‘Hot Skull’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Was Ozgur Hiding And What Happens To Emel?

The anniversary of Kocaeli is near, and the people of this dystopian world are growing restless under the orders of the AEI. Plus 1 is on its way to finding a cure, but the Hawk Wing has other plans. Fazil is onto something, and Anton has to go to extreme measures to save his family. Ozgur is alive, and Murat is visibly upset with his friend. Anton is trying his best to talk to Murat somehow. Let’s find out what happened in “Hot Skull” after Ozgur was found alive!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Murat Say To Ozgur?

Murat seems very upset when he wakes up after the maze game. He looks at Ozgur and starts beating him up. Ozgur enjoys the fight because of a drug he has made. Apparently, this drug gives you a high that makes you enjoy pain. Yasemin stops Murat when the fight gets out of control and Ozgur starts bleeding. After they settle down, Murat asks Ozgur what he has done to his skull. He wants to know the reason why he gets hot when he’s around jabberers and also how he is immune to the virus. He wants to go back to his normal self and asks Ozgur to reverse his condition. However, Ozgur tells Murat that he would need to re-examine his brain and that he does not have enough tools to do so. He also tells Murat that he is his biggest achievement because he gifted him this extraordinary skull that made him immune to the virus and also made him smarter. Meanwhile, Sule tries to ask Yasemin where they are, but she tells her to stay quiet and not ask too many questions. We see a little bonding between Murat and Ozgur when Murat asks for help. Instead of getting straight to business, Ozgur gives Murat a drug and asks for a basketball game for old-time’s sake. Murat says if he wins the game, Ozgur has to help him reset his brain. After taking the drug, Murat starts crying.


Sule goes to Can and informs him that Ozgur is alive, and they have found him. Can ask her if Murat will now help them with research, and she says she is not sure. Back at Ozgur’s place, Murat starts sharing his story. He tells Ozgur how it was his fault that his wife started jabbering, and he put her at risk; as a result, she killed herself. He later asks Ozgur what his reasons were for not contacting him if he was still alive. To this, Ozgur explains what happened at the lab when the fire started.

Was Fazil Responsible For The Fire? What Is He Up To Now?

Yes, Fazil was responsible for the fire that took place in the research lab. When Ozgur did not sign a false report, it hurt Fazil’s ego, and he started the fire. Ozgur barely made it out alive and started living a low-key life. He could not contact Murat because he was hiding from the AEI. However, the AEI is not after Murat because of Ozgur. He did not keep Murat’s name anywhere in the files. He named Murat “Patient X,” and after Fazil got the file, he started searching for the infamous patient who was immune to the virus. After sharing his story, Ozgur asks Murat if he still wants to reset his brain, and Murat says he wants to be free. He is adamant about getting his head to reset because he is sick of the AEI chasing him. He wants to be a normal person and not a lab rat for the AEI. According to Murat, if he gets caught by the AEI somehow, they will start examining his brain, and he will eventually die there, in between jabberers. In the Plus 1 building, Sule asks Can keep an eye on Arif because she thinks they are up to something big. When Arif’s girlfriend comes to the building injured, he gets very angry. She was beaten up by the AEI. Now, there is even more unrest among the members of Plus 1.


Meanwhile, Fazil finds out that Anton has been running his own little investigation on Murat. Anton goes to the sixth zone and meets a girl who has information on Murat. He later asks if the girl has seen Murat in the area and she confirms the same. She also gives him the address of the hotel where Murat went. Anton raids the hotel; however, the AEI reaches it and Anton is taken into custody. Fazil orders Anton to finish what he has started. He asks him to find Murat and bring him to the AEI, and if that is not done, he will not let Anton reunite with his family. Yes, the AEI keeps Anton’s family in prison. Anton has to agree with Fazil in order to reunite with his family. He also gets a new partner. On Fazil’s orders, they go to Murat’s mother, Emel’s place. They search the entire house again, and Anton secretly talks to Emel. He tells her he is there to help Murat and wants him alive. She tells him to talk to their security guard and that he will know what to do. Anton also keeps the instruction diary that Murat had made for his mother with him. 

Is Plus 1 Planning An Attack?

Sule takes a cryptic message from Arif’s book while he is busy taking care of his girlfriend. Murat says he thinks it is a code, and the answer to it is in a book. They are not sure about the book, and Sule tries very hard to decode the message. Sule thinks that Plus 1 is planning to attack the AEI. Murat almost gets caught by the AEI in this scene; however, Anton signals him with a red pinecone. Sule offers Plus 1’s lab to run tests on Murat, and Ozgur agrees. He comes to pick Sule and Murat up to go to the lab together at night when nobody is around. This was Ozgur’s condition; he did not want to get caught. On reaching the lab, we get introduced to a new character, Haluk.


Who Is Haluk And Why Is He So Dangerous?

On reaching the lab and getting to know who they would be working on, Ozgur and Murat backed off. The level six jabberer Haluk is extremely dangerous. Apparently, the two of them have worked on Haluk, and he is extremely dangerous. All the jabberers get quiet in front of Haluk. The level six jabberer can stay calm and collected; he is very different from other jabberers. Viktor wants to know how Murat’s brain would react when exposed to this type of danger. However, Murat disagrees with this plan. He says he does not want to become Plus 1’s lab rat and that they are no different than the AEI if they want to conduct so many tests on him. Back at the AEI headquarters, Fazil asks Emel about Murat’s whereabouts, and she says she would never give out information on her son. Fazil orders his men to keep her in custody until she tells them something. He clicks her photos and pastes them everywhere around the area. Meanwhile, Ozgur promises Murat a way to reverse his condition. 

What Happens To Emel?

The Kocaeli memorial is almost there, and Plus 1 is planning a rally without permission from the AEI. Sule is at Suzan’s place, and she tells her she can’t decode the message. She is concerned something bad will happen at the rally. She really wants to know what Hawk Wing is up to behind Plus 1’s back. She says Plus 1 is all about finding a cure and giving hope. She does not want any violence on the day of the memorial. Suzan asks Sule to plant the roses that she has been growing for her grandson on the day of the rally. 


Murat goes to Sule and informs her that his mother is in custody. He understands the pain that the families go through every day, but it is also the reason why he wants to be free. He is scared for his mother, and he blames his skull for all the mishaps. Sule tells him that he is not alone in this fight and that Murat should stay calm. Meanwhile, Anton goes to Arif’s place and tells him he is there to save Murat’s life. He informs her that Emel is in custody, but she is safe and sound. He later says he wants to deliver a message to Murat and Arif demands a condition. Arif asks for the names of the officers who beat his girlfriend, and Anton sends them to him through Serhat. Arif gives Anton’s letter to Murat and informs him that Anton wishes to meet him.

Meanwhile, Suzan helps Sule find some more clues, and Fazil asks Haydar (Anton’s new partner) to keep an eye on Anton’s activities. Also, when Arif gets the names of the people who beat his girlfriend, he gives them to the members of the Hawk Wing. They go violent against the AEI officers, and even Arif throws a punch or two. However, he soon regrets his action. Murat’s nightmares seem to get worse after seeing Haluk. He starts seeing him in his dreams while he sleeps at his old place. He gets a call from Ozgur, who wants to party with him, but Murat says he wants to be left alone as nobody is helping him. Yasemin seems upset with Ozgur, but he says he will help his friend. Yasemin thinks they are putting themselves in danger, and Ozgur says he will take care of it, and she needs to stay out of it. She tells him that everyone knows Murat now, and if they get involved, Ozgur’s world will be crushed. 


How Does Episode 6 End?

Murat gets more visions about Haluk, and he decides to go meet him. He goes to Viktor and sits in front of Haluk for one whole night. Murat then agrees to meet up with Anton, and Sule says she will tag along with him. Together, they go to meet Anton, and Anton informs them that Emel is safe and that he will not let anything happen to her, but he needs Murat’s help in finding a cure. He tells them that Fazil is just killing jabberers and is not interested in finding a cure. Murat listens to him but says he will turn himself in. Both Anton and Sule are shocked to hear this, but Murat has something planned in his head. He asks Sule to go home and wait for him. Meanwhile, Murat turns himself in. However, with the help of Erol, he gasses the entire AEI building. Everyone starts fainting, and he manages to get Emel out. Anton saves Murat’s life when Haydar tries to shoot him. Later, Murat calls Fazil and tells him that he has intel on Plus 1. However, he would only give the information to Anton. Who Was Responsible For Kocaeli? Will the rally on the anniversary of Kocaeli take place peacefully? What is the Hawk Wing up to? Will we get all the answers?

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