Did Julia Escape With Nico In The Series ‘Holy Family’? How Did Caterina And German Uncover The Truth?

“Holy Family” is a 2022 Netflix crime drama series that revolves around the life of a mother grieving the loss of her child. Julia and her family created the best memories with each other until they lost the eldest, Santi, in an accident. Julia was so obsessed with her son that she wanted to keep every last detail about him to herself. She wanted to have Nico stay with her. Santi was married to Natalia, who couldn’t conceive children since her uterus was infertile. So, Julia offered to help and became a surrogate for the couple. After Santi’s death, Natalia decided to move to Argentina with her father, Fernando, and her son Nico. Well, Natalia’s family was not aware of the surrogacy, and she continued to lie about the pregnancy for nine months. Julia tried her best to make her stay, but without Santi, Natalia didn’t feel the same anymore. To change her fate, Julia decided to change her identity to Gloria, and with the help of her children, Marianna and Eduardo, she managed to steal Nico from Natalia. The family quickly escaped to Madrid and maintained a low profile to avoid any suspicion. But Gloria’s suspicious activities started to gather attention, and Fernando hired Caterina and German to solve the case.


In the past, Julia used the bodies of three people and faked her death. So the family, believing they are dead, stopped looking for them. But their bodies were eventually recognized by the forensic team, and that was the main reason behind Fernando’s suspicions. Julia tampered with her children’s lives and stopped them from pursuing their dreams of becoming pianists and film artists. Eduardo was locked in the basement where he posed to be Abel, and Marianna changed her identity to Aitana. Both of them fell in love with German and Marcos, but their past wouldn’t leave their shadows. Marianna was spotted in a magazine, and Natalia wanted to gain more information on her as she was completely sure that it was her sister-in-law Marianna. Natalia’s family decided to solve the case without any police intervention, but German and Caterina wanted to know the truth.

Caterina was shocked by Julia’s C-section scar and wanted to know if Natalia was lying! Meanwhile, Marcos recognized Aitana’s true identity, and they made a plan to escape from Madrid together. However, Julia approached him and stabbed him to death while Natalia waited for him for hours. Marianna figured out that Julia was responsible for Marcos’ death, but this revelation didn’t stop Julia from hurting German as well. Julia set their car on fire and sneaked into German’s house, where she discovered that the couple had been sneaking up on their family. Eduardo was convinced that his mother could do anything to save the family, but she would never adopt the ways of a killer, but German’s death changed his perspective. On the other hand, Caterina tried her best to find German, but it didn’t work.


The finale of “Holy Family” begins with a strange phenomenon: the siblings lock Julia in the basement as Marianna is ready to escape and leave her mother behind. But Eduardo doesn’t listen to her again and disregards her opinion. Well, Eduardo wanted to stay by his mother’s side, but he had different plans. Meanwhile, Fernando was on his way to Madrid to get his grandson back. But Eduardo released the German and informed his mother to get Hugo and pack all the belongings since they would leave as soon as possible. But the German fooled him and informed Caterina about their escape. Meanwhile, Natalia met Marianna at Marcos’ memorial, where she promised her to help to get Hugo back. She somehow convinced Julia and took the baby back to Natalia.

But the story takes a different turn when German kills Caterina in an accident, and Julia follows her own daughter to get the baby back. She stabbed Marianna, and the trio escaped, along with Natalia, in the car. The series ends with an ambiguous ending, where the family escapes with the baby, and everything goes according to their plans. Now, the fact that Natalia was along with them raises a lot of questions since there is a high chance that Julia might have killed her as well. Santi’s death has taken a huge toll on Julia’s mind, and to get him back, she even tries to hurt her own daughter, despite all their attempts to make her understand that Hugo is not her son. But Julia doesn’t listen to any of it as she would go to extreme lengths to keep the baby with her.


Finally, Eduardo has turned himself into a killer as well. Technically, he fooled German into believing that their love was real, and this love manipulated German into killing Caterina as well. Well, there is a high possibility that the “Holy Family” will return since there are multiple unanswered questions. Julia failed to understand that her attempts were killing her children and destroying their lives too. All this time, she just wanted to have Hugo, aka Nico, to herself, and for her, Marianna and Eduardo’s feelings were a joke. Marianna wanted her mother to know that Natalia was suffering from the same pain too. Well, Julia lost her son Santi, and now it was happening to Natalia as well. She lost her baby Nico too. Julia could easily change this if she had accepted that Nico was Natalia’s child.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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