‘Hot Skull’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Kidnaps Murat?

Was Murat hallucinating the girl from the bus station, or did she help him? This was the question we had in the previous episode of “Hot Skull.” Well, we get to know in the third episode that she indeed helped Murat through the security check. We see that the girl takes him to the sixth zone, a place from where one can see the view of the whole city. The girl asked Murat when he had last visited the place, to which he replied that it was a long time back. We see a brief conversation between the two where they introduce themselves. Here, we get to know that the name of the girl from the bus station was Sule. Murat tells her she could be the one who helps him find his missing friend. So let’s see if she was able to help him find Ozgur or not. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Sule?

We find out that Sule is working with Plus 1. She tells Murat that Plus 1 needs him, and he could be the one who helps them find a cure. However, Murat gets angry listening to her; he tells her that she is looking at the wrong person and he cannot help her. He later leaves the premises where she had taken him. Sule tries to stop him by putting herself in danger as she exposes herself to jabberers. Murat quickly runs to help her but finds out she is wearing earbuds to save herself. She later explains how people like her have to use earbuds and are in desperate need of help from someone like Murat. But he still does not seem to be interested in helping the Plus 1. He sticks to his plan and leaves her. We later find out that even Arif is working with the Plus 1. Additionally, we see a conversation between Sule and Arif. She asks him who Murat is looking for, but Arif refuses to tell her anything. 


What Does Murat Do In The Sixth Zone?

We see that Murat goes to his place in the sixth zone. We see his wife’s pictures, and we go back in time where we see him reminiscing about the past. We also get to know that his wife’s name was Derya. In one of his visions, we see that Derya looks very scared and restless. However, Murat tries to comfort her. He suddenly wakes up in his old bed, and we return to the present timeline. But he starts hallucinating once again, and this time he sees his wife standing on a treadmill and smiling at him. We get to know that he is still dreaming. We see multiple layers of his visions in the series, which are fascinating, and the cinematography of these visions is top-notch. One feels like they are inside those dreams with Murat. The series does a pretty good job of engaging the audience with these pretty visuals. Coming back, we see Fazil talking about Anton to another officer. He tells him about Murat and also hands over his file, which hints at the fact that Murat could be the infamous patient X from the Project X team. Fazil then tells the officer they need to find Murat before Anton does.

Does Murat Get Kidnapped?

We see Sule going to a hospital, where she meets up with some doctors. They ask her if she met Murat, and she tells them she did. Meanwhile, Murat gets kidnapped by a group of men. At this point, we are left to wonder who these men are. After Murat gets kidnapped, we see the AEI office. Canon talks to Anton for a while and calls him a coward; we don’t know the exact reason for this conflict; however, there is definitely something going on between Anton and Canon that disturbs her. She tells Anton that she is taking over Murat’s files. Anton then gets a text from his colleague Serhat saying that they are going to go to the restaurant where Ertem eats. Later in the episode, we see that Plus 1 has kidnapped Murat. There is a girl in Plus 1, Asli, who looks like some leader; however, Sule comes to save Murat. She even apologizes to Murat for everything. Additionally, she asks if they could start things over. She re-introduces herself and tells him that she read the letter Murat kept for her at the bus station. Then she takes him to her live broadcasting session. There, we get introduced to a professor named Can. Here we learn that Sule was in love with a guy named Engin. Theirs was a sweet high school love story until the epidemic hit. They were unable to meet, and when they formed a plus sign, he was shot dead by the AEI. The story deeply impacted Murat. Sule tells Murat that the meaning of her name is “school” in German, and they laugh together.


Does Murat Help Plus 1?

Anton and Serhat reach the restaurant, and the former threatens Ertem to give out information on Murat. Additionally, we see that Sule is still trying to convince Murat to help Plus 1 find a cure. She tells him that she has not met anyone who talks about the disease in such a scientific way. She knows that Murat is immune. Nonetheless, Murat tells her how only his head heats up when he’s around jabberers. He explains to her his special condition and also tells her the reason why he is in the sixth zone. Murat realizes that he needs to find Ozgur to go back to his old self. 

Who Is Following Anton?

Back at Anton’s place, we see that his son is injured. He has hit his head, and it’s bleeding. Meanwhile, we notice someone following him and keeping an eye on him. When he comes back upstairs after helping his child out, Anton notices someone staring at him. He quickly gets alerted and goes out to check on the person. However, he does not find anyone, but the audience gets to know that it is Canon who is keeping an eye on Anton. We later see that Fazil has Murat’s ID card, and he calls someone to ask where they got the card from though we don’t know where he got the Id. 


How Does The Episode End?

We see that Murat and Sule go for a walk to get some fresh air. There, he shows her how his head gets heated up when he exposes himself to jabberers. They laugh, scream, and bond. The following morning, Sule introduces Murat to a group of researchers who work for Plus 1. She has told them he’s immune. However, he refuses to help them and also tells them they will never find a cure. Sule follows him and pleads. He tells her he will help her team if she helps him find Ozgur. They agree on it, and Asli brings some information. She tells them the pills Murat brought her came from a hotel. Murat and Sule go to the hotel together and talk to the owner. In the end, we are introduced to a character named Yasemin. One could only meet the manufacturer of the pills through her, according to the owner of the hotel. We see Murat and Sule running after her. Yasemin comes in a car and eats a blue pill in front of them as if to tease them. As they try to approach her, she leaves. Will they meet her again? Will she help Murat and Sule? Could Ozgur be living under a false name in the sixth zone? We still have a lot of questions answered!

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