?

Murat goes to Haluk and asks him what his deal is. He asks him to jabber, but Haluk stays calm. Murat gets frustrated when Haluk doesn’t speak up and starts crying. Murat goes inside a room where Anton, his trusted men, and some members of Plus 1 are waiting. He tells them he used to work for the AEI and he’s the mastermind behind Project X. He tells everyone his secret and also tells them that he is going to fight the AEI now. Everyone supports his decisions. We find out that Arif dies. His last words were to Murat, where he says he wishes not to die. It is a very emotional scene where everyone mourns his death.

How Does Episode 8 End?

Anton orders his men to escort Plus 1 members to Armutlu. We see everyone going underground. Murat says goodbye to his mother. After that, we see that Murat says he would not leave Istanbul without Haluk and that without him, he cannot find a cure. Sule gets scared when Murat is adamant about taking Haluk with them, but Murat tells her he would not let anything happen to them. The AEI raids Viktor’s hospital, but Murat and his team escape from behind. On their way, one of AEI’s trucks stops them. However, Haluk starts speaking. The officers start jabbering, and they escape again. He later calls Ozgur, who does not agree to be a part of Plus 1. He says he chose the wrong side. 


In the final few minutes of the season, we see Erol waiting for Murat and his team at the dock. However, he informs Murat that the AEI agents are swarming the place. Murat gets frustrated and asks Erol to go with “another option” he had discussed. After this, we see a seaplane coming to their rescue. The AEI locates them and starts chasing after them. However, they quickly board the seaplane and start flying. On the plane, we hear the Plus 1 broadcast, where Can plays Murat’s tapes. He gives a speech where he talks about hoping for a cure. They take Haluk along with them. In the end, we see Sule’s phone ringing. Murat notices it and picks it up. On the other end, it is Fazil who speaks, and the credits roll. How does Sule know Fazil? What is their connection? Did Murat make the right decision by leaving Istanbul with Sule? What is Sule’s actual story? Will Plus 1 find a cure together? We might be getting another season of “Hot Skull,” but until then, the creators have decided to keep us wondering!

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