‘Hot Skull’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Does Murat Plan To Go To The Dangerous Sixth Zone?

Previously on “Hot Skull,” Murat runs away when the AEI comes to his place, where he is living with his mother. We saw a lot of literary references in the first episode, and the second episode is even more exciting. At the beginning of the episode, we see Murat still on the run from the AEI further, and they chase him till he vanishes from the back of the building. The entire scene is spine-chilling, as the tension on Murat’s face is palpable. Where has Murat gone? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Did Murat Go?

Well, we see Murat visiting his psychiatrist after successfully escaping the chase. When he first comes to his office, we see him blabbering to a guy about how going to Makbule’s house was a bad idea. Murat talks at such a fast pace that the guy gets worried that he is infected. Just then, Murat’s doctor comes out. Meanwhile, back at Murat’s mother’s place, we see that Anton is asking her several questions about Murat. Additionally, Anton orders his men to take Murat’s belongings. Later, we find out that the psychiatrist Murat has gone to is named Ertem. Murat talks to him about his dilemma next. He tells Ertem that he has a special condition, and that the AEI is after him. However, the doctor feels like he is having intrusive thoughts, so Murat starts feeling like coming to him was a mistake. But we see that the doctor asks him to stay with him for the night.


In the AEI headquarters, Fazil is seen planning to open a lab soon. But there’s a problem, a group known as Plus 1 might be planning something big against the AEI. Fazil, who is Anton’s superior, also gets to know about his raid. He asks Canan to keep an eye on him and give him information since Anton is clearly on to something. 

Murat’s Search For Ozgur

While going to find clues, we see a bomb attack by the Plus 1. The series does not elaborate much on that scene, and after the bomb blast, searching for answers to his friend’s disappearance, Murat reaches a tattoo parlor. It is the same tattoo parlor where Ozgur got a tattoo. However, the tattoo artist gets restless when Murat comes and tells him Ozgur is dead and that he has no clue where he could be. However, the tattoo artist’s girlfriend gives him a hint. She says Murat should search for his friend in the sixth zone. Later in the episode, we learn that in the sixth zone, there are a lot of infected people and that it is a dangerous place to be. However, it is an unsupervised area, and Murat could find Ozgur there.


Does Anton Get To Know About Murat’s Special Condition?

Anton brings all of Murat’s recordings home and starts listening to them one by one. He finds out that Murat cannot jabber, even if he wants to. So Anton deduces that Anton is either immune or he has been a jabberer but has the cure. We see Anton’s obsession growing; it seems like he is way too adamant about arresting Murat and getting more and more answers from him. He wants to find the cure for jabbering, and it feels like a personal war. We see Anton talking to his commander about this; however, the commander says Murat could just be “crazy” and not an actual jabberer.

Later in the episode, Murat and Ertem are seen having dinner together. There we learn that Murat’s wife was infected and took her own life. Murat is also very concerned about his mother, but the doctor says she is resilient, and he does not need to worry about her. Murat informs Ertem that he is planning to go to the sixth zone. The doctor warns him and says that he has noticed a change in him suddenly, and he asks for “her” name. Ertem seems to know that Murat has developed a liking for another girl. He tells Murat that he should start over and move on from his wife’s death.


Meanwhile, we see Anton constantly working on Murat’s tapes. He gets to know that they are going to work with a level six jabberer, which is extremely dangerous; however, Ozgur is pretty excited about it. Ozgur thought that it would be a good chance to find a cure for the semantic virus that has been haunting the world. Further, we see that Murat gets hallucinations of the girl from the first episode, and he briefly talks to her.

How Does Murat Plan To Go To The Sixth Zone?

Murat goes to Arif and tells him that he is ready to find Ozgur. He also informs him that the AEI is after him. Meanwhile, Fazil gets very upset with Anton for disobeying his orders. He asks him to mind his business and orders Anton to capture the plus one militants who were responsible for the bombing. However, we don’t see Anton’s obsession with Murat lessen. He continues to talk about him and carefully listens to his tapes. He later finds out the name of his doctor through the tapes and asks one of his men to find out more about Ertem. As far as Murat’s plan of getting into the sixth zone goes, he meets with Erol again. This time, he asks how he can get into the sixth zone, and Erol says he needs a fake ID to get in. He suggests a full makeover so that nobody recognizes him; however, he asks for a lot of money. Murat goes back to Arif’s place, and his mother is also there. But his mother did not have any money to give, so we see Makbule giving money to Murat for his plan. Later, we see that Anton tells his colleague that he tried opening Murat’s file but in vain, and suddenly, both of them get information on Murat. Apparently, as he is dropping his mother back home, the watchman of the building sees Murat and informs the AEI officers. They spot him and start following him. Meanwhile, we see Murat and Erol meeting up again. Even though Murat had money, it was not enough for Erol, so Murat had to give him a necklace. Murat says he will get the money and get the necklace back from him. They agree on the deal, and Erol makes a fake ID for Murat. But as soon as he makes the ID, the AEI shows up. Murat and Erol start packing their belongings and hiding. We also see that Canan joins Anton to search for Murat, but Murat successfully manages to escape again!


How Does The Episode End?

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see that Fazil might be responsible for the fire. Later, we see that Anton goes to a place where he puts three candles on a cake and takes it to a room. We see his family there, and they are infected. It is an emotional scene where we see Anton crying. Maybe his family is the reason why he wants to find a cure so badly and is after Murat. So, we seem to get an explanation for his obsession with Murat since he appears to be the key to solving this epidemic. At last, we see Murat trying to enter the sixth zone, but while he is going through the subway, he sees that posters with his face are everywhere; he is on the wanted list of AEI. He panics, however, and the girl from the bus stop comes and kisses him. She holds his hands, and together they board the train. Was Murat hallucinating the girl, or was she actually there with him and helping him through security? 

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