‘Hot Skull’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Ozgur Alive?

In the previous episode of “Hot Skull,” we saw how Murat and Sule approached Yasemin to find out Ozgur’s whereabouts but all their efforts were in vain. She drives off without even speaking a word to them. Episode four starts with a vision. Murat is running somewhere, and it seems like he is inside his brain, dreaming. Then suddenly, we are in the present timeline, where Sule and Murat are in a car. Will they be able to catch hold of Yasemin? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Do Murat And Sule Find Yasemin?

We see Murat and Sule talk about how Murat dodged a bullet, quite literally, as he had some knowledge about tape recorders. He describes how he knows so much about recording tapes. Apparently, Murat used to work with analog tapes while researching jabberings. Meanwhile, Fazil meets Canan, and he asks her why she didn’t reply to his texts, to which she says she has been busy following a case. She further asks for permission to conduct an additional investigation on Murat. She reports to Fazil that Anton is the reason why she wants to research more. Later, we see that Murat is given a place to stay at Plus 1’s building because finding a place to live in the sixth zone is quite a task. Sule tells Murat that he is welcome to stay at the building for as long as he wants. Murat tells Can and Sule that he needs recording tapes and Sule takes him to a market. There, Yasemin approaches them and that points towards the fact that Ozgur is alive! She asks Murat some mathematical questions, and he quickly answers them all. She later hands over a phone to him and says it will ring only once and if he misses it, he won’t get any information about Ozgur. 


What Is Canan’s Plan?

Canan asks Serhat where he was going, and he informs her that he and Anton are going out on an operation. She asks him about the operation further and how much time they’d take to come back; to which he replies they would be back after a couple of hours. Later in the car, Serhat tells Anton about the conversation he had with Canan, and Anton makes him stop the car immediately. Meanwhile, we see Canan sneaking into Anton’s house. She takes some evidence that was laid out by Anton. She also takes a couple of tapes from Murat. Later, she goes inside the room where Anton is hiding his family, and suddenly Anton enters the scene and points a gun at her.

We later see Anton showing Canan a published work of Murat’s where he has written that, unlike general perception, jabbering could happen at an early age too. Also, the article was published in the early stages of the semantic virus epidemic and the article was kept lowkey to avoid unrest in society. As soon as the epidemic started hitting children, too, we saw how riots began to happen in all parts of Istanbul. 


What Is Plus 1 Planning?

Plus 1 is planning a rally even though rallies have been banned by the AEI. They are planning a violent way to show their disapproval of the AEI. However, we see Sule opposing her team and she believes they are becoming just like their opponents, and it is hypocritical. If they choose violent ways, it will only further damage their image. She tells Murat that this special group of Plus 1 call themselves the Hawk Wing, and their popularity has been on the rise after the rallies were banned. 

The Hawk wing was acting out without asking for approval from other participants in Plus 1; they are trying to rebel and Asli leads this special wing. The group seems to have an idea of what is at stake if they choose violence instead of researching a cure and helping the infected. The basic idea of Plus 1 is to help the infected and tell the AEI that they can bring together people who oppose the ideas and ways of the authoritarian organization. Sule wants to keep the identity of this organization clean.


Does Murat Have To Go Through Several Tests To Meet Ozgur?

Yes, according to Yasemin, a person has to solve several riddles to meet Ozgur. When Sule and Murat reach the location where she had called them, she gives them another riddle. Murat solves it in a few minutes and then she says the address is in a safety locker. The password to the safety locker was another riddle related to Ozgur’s favorite scientist. Murat recalls everything and quickly opens the safety locker. There he finds a page that is filled with numerals. Murat thinks about the pattern and finds the answer. We see the solution in one number that sticks out. The numbers that we see are a timetable for ferry rides, and Murat and Sule decide to go to the old shipyard. 

Meanwhile, we get some background on Anton’s family. Apparently, his wife could not see their son in pain after he got infected, so she decided to take her headphones off, and that is how his wife and kid got infected with ARDS. We later see that Canan pleaded with Anton not to kill her and that his secret was safe with her. Murat and Sule reach the shipyard and find a ship named Durusu. Murat explains that in 1919 (also the number that was the odd one out in the pattern), the captain took the ship to Samsun. Together, they go inside the ship, and Murat receives a call from Yasemin again. She tells him that a man will guide them further. A man shows up soon after and asks Sule and Murat to undress. They do so and he checks them for security. Later, they are asked to sit in a car, and some men take Sule away. 


What Does Anton Do With Canan?

We see that Anton let Canan go. She goes to Fazil and informs him that Anton withheld evidence, and she gives him some footage from the subway camera. She further tells Fazil that she thinks Murat is in the sixth zone. Also, she tells him that she has a contact who can get information on who Murat is looking for in the sixth zone. Fazil asks if all the original copies of the evidence are there, and Canan guarantees the same.

How Does ‘Hot Skull’ Episode 4 End?

We see that Murat is taken to an unknown place. There, he is told he has to save Sule’s life and walk into a maze of jabberers. He goes to find Sule everywhere in the maze but faints. Meanwhile, we see that Fazil makes Canan hear a few recordings. Due to listening to these recordings, we see that Canan gets infected. At the end of the episode, we see Murat still looking for Sule while his head is heating up. He soon faints and hears Sule’s voice. When he opens his eyes, Ozgur comes to Murat and says he hasn’t changed a bit! So, Ozgur is alive. The question is, has he found a cure and if not then what is Murat’s plan now?


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